Jesus Christ was not Jewish but Aryan

As I read about justice being handed out in Franco’s Spain, I learned about the Supreme Court ruling against Governor Cuomo’s restrictions of houses of worship during COVID-19.

First the justice in Spain. See if this reminds you of anything you learn about on television or read about. Eduardo de Guzmán was on trial (another two hundred people were put on trial. Guzmán was accused of being editor of a newspaper, La Tierra, and director of Castilla Libre, among other things. Many or most of the people on trial were said to be influenced by Guzmán’s newspapers including, an electoral victory in 1936 for the other party, the fire and massacre in the Carcel Modelo (a prison), and the resistance of Madrid in November 1936.

The prosecutor did not seem to know or care that La Tierra had closed down in May 1935 and Castilla Libre had not been created until February 1937. Great evidence? The justice was really not justice at all as quick decisions were based not on testimony and the work of defense attorneys to assist their clients. In a matter of minutes people went either to their deaths by execution or if they were lucky they got 30 years in jail. And these things went on almost all the time and for years during and after the Spanish Civil War.

As I developed these thoughts, I could not help but think of our nation. I learned that the Germans got more deeply involved by establishing their own forms of justice with Franco, there was reciprocity between Germany and Spain. My eyes really opened wide since there had been no material like this for hundreds of pages. Then I learned that Heinrich Himmler arrived in Spain and was treated to being shown around, San Sebastián, Burgos, and Madrid were on his itinerary. In Madrid Himmler was treated to an out of season bullfight and everywhere mentioned there were swastikas. This was fascism personified. There were more visits as Himmler made his way to Montserrat where it was believed that the Holy Grail was kept. Himmler pursued a discussion of the Holy Grail asking to see the archives and he was informed that he was wrong. It was then that he claimed the existence of Montserrat being of German pagan origin and declared that Jesus Christ was an Aryan.

My thoughts turned to someone being touted as a future president of the United States, an African American supporter of Donald Trump and an author. Candace Owens spoke about Hitler and his nationalism which was a good thing, she said. This was the man who wrote Mein Kampf who she said became a “globalist.” She failed her history at that point as she sat next to the head of the Zionist Organization of America who is another great supporter of Trump. Owens claims among other things that to avoid the Democrat Plantation it takes hard work, but what kind of hard work did it take to make such outrageous claims? I am sure Republicans and Repugnicans are going nuts over her book. I have pointed out that Republicans lead in plantations 12-8. But taking into account that the Himmlers of the world can make Aryan claims for Jesus Christ in Germany or anywhere else should cause Christians in America to reflect on her knowledge. Jews should also be alarmed since Hitler set out immediately to kill Jews in America and to overthrow our government. There does seem to be strong Franco-Hitler-Trump connection, doesn’t there?

Among the articles (recent ones during COVID-19) about Pikuach Nefesh include The Times of Israel, The Forward, The New York Post, Jewish Philosophy Place, 5TJT, 9News, JTA, Gershondistenfeld blogspot, Judaism stackexchange, centerforinquiry, lakewoodscoop, and Yeshiva World where I obtained the information many months ago. As you see the search has been very limited.

With that we turn to the Supreme Court decision against Governor Cuomo who had already changed access to religious institutions in the areas affected in Brooklyn which appealed to the Supreme Court and they are no longer restricted. They have felt mistreated since food workers had fewer restrictions. The shift in the court by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett helped bring about the decision. I read part of the opinion of Justice Sonia Sotomayor who stated that there was a difference between the essential workers in food stores and religious congregations and she is right stating that the court’s decision “will only exacerbate the Nation’s suffering.” This is really a Trump decision. No matter what kind of store is mentioned, Justice Sotomayor in criticizing Justice Gorsuch stated that people do not congregate for an hour or more in those stores as they do in churches. We already know very well that churches have exacerbated our nation’s suffering. The conservative feeling is that it is time to open the churches and not make permanent policies. There is nothing permanent about what is going on. The majority has thrown Pikuach Nefesh under the bus and that includes Jesus Christ as well since Jesus was Jewish and not an Aryan. He practiced Pikuach Nefesh to heal and save lives and that is not unconstitutional in any sense of the word.

