Fauci Down But Not Out

Operation Overlord included names like Omaha Beach and Utah Beach among others (1944). What patriotism on those beaches! Trump is not patriotic because there are much higher standards that I have written about and that others know in the Jewish faith and the United States military. Our nation supports Fauci and not stand down and stand by.

I was reading about the French Resistance last night again and a section of the book terminated preparing the way for 1944-1945, the final section of the book which made me think of 2021-2025. Trump should have been terminated a long time ago, but he is still around. That rectangle announcing 1944-1945 was almost the length of the page which bares a photo of Paris at that time with the Eiffel Tower on top and below taking up most of the photo is the Nazi flag hanging outside a building, waving to the world and not just to Parisians. Yes we fight for freedom, but we also fight to save lives. Washington, D.C. and the White House can be imagined easily with the Trump flag flying outside one of the buildings as the Election of 2020 nears.

Yesterday I emailed the tips address of ABC News with my brief description of the Highest Form of Patriotism during COVID-19. My outreach during the day was much greater than that as I fight a war for truth, scientifically. I feel lucky to be alive, especially knowing that I am people around the world were not wearing masks from the beginning of the announcement about the Corona Virus now mostly called COVID-19.

This is what struck me during my reading and I quickly applied it to the situation. There were people in France who knew what to do to fight Fascism and fight it better and there were those who did not know. There were also masses of people who did not seem to care. The latter got France into the horrific situation in the first place as the French really did not have the will to fight. Others had to show them, train them, and save them from that evil that exists today even in our communities.

These words hit me right in the face and if you know me by now you know I had to sit down to type and share. I care and I share. What was going on was an “Allied scientific intelligence effort.” And it had its Faucis of its time providing the most incredible things. We do not know if the information was perfect since we know that mistakes are made. We know that a war was going on and an invasion was about to take place that history has recorded for US. The men are mostly gone now, but we have seen them in our communities over the years working diligently to help their community. And it was with great satisfaction that we noticed their age because they were alive and living life to the best of their individual condition. They, like US, did not wear masks in the beginning, but they finally wore masks. Trump did not and he finally infected his own community, which is not my community at all. Governor Christie got sick and put out a serious warning, but that warning comes too, too late. That is a large part of the Trump years. He was the wrong man for the job.

Robert Drouin provided the British with plans to be used during the great Battle of D-Day, plans that allowed US to win. This story has to be told since his accomplishment took place under great risk and he paid the price since there was no mask protecting him against the horrific disease of its time, a disease that ended up killing tens of millions and destroying cities. Drouin was involved in the resistance and his work was taken from France one night in a difficult operation and transported to England. Drouin wanted to get rid of that disease started in Germany and began to control much of the world.

Drouin was a painter and what he did was artistic and he accomplished what he did with a fourteen years old boy, his son. By March of 1944 and well before June 6, his name was in the hands of the Gestapo and he was rounded up with Jeannie Rousseau who learned all about the “scientific” work of the development of the V1 and V2 rockets that German scientists had invented. Her work led to the early bombing of those facilities and a long delay in attacking England. Jacques Stosskopf worked supervising a German naval base that has great layers of protection and he was hated by people who did not know the truth, he was a double agent giving information to the Allies. He soon “disappeared.”

What did Drouin do? He created a 55 foot map on canvas, detailing the German fortifications of the Beaches of Normandy which was far superior than that was obtained by reconnaissance flights photos taken by the Allies.  These were incredible D-Day Details. Trump has been missing the details all along.

Trump has had no plan except to dispose of American life by “herd immunity.” I watched and listened to him as we all did. He was always impatient because he wanted the economy to  open up.

We can go back to March of this year when the White House arranged a phone call with Williamsburg Brooklyn’s Ultra-Orthodox community to get it stop large gatherings including weddings and again we learn that a wedding was planned for 10,000 there which was stopped from taking place, exposing bitterness from some in the community as people both Jews and Catholics in the community consider themselves “essential” and have taken the case to court. Trump turned his eyes away from a telephone call in March and allowed people to choose by not spreading the actions of the White House to communities everywhere, Louisiana and Texas come to mind. He lacked consistency from the beginning even as people watched him on television adapt to a situation that he allowed to worsen and worsen. And that Trump flag was waving in the streets of Brooklyn as the journalist for the Jewish Insider, an Orthodox Jew himself, was beaten and masks were burned, reminding me of Nazi book burnings.

