The Cuban American Vote and the Dangers of Anti-Semitism and More

Under “strongman” Donald Trump, Cuba should have been freed. But it is not!

All that I am reading about the Cuban-Latino Miami and the election is the shift to the right and this is taking place without even a word about seven months of inserts in the Spanish newspaper El Heraldo that were anti-Semitic which were provided by a Cuban national. The Miami Herald, owner of the Spanish newspaper, has fired and demoted staff that were responsible. But what kinds of anti-Semitic material were inserted? Why didn’t anyone report the material sooner? And did the material line up with the Trump Administration since so many more people voted Republican than before? Were the Proud Boys involved somehow? Were they or are they involved with Roberto Luque Escalona?

And there was a recent rally in Little Havana where Alex Ataola was detained. Ataola is a well-known personality there. I read about him and although he is entitled to his opinion, I feel that anyone who cannot say that Jewish Lives, Black Lives, and even Blue Lives Matter has a problem resulting from not knowing enough about history and current events. And this is something that even Trump has never figured out. And he is one of those people who felt the need to rip apart George Floyd which stirs the pot of hate against Black Lives Matter. What happened to George Floyd was terrible and Trump’s cohorts have tried to undermine the matter by digging into Floyd’s past without the proper context. And, of course, Cuban Lives Matter, diminishing the hashtag #All Lives Matter.

These questions need answers. We know who the man was who provided that anti-Semitic material and Escalona is a Cuban nationalist. We have to be able to measure the damage done. Just as I started a stronger outreach to fight COVID-19, its spread of illness and death across America by contacting top people to act and speak out, I decided to write to achieve the same in relation to what appears to me to be another horrible piece of the Trump election puzzle in a state that he won easily.

The only evidence that we have is that material was anti-Semitic, places in the Sunday newspapers for months, and provided by Escalona. Where is complete and thorough research that is needed to determine what was published that was not written up in the article in the Miami Herald? I wouldn’t mind seeing two committees formed by concerned citizens (1 Democratic 1 Republican) and put them to the test of searching as police or F.B.I. would investigate once info is given to them. It is hard for me to believe that nobody seeing that material was affected. So what actually happened and why have so many experts who are involved in helping both parties mobilize the Latino vote avoiding the issue? I also took note that The New York Post wrote about what happened in the Miami Herald.

Trump and the Republicans have stood by and caused a crisis to our democracy. Republicans have been doing that longer than the average person knows. And unless we see a free Cuba in the next month, we can assess the situation of the last four years of Donald Trump. What it amounts to is that among certain promises kept and large ones unachieved is that his mouth could be called “The Invasion of the Pig” with far too many undemocratic tendencies that have plagued him right through his administration and continue to plague him in the challenges to the Election of 2020. Kennedy held back knowing World War III could start, but there is no Soviet Union around today and Trump has wonderful relations (he says) with Putin. So why couldn’t America’s “best president ever” have achieved what Eisenhower and Kennedy could not achieve?

Ah! There is an expression to consider which is “la misma mierda, otro día.” This could be translated the “more things change the more they stay the same.” Trump was no strong man in neither North Korea nor in Cuba.” And the people around him want power including The Proud Boys. After what I have written what do Cubans really have to be proud of with nothing accomplished in four years?

Republicans turned control of the South back to people who subjugated African Americans when there was no victor in the Electoral College in 1876.

The Republican Party was deeply involved in spreading an acceptance if fascism in America as Hitler was planning to take over the United States and the comments made in the last week by the Proud Boys are reminiscent of what has been called Hitler in Los Angeles.

Then the Republicans made up the big anti-Communist drive of the 1950s to help them win.  Repeating the same thing now when fascism is our bigger problem undermines our safety and our democracy.

Republicans voted for a platform that included segregation in 1964.

And what is important to remember is that Republicans were in power during those difficult years in Cuba from 1952-1961 and prevented 2,000 arms from reaching Batista as it placed an arms embargo.

Batista took control as military dictator and finally fled Cuba without much of a fight. Although more than a decade earlier, Batista worked with the communists in labor, he turned on them as he took on a role that mirrors what the fascist Generalissimo Franco did to Spain after 1936. The United States could have crushed Castro but it did not. President Eisenhower was a great war hero who let it all happen. And in four years the Republican who constantly boasts about his love of winning has not won anything for Cuba. His policies around the world have largely not succeeded.

