Zeitungennacht: Jewish Insider Journalist Brutally Attacked

We have heard of Kristallnacht, although it appears that a huge percentage of people have never heard of it. I surely didn’t teach it in 7th grade Social Studies on the Lower East Side. And it was not part of the GED materials used in the programs helping people earn a high school equivalency. I had to look up the German word for the press or newspapers to obtain the title of this new article. Kristallnacht happened in Austria and it was provoked by Nazis wishing to destroy Jews before The Final Solution or extermination of Jews.

 In no way do I wish to diminish the Holocaust by portraying several minutes of horrible conduct by some ultra-Orthodox Jews in Borough Park just a few nights ago. I wrote about that event in my previous article about COVID-19 (on the ground).

A journalist was beaten by several people which was caught on tape. Freedom of the press failed in New York City and it turns out that the victim was not African American, Asian, Hispanic, or even Palestinian-American. The man, Jacob Kornbluh, is a Jew who is Hasidic. That night was a horrible night in Borough Park and many Jews have condemned it. The local councilman asked the rabbis for help and guidance in this matter and apparently those who were involved in the attack had not studied Jewish law sufficiently in being part of the Donald Trump Law and Order team. The protestors had Trump flags, Trump posters, and according to others in that community the instructions for the protest originated with the Republican Party dominated by Trump.

Jacob Kornbluh could have been killed by what happened and that would have made matters worse for Keep America Great which has followed Make America Great Again. Those red hats and those ideas have surfaced repeatedly since the Campaign of 2016. You can read about it when you take another look at the Parkland Massacre, the massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, the killing in Kenosha, and it has had Trump’s hand in it all over our nation in dividing and exciting people to violence. It has given me lots of tsuris for four years and no this group was not paid for by George Soros who has had enough tsuris as well from Trump staff and propagandists across our nation.  And there had been another beating the night before to consider.

Let’s take a quick look at what I wrote in The Force 2020 DDT about Trump’s Lies. “On September 8, 1939 200 Jews were killed in Bedzin as they were rounded up, moved into a synagogue, and the Germans torched the synagogue.  The next day Hitler perpetrated a lie as he had 30 Poles (non-Jewish rounded up) and blamed them for the fire.  Those people were executed in a public square.  Let us now look at a very possible modern-day explanation made possible by only one man.  The explanation is that it’s a “hoax” concocted by Joe Biden who wants to nullify the Election of 2016.” And I wrote this before taking on the Corona Virus as a subject on February 10, 2020.

And on February 29, 2020 I wrote in The Corona Virus on Wall Street and Main Street about our soldiers afflicted in the Pacific by disease. “I was just reading the other night about World War II in the Pacific and there are often parallels in human behavior to explain.  Trump always minimizes things that are a detriment to Trump and that kind of mentality often affected our soldiers as they tried to get adjusted to fighting in a theater of war that they had no training for.   The scrub typhus that affected our troops on Biak Island often required months of convalescence for our soldiers and others were assigned limited duty during a major war.  Our troops were warned by locals or “indigenous people” living there.  The island was “tabu.”  A thousand were affected as they traversed the jungle where mites hung on to the scrub which got onto the clothes of the troops as they walked.  This weakened our war effort and there were lots of other things to contend with that impacted on the health during that war.” This was well before Trump took actions recommended by the CDC.

On that same day Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on The Today Show and announced that the risk was low, but could change (quickly). The day before that in South Carolina, Trump was crying out that the Democrats were making the Corona Virus a political issue, something which I started writing about, in my own way, on February 10th. We knew we were in trouble and lives had to saved. By March 17 the decision was made not to accept herd immunity politics and our nation fought to flatten the curve (at least we thought that about our people). Constantly violations took place and Trump blew a fuse as he helped open up states well before the guidelines in the name of American jobs over American lives. We learned that the virus could be mitigated in its spread while being 6 feet away and then we learned about airborne droplets that travelled 27 feet in the air. We needed one important insurance policy and that was to keep Donald Trump 1,000 miles away (no Doo-wop pun intended).

