Jews, Tartars, and African-America

Wyatt Earp married a Jewish woman and converted. Rudy Giuliani has been and is close to the seat of power that controls much of America and he said upon learning about the movement Black Lives Matter that it sounded “racist” to him. My last article was written without prior knowledge of what I will be sharing here. I am almost done with The Historical Atlas of Judaism where I was reading about the Ethiopian Jews. I happened to see something important for our nation to understand, but first an important highlight from my last article.

“All of this history depended on exploitation of man and dehumanization of people who the leaders thought were inferior and/or less than human. The story can go back hundreds of years or even thousands of years. Take your pick! We could throw out names like Rafael Trujillo, Fulgencio Batista, and even Luis Muñoz Marín of Puerto Rico and commence the discussion about things they did and stood for. It’s not just about Venezuela and Castro. Keep in mind the Nixon (1958) visit to Venezuela that didn’t go well long before Hugo Chavez.”

I did have a conversation with my better half during breakfast where I was told about The Soviet Man, a definition that you might not find easily as the one told to me. This is the definition that the Soviet Union was the “best” nation and it could do no wrong. This is the Soviet Union where even though religion had been pretty much eliminated from power (as it was from other nations that turned to more democratic and progressive laws and regulations) used propaganda to replace religion to achieve that badly-needed consensus of opinion.

This is under the title page “The New Anti-Semitism.” “The revulsion that filled the civilized world when the extent of Nazi atrocities was known ought to have marked the end of anti-Semitism, but sadly this has been far from the case (copyright 2009)… the Holocaust was played down as had Jewish ethnicity…had no right to claim a separate identity.”

Black Lives Matter claims a “separate identity” which offends people in America, including Rudy G. and his political partisans. I know that he finally said something positive, but that was too little too late and you know Rudy G. well enough. And you know that I staked a claim just like the man on the moon about “Jewish Lives Matter” and I published my thoughts in Jewish Business News on February 12, 2018 in relation to protecting high school students in Vermont. I wrote this “I wish that a Jewish Lives Matter flag would have been raised before the Holocaust took place and a Puerto Rican Lives Matter could be raised tomorrow to express the poor performance of our government in helping citizens of the United States on that island. There are positive expressions of symbolism and there are negative expressions of symbolism. The Nazi symbol should not be raised as well.”

And just today I noticed the content of the Latinos for Trump which had a poster “Baby Lives Matter.” What about Jewish Lives Matter? Latino Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter? Why be selective at times when posting Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter? Even Black Enforcement organizations recognize the importance Black Lives Matter.

And it was Enrique Tarrio, proud member and leader of the Proud Boys who is confessing his guilt concerning the violation of a Historic Black church in Washington, D. C. by tearing down its Black Lives Matter sign and setting fire to it. Here he thinks he merits the attention given to Colin Kaepernick and he thinks that he should be providing knowledge of racism right now. Police and the F.B.I. quickly offered rewards for information leading to an arrest and indictment in the matter. How can Tarrio be a racist, people can ask since he is an Afro-Cuban. Well Christians were attracted to the movement spearheaded by Nazis in California and the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s to attack Jews, African Americans, and Catholics and to overthrow our government. And even Hitler had Jews around him after spending several years in power. Tarrio called Black Lives Matter “a racist movement” among other things. There were no supporting details about the “racism” mentioned but he does think there is a heavy dose of communism or Marxism in the movement. Tarrio has a very honored place among top Republicans including the Trumps. And his statement was already being made before he violated the church. Maybe he should have thought about kneeling in prayer instead? A man pretending an injustice cannot compete with a man who was fighting for racial justice. Have you read Quijote and Zolá? Read the Zolá-Kaepernick connection here.

Of the general information provided at this point, specifics can now be revealed. Tartars and Jews had no right to a “separate identity.” Tartars in the United States? Of course not. That was the Soviet Union where Jews continued to face “discrimination in employment and subjected to insulting remarks in the street.” Stalin must be smiling since Americans are acting the same way.

