Burning Issues in America: Do the Right Thing

Rabbis demanding Save Lives during COVID-19. Critically important news!

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Friday October 30, 2020 tomorrow 12 noon

Monday November 2, 20202 two scheduled 1-2 P.M. and 7:30 P.M. (Zoom ID to follow later for this meeting)

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Meeting ID: 954 559 1758

The father of Sean Bell (and his mother) will be on Zoom along with Wali Jones, the NBA Legend who was Kaepernick before Kaepernick in hostile Philadelphia. Members of the NAACP were arrested instead of getting a meeting with then Senator Jeff Sessions. Daniel Barber, the president of the tenants of the NYC Housing with 350,000 tenants, has taken steps to help this Zoom and get the message out around the country. So people are coming together. Justice is one of the burning issues of this discussion. Chris Mancini will present information about his play about racism and racism in policing in South Florida, including lynchings. Former heavyweight boxing champion James “Bonecrusher” Smith will speak.

This Zoom was conceived with certain things in mind, including fighting hate and anti-Semitism. Nobody should ever blame an entire group for what one or a few people have done. Innocent people should never be mistreated. With that said we move along to important issues that are burning issues in America.

The violence in America has been picking up and gaining. On February 10, 2020, I stated that “Perhaps you have learned that Trump has been crowned the King of Israel for his relationship with Netanyahu and many Israelis and American Jews.  At this moment it is scary to have Trump in power.” Today the news depicts that COVID-19 is causing violence in our country. During the Irish famine in the 19th century there was a huge amount of violence in Ireland as people were hurting, getting sick and starving. There was huge unemployment that led to a million person exodus from Ireland to the four corners of the earth. We see worldwide violence and looting and threats to kill elected officials.

There is hope and one of the biggest moments though little known has taken place in Israel and could affect behavior in the United States as it reaches more people. So defeating the effort to undermine Dr. Anthony Fauci is at hand.


I just noticed that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, the 92 years old leader of Haredi Jews who has just recovered from COVID-19 in Israel, has told the Jewish world that it is important to study Torah, according to his grandson, Yanki, who spoke for the rabbi. Both Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelson had called for social distancing guidelines since the day that the rabbi became ill.

The rabbi has been calling for Pikuach Nefesh, according to the article in the Jerusalem Post. In New York City in the last weeks, a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews attacked journalist Jacob Kornbluh of The Jewish Insider.

Hate is growing all over the world and Shalom is badly needed now more than four years ago. There have been two beheadings in France in the last week, but Florida is known for having the most hate groups in our nation and White Supremacy is the key problem here. Former veterans have been cited among the people arrested. Having knowledge of current events and history right now is critical, especially before Tuesday’s election.  And people should learn more about pikuach nefesh.

I just reached out to groups in Miami, Florida to unite before the election, but people are so involved in getting out the vote that they have no time to commit to issues. A clear reminder is that those protestors mentioned are not guided by Pikuach Nefesh or Saving Lives.  “Thus, the Law is designed to promote life, and the preservation of human life is a higher priority than the observance of the Law,”  and “Jesus followed the principle of pikuach nefesh when He healed people on the Sabbath.” And that information comes from Got Questions answering things about the Bible. Even real patriots know what all of this is about as they fight wars.

And later today, the leader of the Satmar Hasidic sect stated that denounced the protests of those who wish to undermine the health policies designed by Dr. Anthony Fauci and others in our nation. We thank Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum for his statement.

If any new information comes in after the publishing of this information that information can and will be updated right here at the bottom.

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