I wanted to take a cruise to Cuba, perhaps two of them to see Cuba, but I have not lost a minute of sleep over not being able to go there. I visited communist Poland in the late 1980s and told my wife’s friends that based on my observations alone communism is ready to fall. I pointed to PEKAO, the company that sent badly needed packages to the people. The homes I visited became Americanized with American ideas, money changers were in the street, there were lines to get shoes that I observed, but almost all that was being told to the public was Solidarity, the Pope, and Reagan causing all the change. Communism was weakening and the theory is that a new system takes shape within the old system. The Poles that I told this to did not see the communist sky falling and it fell quickly after that.

There problem lasted about 50 years and Cuba has passed the 60 years mark with the island right next door to US. Trump, you may recall, threatened all of Latin America with the loss of money transfers or remesas, which never happened. And today after he got the cooperation of the 3 nations in the Central American Triangle he is still talking badly about them in rallies. Everyone knows that he is his own worst enemy, yet Cuban Americans supported him.

I wish that Celia Cruz could have returned to either a free Cuba or to the family that she loved but never saw again (este profesor tiene tumbao but I do not take sugar in my coffee). Her mother died in 1962 and she never returned to her homeland.

Castro called for immediate, honest elections but that changed. He was recognized by the Eisenhower Administration and met with Richard Nixon. And he claimed he would be neutral in a contest between the United States and the Soviet Union. Under worsening economic conditions, Castro finally consolidated his power and by late 1960 made an agreement with the Soviet Union. Eisenhower soon severed diplomatic relations with Castro as John F. Kennedy’s team was in the transition phase. I also read that there was planning for what became the Bay of Pigs Invasion under Eisenhower which included training in Guatemala. That invasion was botched in its planning stage, but I also read that Castro knew in advance that the invasion was taking place and moved planes to be bombed out of harm’s way. Who revealed that information and why? During the actual invasion, a radio station on the beach broadcast the live news across Cuba and that radio station had been overlooked in this secret operation. And boats used in the invasion were sunk on a coral reef that affected the attack. And there was more negative material about this C.I.A. operation with Cuban nationals.

“We know our president stands for God and puts him first,” Mitchell said. “And his main agenda is to bring Jesus and the lord back to America.” The Jewish News of Northern California wrote that Lydia Mitchell represented the Path Ministry of Sacramento where the Proud Boys appeared where they threatened people. No Lydia, Trump put jobs and church openings first instead of saving lives in the manner of Jesus.

The man who created the greatest economy in history by himself, did more for Jews and African Americans than anyone in history, and who lost the Election of 2020 even after claiming that it was rigged. What? Yes an election must have been rigged. The Election of 2016.

This is not a moment for “My Country Right or Wrong” people to gain the upper hand without evidence except for their fervent prayers to keep the “Chosen” one in office. This is a moment for Reverend W-Right to make an America be damned statement since Trump has caused so much of the death surrounding COVID-19 by his let the people do what they want in connection of masks and opening churches.

We know that the first death recorded due to COVID-19 (the Corona Virus at that time then changed to the China Virus at times) was on February 29th but could you imagine the frustration in America if the first death had taken place symbolically on 9-11? And the reading of every name throughout our land every year to illustrate just how this believer in God failed to protect US. Okay I recognize that other nations have done the same harmful thing to its people to the attack was not ours alone. And I have taken action to make the case worldwide and we will see who is and who is not listening to me.  

Which Trump supporting minister of God is ready to rise to the occasion to speak out? Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Samuel Rodriguez, Cardinal Dolan, Guillermo Maldonado?

And I take my readers back to the planning for the Bay of Pigs Invasion. I could not find out if Eisenhower had instituted the arms embargo against the Batista government because he had also the plan to invade. The weapons that were not delivered surely was problematic as the reading of all conflicts show great losses due to lack of arms (World War II readings show this in terms of the resistance against the Nazis). Then we also have to consider the radio broadcast that alerted the people including Castro’s Army, resulting in the overthrow of Batista. I have knowledge of the invasion of Normandy which I have shared with my readers and remember that Eisenhower was in command back then. The Allies had carefully prepared maps made by a French artist and his son of the entire coast. The huge question is did Eisenhower remember that extremely important information as he built up the plan to attack Castro who had already started to cozy up to Khrushchev? And what will Cuban Americans who are Republican have to say about this written information?