I would like to see the majority judges resign, all of them. I have called the Catholic Church in Atlanta about Pikuach Nefesh and written to it as well as writing to the archdiocese involved in the lawsuit before learning about the decision. I believe that the Catholic Church and the Agudath Israel should go back to the drawing board and be more considerate of both the Talmud and the work of Jesus. And for the minority judges, I wonder if they were aware of Pikuach Nefesh.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio who spoke about an hour ago has continued to complain and defend as he was asked about the difference of the time and rise in cases. He pointed out “no mask no mass” in his talk. He spoke about social distancing well and objected to the red and orange zones, speaking about the spiritual health of parishioners. And the decision has come at a time when there are more cases and the deaths are increasing. He seems reasonable up to a point. What is the higher ground here, the spiritual health of his parishioners or saving lives? Every hour 65 Americans are dying.

During that discussion, the bishop really lost me and he should lose anyone when he pointed out that people can spend an hour in a liquor store or some other store that has lower restrictions. That kind of reasoning should have been a signal in court to dismiss his case since all parishioners are spending close to an hour in church and that does make a big difference. The Trump Court must have been very flexible in listening to the arguments, very, very, very flexible. The fascists killed lots, lots, lots of people and I have written just how disposable life has become living here since Trump is the Corona Virus undermining life and our democracy.

This battle is about all communities and what religious leaders tell their congregations. And it doesn’t matter if the leaders have voted for Trump or Biden. We have to know that all religious leaders understand across our nation as we do not see what they do and what they say. And that, too, might include some of the most famous pastors that have supported Donald Trump. We know that churches have been spreaders of the virus and there must be list already of pastors who were non-believers who have died from COVID-19. As my readers know, I have been afraid for this nation since before February 10, 2020. And nobody listened to me. And as I write this I have learned that Trump has written things that about Biden that nobody should write. Just as Hitler caused bad things to happen in the world, we notice that Trump is on that road right now as he seems to dictate that Biden must prove that his votes were not fraudulently obtained. That frankly is Franco-Americano style.

If you have not read Worst Republican President Since the Spanish Civil War take a look at it and remember that my first article in Jewish Business News was about Trump not belonging in America.  Take time to research my articles there.

And finally think about the poor captain in the French Army who was overthrown by unscrupulous men in that same army, anti-Semitic men. He became “the enemy of France” and was cast away to rot. There was no evidence against him, just the passion of a people looking for something or somethings. That man was restored but it took a long fight. Now we see that instead of making “the Jew” the “enemy of the people,” Trump is fighting voter fraud without or with insufficient evidence. Wasn’t that predictable? There is never any evidence against him. None about Russia, Comey, the Ukraine, and this election where he built up his resumé with lies and misinformation that has been spread across social media, Fakes News including Hannity, Schmannity, and others, and all the news that’s unfit for print in the same newspapers. The New York Post being one of them, but there are others in Washington, D.C.

Just yesterday the propaganda continued as I heard a David Webb report the higher wages under Trump. Trump froze the wages of federal workers and prevented new hiring. Remember that? The federal minimum wage did not increase. Others in some states raised the minimum wage to $15. Trump in the Campaign of 2016 said that wages were too high and they were too low. Skilled workers benefitted due to a shortage of skilled workers. David Webb did not cite even one example of how Trump gave US higher wages.  And he said that now the states had to do their part to make things better. States always create jobs and make things better. Just ask any Democratic or Republican governor who is running for office. They will tell you. Trump used their efforts and abused the minds of people everywhere. Among those extra votes for Joe Biden, there had to be people who were not believers of Trump’s lies.   Fakes News showed that Trump went from 6 percent among Black voters to 8 percent as Biden obtained 90 percent. This is news, of course, but the people have spoken and spoken well.