You Only Live Twice… No Only Once

No mask-violence in stores (bodegas). They owners and staff only live once!

Today we learn that about one in every five food workers may be affected by COVID-19 and I take you briefly to a strong presentation of just how we have changed due to politics, ignorance, and corrupt people as we fight the pandemic that deserves to be called The Trump Pandemic. You will then learn about the fears of people who work in stores (bodegas), fears accelerated by the White House.

Donald Trump goes into a basement to hide from danger and his thoughts conflict with the history of saving lives. Workers in bodegas and other stores cannot hide and in fact the situation is highly dangerous. Most people in stores must know by now that an employee was held down and knifed by two women in Chicago just days ago. The man was stabbed 27 times and he is in critical condition. There hasn’t been a single word about this from Donald Trump, the master of choice who keeps calling out people that wear masks including journalists that cover his campaign rallies. Trump in his way is complicit. M16 had great intelligence which Trump has always lacked and it did it’s best to protect everyone.

The bodega owners and their employees and family members have their worries, their concerns about not only city officials, but also Donald Trump. I say he is acting like a “Proud Boy” who is standing by and doing nothing as people are getting hurt. But I can assure you that after each incident of violence, he will be willing to send in the feds to help out. Our cities are rotting from his ineptitude during this pandemic.

Not only has the Trump team made things worse after closing down China, but also has not taken the time to deliver some solutions to stores around our nation that are being terrorized at times. We have seen the articles and the videos of non-compliance in stores for many months.  This has been an American problem.

I was sent some videos illustrating the problem in bodegas. In one a maskless man attacked a staff member in a store and it resulted in an exchange of the men tossing things at each other. There are no police nearby and something has to be done about this. The video footage is important and is a part of protecting stores and also results in good policing when the trouble-makers are apprehended, but what is needed is prevention.

These invasions of policy might be reduced by communities that speak up for the bodega (store) owners and staff. That suggestion, if valid, could have been formulated by the White House, but this is a White House that is intent on making trouble for a policy that it put in place and which it never seemed to support even as the Trump told people to wash their hands and do social distancing.

The bodega owners and other store owners may not agree entirely with me since I know that people are divided, even police. But I shall express my views or die from silence.  There has been much too much silence about this matter. And silence from our leaders (so called) can only result in one disaster after another as the silence of leaders throughout history brought us to disaster. Where is the help from Washington?

And later while I was reading the book about England in 1940 where some people wanted to speed up the resistance to Nazi Germany and many others felt that was unrealistic given the power demonstrated by Germany, I overheard Curtis Sliwa talking about communities coming together to prevent looting in New York. Doesn’t he realize that more is at stake than that?

And where is his confidence in the police? He could tell you that his confidence faded in the first round of looting months ago amid protests and riots. I fully understand that thinking, but I have been saying for years that Trump could have done more to help. Where was Sliwa then? And where in the world is Donald Trump? All these things are now strongly linked together with the Trump’s Pandemic as people are realizing and as I realized from the beginning in February. Sliwa knows just how to politicize what he is doing. So he knows and we know what he is doing.

And one of Donald Trump’s Proud Boys got arrested during the week after threatening to blow up a voting poll in North Dakota. It’s time for Americans to stand up against tyranny.

This is America without M16 intelligence. The Man with the Golden Shower (or is he The Man with the Golden Gun) is in control as he wreaks anarchy in America. I have been reading about M16, the intelligence office of England that financed and fully collaborated with some of the greatest efforts to save the world from Fascism. And this happened in a nation that could easily have given in to Hitler and the other Fascists. Resistance is powerful and is badly needed in America now.

Sean Connery has died and there is great fear today across our nation. I can assure you from watching some of the Trump supporters who are filled with jubilation that they do not have that fear, even though the Republican Party strongly appears to maintain support from the same kinds of nationalist and right-wing conspirators that propped up Hitler and were about to overthrow democracy in the United States. And they were going to do that with a little help from their friends here in the 1930s, including police and veterans. And we see some of the same signs right now.