Yes I just wrote this in my last article as well, “Russian Jews, example, probably will not highlight the pogroms under the Czar and the hatred of Russia for those years by the Jews who previously lived there. And many of those same people will not care about African American history which can be illustrated by the very important question that costs nothing to ask. Are you better off under Trump than you were four years before? If they were better off four years later in the Soviet Union than they were previously, they didn’t have to come here. And let’s never forget that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were written there for the Czar by the Czar and against us as was often the case there and continues to terrorize us. The score is 306-232.” This is a nation, America, that did not learn about Roots sufficiently well when it was popular, having my Kunta Kinte moment. The story of the Jews sometimes meant that Jews had to flee to Muslim lands for protection against persecution, but also at the risk of conversion to a new faith. Jews and African Americans are still in survival mode.

Would Jews throughout the Soviet Union participate in the destruction of those monuments of its oppressors? I should hope so. This is from US News “Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed a law that made damaging such memorials a criminal offense punishable by up to five years in prison.” And this is about the falsification of the role of the Soviets in World War II. Russia just does not want Soviet Pravda or truth to be erased and Trump is no better. I will predict that there will be Trump monuments set up soon that will quickly be destroyed just like the Black Lives Matter that was painted over in our streets. The New York Times pointed out that little was accomplished after the demolition of Soviet statues and monuments and the same thing can happen in the United States under our own political deadlock.

There is no real soul of the Republican Party. It lost it with Donald J. Trump, 306-232 is the score. The striking similarities that we see among American and Soviet leaders are remarkable. There is much more, if you look deeply, that they have in common that is not really presented to the American public. And the people fall in lock step to conform to what the leaders expect. They made the decisions that affected the people.

Today our nation is waiting for Trump to speak out about the Russian breach of information affecting our government and business. The Trump Corporation was fined for not reporting and doing what was needed when its system was breached exposing credit cardholders’ information. History repeats itself but the latter breach was not vital to the overall functioning of the United States of America. Putin is winning! Even Senator Marc Rubio wants to retaliate with more than sanctions as Trump continues to respect strongman Putin. Will this be the lesson for the senator’s state that failed to resonate on November 3, 2020? And one more thing about Florida. Those Proud Boys and Latinos for Trump cannot destroy all the history that matters most to us.

Communist Internationale-Star Spangeled Banner and Communist-America First advocates beware.  Change is in the wind! Kunta Kinte and I have not nor will we fall for Trump’s Pravda or propaganda. And I just got done telling you in my last article about how the government messed up shipping clothes to soldiers in WW II and here is Operation Warped Speed kind of warped already “Operation Warp Speed originally estimated up to 7.3 million doses could be available in the second week of vaccine distribution. Instead, about 4.3 million shots are ready — a discrepancy that has left governors scrambling to revise their vaccination Plans.” And that was taken from Politico just now. I also think that our nation needs a Jesus Saves Lives movement (Jesus Saving Lives Matter) during the pandemic which might bringing everyone together faster as Dr. Fauci’s umbrella of protection wil reach more than 80 percent to help US bring back normalcy faster, Trump failed at doing that in March and now we have to march for justice for that. The idea can become a worldwide effort so that true social distancing where people wear masks will have the impact that was intended before Trump gave US mask choice. And it will open up economies around the world.

And that idea would be much better than tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. It’s time for Americans to get much more serious about saving lives.

And this was taken from Wikipedia about the Tatars or Tartars of the Soviet Union. “The deportation officially was intended as collective punishment for the perceived collaboration of some Crimean Tatars with Nazi Germany, in spite of hostile attitudes to Crimean Tatars from the Nazis, who considered Crimean Tatars to be “racially inferior” and “Mongol sub-humanity”; modern sources theorize that the deportation was part of the Soviet plan to gain access to the Dardanelles and acquire territory in Turkey where the Tatars had ethnic kinsmen.”

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