Jews, Free Masons, Bolsheviks were to be destroyed in Spain in the 1930s as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was widely translated, disseminated and read, and believed as truth. Truth matters but Jesuits, Carlists, fascists, big landowners, Catholics, and others opposed change combined The Protocols with racism aimed at Catholic Spain’s old enemies, the Jews and Muslims. The Spanish military was well represented in this effort as the war against people in North Africa was now expanded within Spain to root out human beings who were considered to be inferior.
And today in America, a civil war is expected as left and right battle in our streets. In addition African Americans have spread evil as The Protocols have been in the news attached to it by Minister Louis Farrakhan whose version of truth has lacked this key information of destroying both Jews and Muslims. The roots of my mother’s family were in Spain where Jews and Muslims lived together in peace. Encouraging violence, Trump has been asked by Police Chief Art Acevedo of Houston to say nothing unless it is constructive. Amen! Amen! Amen! This has been long overdue.
I am writing this in Mexico which by 1937 had a Sinarquist movement that was inspired by a Nazi in Mexico and that organization of Mexican fascists went to meetings held in Los Angeles as Hitler tried to over throw democracy in the USA.
In July 1931 a Civil Guard was formed and opposed the Republican government.This happened because it was believed that the “force of order” was inadequate. Sounds familiar? Seventeen people were killed in fights around Seville and one afternoon a worker’s cafe in the neighborhood of La Macarena was destroyed by artillery.
The book The Spanish Holocaust begins with a description 5 years later of a landowner shooting 6 workers as a lesson to the others.
It has already been written in the media the prediction of violence after our election on November 3 has not taken place, but nobody knows the future.The roads to extremism and violence are there.
Amid the violence in Spain where unemployment rose from 619,000 to 703,000 under the right wing, there was really no threat of insurrection by the Socialists as attempts were made to frighten the middle class. And hunger and starvation were everywhere. Insurrection is on the lips of people on the White House right now, even as there are supposed to be transitions in personnel and policies. The road to trouble needs peaceful transition during the pandemic.
With La Macarena and Art Acevedo in mind, we sure could use a Zoom call or calls of thousands of police chiefs committed to justice and the rejection of Trumpism.
This article is limited because I had to use my phone to