Biden Right About the Schmuck

White House touting of FDR by Trump and last-minute truth about FDR and the Nazis.

We got Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan as Trump’s four great presidents. What we need much more right now is Abraham, Martin, and John as Trump is shattering our democracy.

The Algemeiner just presented the facts from the Roosevelt era and remember that I used to live on FDR Drive in Manhattan.

FDR was more than “cordial” and “sometimes friendly” with Nazi Germany from 1933 on.

A boycott against Germany was circumvented by the FDR Administration as labels were allowed to be misleading on products.

Secretary of Commerce Daniel Roper attends mass rally of Nazis in NYC in 1933.

Apologies by FDR including one to Germany over true remarks (which would be called “fake news” today) by Fiorello LaGuardia about the brownshirt thugs.

FDR constantly removed critical comments about Hitler that his speech writers sent to him.

Kristallnacht November 1938 FDR speech and no mention of Hitler and his protagonists including Goebbels.

In 430 press conferences, FDR never mentioned the persecution of Jews.

Nazi warships arrived with propaganda including 2000 copies of Mein Kampf (no mention in the research of money brought in to feed the Nazis in America, particularly in Los Angeles). And those ships were given a “21 gun salute.”

In Vichy, France FDR turned his back on the resistance that was rescuing 2,000 Jews to take them to safety as FDR did not wish to offend a country with which it had “friendly relations.”

This information was provided by Dr. Rafael Medoff of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust studies. He is author of the book The Jews Should Keep Quiet: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen B. Wise, and the Holocaust.

And Jews supporting Trump today remain quiet. Millions of Jews supporting the schmuck. The comparison of Hitler-Trump is badly needed and Jewish Repugnicans and others should accept it since there was a pre-Holocaust Hitler before the final solution. Hitler copied American racism and Trump has copied many things that Hitler did as has been noted by Jews who hate Trump’s immigration politics. The law that made it illegal to cross our border under Hoover kept Jews from fleeing into America and Trump has been tough about that law.

And now Repugnicans attack a Joe Biden for President caravan as Trump attacked caravans coming from Central America. “Stand back” and “stand by” is the politics of the moment. No brown shirt is needed. The United States is in great danger from the right.

And today millions of Jews are keeping quiet as well and at a moment in which it has been reported that a fence that cannot be scaled will be put up around the White House. There is a hell of a lot of misguided patriotism in this country as people go to the polls. The title of this article would have been better in Times Square than the material about Jared and Ivanka Kusher or there could have been equal time for The Donald. And I can see those Jewish Repugnicans nodding approval about Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan. I knew there was something terribly wrong with FDR when I learned that he sent the St. Louis back and had he let the ship in that would have propelled the effort to bring Jews to safety when nobody took the Jews.