Study links Trump rallies to more than 700 Covid deaths

David Lim 1 hour ago from Politico

The title of this article could easily have been Live and Let Die, which was a Roger Moore James Bond movie. It is a good fit and that is what Donald Trump is about right now. A man who almost always contradicts himself and talks out of both sides of his mouth could easily say to American You Live and You Die and now is his time to tell Americans to die for the economy. And with many supporters, it almost seems like a religion or at least a new version of Jesus for America among other things.

In the White House in March 2020, Jewish aides of Donald Trump made a call or calls to Brooklyn, New York and repeatedly tried to save Jewish lives. And that effort, had it been extended to the rest of our nation, could have helped save other lives in this pandemic.

A couple of months ago I was reading about the roots of Jews saving lives.

And jumping from movies to realities in Brooklyn and other places we turn to the biblical days and the Old Testament. This came from a history book and I Maccabees 1:41 was cited.

The place was Modi’in, Israel and Matthias Maccabeus had fled into the Judean wilderness and there was war between Syrians and Hellenized Jews taking place. One thousand Jews were killed because they were not allowed to defend themselves on the Sabbath day. Soon that law was changed to“Whoever shall come to make battle with us on the sabbath day, we will fight against him….” Pikuach Nefesh began long before the birth of Jesus and Matthias died in 166 BCE.

What took place after that phone call to Haredi Jews is Trump started to call for opening up churches and other places of worship and pastors did that citing their faith. People died including some of the pastors themselves from COVID-19. Trump’s “flu” flew all over our nation and it’s flying at greater speeds now than before as records are being set under Trump.

Yesterday I found out, that just four days before the November 3 Election that CONLAMIC (a Christian organization with a chapter in Florida) has endorsed Joe Biden for President citing Trump’s defects in relation to the Christian faith. But what I have written about was not in the articles that I read. And that information comes from Got Questions answering things about the Bible. 

“Thus, the Law is designed to promote life, and the preservation of human life is a higher priority than the observance of the Law,”  and “Jesus followed the principle of pikuach nefesh when He healed people on the Sabbath.” 

M16 in London was working closely with men and women who attended Christmas Eve Catholic services in France Vichy France.  At that time in France, we know that a Catholic priest held services for the men and women of the resistance in a basement. This was their safe social distancing. And that took place on one of the holiest of nights in Christianity, midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1943. Lives were saved by protecting those “essential” workers. The basement was their mask.

While I was composing this information, a large Christian group on FACEBOOK with almost 700,000 likes among their readers wrote to me and blessed me for presenting my work to them.

I just noticed an article in Yeshiva World in May where Senator Ted Cruz was featured in support of religious freedom under the Constitution but seemed to be ignorant of Pituach Nefesh and we know that two major rabbis just rebuked Trump’s policies and Trump’s demonstrators without mentioning Trump’s name and failing to give a more complete report about these things. 

Four more and six more years (senate) for those politicians as the pandemic rages again? No but maybe a lifetime in purgatory. With Trump and Cruz in the front seat driving this nation cruise control has led to illness and death. Greater intelligence has been needed all this time in the White House.

And this is what I published on March 19, 2020 just days after the White House call to the Haredi Jews in Brooklyn. And this was a history lesson called Germany 1946 USA 20202

In a Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish (which has gone Rogue for now), hundreds just attended a church service in violation and contempt for governor’s orders.  I would ask those people who attended would that do what orthodox Jews did during those pre-Holocaust days and run into a synagogue and dance around the Torah, sacrificing themselves to God or would they watch the church burn as the fire department was called?  The pastor was misguided and religious leaders all over the world have taken action to keep their congregations safe so that others can be safe.  The pastor has jeopardized people everywhere by his actions.  And as I write, we find out that the governor of Florida is not doing enough as large groups of people visit the beaches of Miami. 

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