At that time in France, we know that a Catholic priest held services for the men and women of the resistance in a basement. This was their safe social distancing. And that took place on one of the holiest of nights in Christianity, midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1943. Lives were saved by protecting those “essential” workers. The basement was their mask. The opened church was not with Gestapo all over France.

It is reasonable to assume that those three people who lost their lives during the resistance, fighting for all of US, had made mistakes too. Fauci’s mistakes were minor. We are not “cheerleaders” for Fauci as Trump portrays himself as “cheerleader” for US. Trump was a mistake from the beginning and his portraying the COVID-19 as a “flu” is just a good example of what it took to make things worse. If I could make a remake of “One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Trump would be in it and would not be allowed out under any condition. And I can imagine Trump’s reaction which he spreads to his Repugnicans. Dr. Danenberg wants to close churches and synagogues in America and take away your freedom to worship. That’s unconstitutional and he wants you to hold services in a smelly basement somewhere. We should not follow science and I want to open the economy and open the churches now, now, now.

Trump did not declare victory after that telephone call with Brooklyn. The White House staff that participated should provide US with a detailed report of what led up to the phone call and what happened after it. Trump likes to win (and move on). He could have easily offered the Jewish community something since he keeps boasting what he has done for Israel and for African Americans. Why the repeat of death at the door of Jews through a super spreader event? And Avi Berkowitz could write a report, but will it be dictated by Trump himself? Remember that White House staff have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements and are not at liberty to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Blame Trump? Yes Trump is to blame! Fauci cannot be defeated in this country.

Trump is a rich combination of Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, and others who have made some terrible decisions throughout history, some much more than others. He is a Repugnican personified and he only really care about getting reelected. Trump cannot put down those great heroes in France fighting against fascism and he cannot put down Fauci and get away with it. Let’s volunteer in the name of Anthony Fauci to defeat this menace. Let’s save lives and get rid of Trump the Great Divider!

I decided to include once again what I wrote about the highest form of patriotism right here.

The highest form of patriotism comes most directly from those American soldiers who fight not only for the country but also for the men and women alongside them. The highest form comes not in battles where the enemy is easily defeated or routed, but in intense combat where wounded have to be treated and evacuated under fire. Those soldiers have suffered through disease during war and the ones who were infected or even suffered mental breakdown were rehabilitated through treatment and rest. I am reasonably certain that if the command were given (whether it appeared to be constitutional or not) to wear masks on the land, on the sea, or in the air that everyone would comply. Because of the fear of a court martial? No! Because those men and women will do their utmost to protect each other so they can all make it home to celebrate life.

During the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 masks were worn, but there were those who chose not to wear masks at all. People can cite the constitution as much as they want, but the leaders asked Americans to show their patriotism.

I can recall (at the age of 75) how children were kept out of school for conjunctivitis because it is contagious and would require a doctor’s note. It did not cause death either directly or indirectly as COVID-19 does. We have had all kinds of restrictive health considerations over the years including how we are allowed to dress in a restaurant and that was never a violation of the Constitution. Those things are the violations of the constitution of Americas cheerleader who is taking US down the path to ruin and bankruptcy and that is unfortunate. He chose not to wear a mask until someone told him that it was patriotic to wear a mask and later he chose to return to his former practice of no mask. Trump has left behind a trail of monumental mistakes even as he protected monuments more than people.

This information should be shared with everyone in the United States of America. Saving lives is our duty to each other in war and in peace.

Trump has not saved lives during the pandemic since he is responsible for a lion’s share of the deaths.  Truman cannot save lives nor our nation. He has to go now!

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  1. Time to find a new subject. You’ve done a really good job of exposing the pretend president. But that story is over. A landslide is only a few days away. Time for the trump criminal enterprise to be referred to lawyers.

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