It’s time for our nation to blow the trumpet and knock down this wall of hate that Trump has created. Just a couple of weeks ago in Miami, Americans had to find out that there were anti-Semitic inserts posted each week in the Spanish weekly El Heraldo and Trump has not spoken out. Trump has not spoken out about the attack that took place in Borough Park, not even to distance himself from the perpetrators or from the man who called out for people to get Jacob Kornbluh, a man who later entered into one of the cars in Trump’s caravan. He did not speak out for Hispanics who were beaten attacked or denigrated in the past. He did not speak out to protect a Catholic priest who was threatened in Wisconsin for protecting undocumented immigrants (mostly from Guatemala). He rarely speaks out but does so when he is pushed to do so as he recently spoke those “stand down and stand by. Someone has to do something about Antifa…..” Even when he speaks out he is lost in thoughts that would have been expressed anywhere but on the world political stage.

Let’s take a close look at Adolph Hitler who controlled the police, secret police, and lots of other resources that intimidated, hurt, and killed people. It was November 1938 in Austria. He explained to a friend that the purpose of Kristallnacht was to get Jews to emigrate faster. When his friend’s children asked him about it, he blamed Kristallnacht on Goebbels (who Biden mentioned recently). So he quickly changed his mind just like Trump does. Hitler also said that he was saving democracy in Germany. Hitler actually called off a mini-pogrom against Jews in Berlin for June 1938 because of his fears of upsetting the balance of world opinion. And what actually happened is this. Hitler kept his role in Reichkristallnacht secret and voiced condemnation of it. Keep in mind that there was a world boycott of Germany up to that moment. In 1938: Hitler’s Gamble where this information was taken from, “Hitler said “I don’t want my SS involved in any of these actions under any circumstances.” And the propaganda continued and continued. Just like Make America Great under Donald Trump.

I saw one comment on the internet that there was no looting during Kristallnacht as someone commented about our recent American peaceful protests that resulted in looting. The answer to that is that Hitler ordered that there should “no looting.” And here in the United States, we see too many times that since early 2017 that Trump did not commit to paying for more police around our nation which has been needed since his remarks about “the carnage” in Chicago and other places. Trump is a very weak president who counts on his supporters and has never captured the hearts of the American people. That is in Rage by Bob Woodward. He has been a president without a plan or program.

Trump lost it all a long time ago and even thinking about COVID-19 when he closed off China which helped somewhat, he failed to recognize that this war was a two-front war. So just like Hitler failed by attacking the West and underestimating the Soviet Union, Trump and his ultra-Orthodox supporters in a war. They are soldiers as we all are, but we are the patriotic ones fighting to save lives which people in our military know well, rabbis know well because of Talmudic studies, and Democrats and independents will soon know as well all over the United States. We men and women who write articles about Trump and his handling of things are not “the enemy of the people.” Au contraire, the enemies of the journalist beaten on a New York Street are on the way to jail or will be soon.

Trump spoke out to police a long time ago, telling police to rough up people after the death of Freddie Gray. He could have apologized for that and changed the course of his administration and perhaps gained some badly needed support from African Americans. The damage done in Borough Park, a state that Joe Biden should win, was stupid politics as usual for Trump. What he does get in terms of support from the media are Black men and women and some others who ignore that stupidity as they promote a message that Trump is gaining a lot of votes that he did not have in 2016. Think again, as I mentioned in articles in Jewish Business News and The Force 2020 DDT that Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in Republican safe Alabama with 98 percent of African American women voting for the Democrat. History is lined up to repeat itself and restore the kind of vote that Obama got in 2012 and which Clinton failed to achieve.

Jews around the United States will wake up to Trump as this message gets out. Florida should go Democrat and put the nail in Trump’s coffin. This nation needs unity and not division. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump blames the Borough Park mob attack on communists or socialists, something that Hitler perfected. The people Trump sees destroying America in his head are White Supremacists, but he doesn’t know it. He knows very little. And then Stalin used his platform to portray great heroes as fascists. Trump still has not spoken out days later. Why not?

Please see Corona Virus Today: Vital Suggestions as you keep in mind everything that has happened since the first death on February 29, 2020. The ideas were consistent with what I had been writing about for weeks.

A man was just shot dead as a security guard hired to protect journalists ended what seemed to be an altercation on the streets of Denver, Colorado.

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