After writing all this I found an article online in Spanish that revealed a little more information about the work of those Cuban nationals who the newspaper OnCuba wrote that Jews were criticized for supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa. My point always is who then are the fascists? There must be fascists out there even though people would defend themselves as patriots and democrats (Republicans). Escalona has been described as an “iron” supporter of Donald Trump. And the communists had their “man of steel” until the 1950s. Joseph Stalin. The statement made that the attack on Jewish stores (Los Angeles) is the same as the Kristallnacht, according to Escalona. Actually since all people suffered from the looting that has taken place during this pandemic, it is inaccurate and unfair to describe what took place as Kristallnacht. Again history tells us that Stalin killed lots of Jews, Poles, Catholics, and historians differentiate between Hitler and Stalin because of both Kristallnacht and the Holocaust.

There was false information, homophobic material, and sexist information as well as information about Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, and Lebron James.

I can understand people voting Republican, but I have continually written about Repugnicans. The key to unlocking some or much of the Latino vote in Miami is support of Trump and there is no single piece of evidence that I saw that Trump, Roger Stone who is in Florida, the Proud Boys chairperson, or even the Republican candidate who defeated a Democrat this year made a statement that could reach the huge Latino community about all the misinformation presented that stirred the pot of hate and anti-Semitism among the people, among the voters. Some or more of the vandalism seen on television a while back was not caused by leftists and investigations are showing that right wing agitators have played roles in that. The blame game will continue but Trump did not step up to the plate to hit a homerun against hate nor did he slam dunk anything positive.

Combine all of this and more since November 3, 2020 and the election of new Republicans to national office, we can call Trump’s efforts to undermine our democracy (in a way that Castro and others have used throughout the centuries of democracy) as something that we should unite against. If AOC and her people are The Squad, then we can easily pick up on that name to symbolically portray all of Hitler’s (I mean Trump’s) most ardent supporters and advocates as The Reichstag Squad. Not an SS yet, just an RS for the moment and we hope that Trump peacefully leaves the White House on time.

There has been no Holocaust. We hope that there will be none (nada) against anyone. But there has been a Hell-of-a Cost to humanity during the four years of Trumpism. Why the Holocaust? Hitler! Why the Hell-of-a-Cost? Trump! Right now there are calls to overthrow the United States Constitution, including a call from the man by Trump’s side. Giuliani. The constitution of the Weimar Republic was torn up after the Reichstag Fire and the rest is history. Giuliani is an excellent propaganda machine provided by support in communities near you. I can recall reading decades ago that a man filled out his application for his dog to receive social security benefits and the dog started to receive the funds. Trump-Giuliani have abused the system by presenting information and some evidence which has been rejected dozens of times into creating a pandemic of support for the Boy Who Cried Wolf but there wasn’t any wolf (wolfe in German and pronounced with a v). That evidence was not enough to overthrow the social security system nor was evidence of misdeeds of the priests in the Catholic Church enough to abolish the church. And we all have made our mistakes but that Hell-of-a-Cost may not bring back over ten million jobs for years, more jobs that Trump created. The four years of Trumpism will most certainly portray him as the Reichstag Squad Fuehrer.

And I can recall seeing “Jesus Saves” many times on signs outside churches. And today Jesus Saves Lives is needed among all churches. The New York Post published the beautiful words of Rabbi Avi Weiss who was part of the trial for immunization through vaccination. He writes (for all religions), “This sense of purpose is reflected in the nature of Judaism’s commandments — virtually none of which speaks directly of individual rights. Rights are central to the Jewish doctrine, to be sure, as every human being is created in the image of God with unique value and infinite worth.”

And this as well.

Just before, I asked if I could offer a meditation. The healers stood respectfully as I recited a prayer that some Jews say daily: “Blessed are you, Lord, healer of all flesh, who does wondrous deeds.”

And today we learn that a Michigan pastor has called for people to die from COVID-19. We need that like a hole in the head (Lokh in kop in Yiddish) and the pastor from Michigan could be a meshugana or a nut job.

And I wrote this on March 9, 2020 about the pandemic and even now governors are asking retired doctors to come forward to help “We can recall the responses to the shootings such as the Parkland shooting.  There was an immediate call to protect schools by hiring former police and/or veterans to protect our children.  And here we have a much greater population in need due to the virus and retired First Responders may be needed soon.  That’s going to cost “The’ Donald” even more money and this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment at all.  Big government is needed and Trump’s friends want to keep “big government” away from our doors to save lives.  Police and firemen around the country have to realize that while they are at work, their loved ones may be at risk, particularly if those relatives do not live close by.  A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.  And friends and neighbors will be at risk as well.”

And I continued with this warning.

“This is not a moment in history where Donald Trump should be in charge.  Killing the Democratic opposition and anyone who is not loyal to him has been his major strength so far.  But now lives are at risk and I compare these days to fighting battles in the Pacific against the Japanese when the commanders made lots of mistakes that cost lives.”