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This is no joke. A woman with two children attending college fought her way out of poverty to climb the ladder of success in life. She took a trip by airplane to Florida from New York. One of the other passengers, just like her, has two children and obtained success in life. As the second woman was talking near the first woman’s seat she coughed and sneezed spraying the area. She had no mask on and was not complying with federal regulations during COVID-19. The first woman a laboratory technician had some slides with her and removed the fluid near her to the slide and put it away to be tested later. The first woman later became sick and unfortunately she passed away from COVID-19.

Family members of the first woman were in shock about everything that had happened. Among her close family were judges and police officers. The police officers at family gathering strongly indicated their preference for Donald Trump who has been known as a “law and order” president.  But Trump is also the mask choice president who has undermined lots of places across our nation. Now the family appears really at war with itself because of the mourning process and the facts of the matter. All the cousins and others involved love each other but they were divided long before this incident happened. Reality is setting in and this is not a reality show where people can get fired. The death of their beloved family member matters! This kind of behavior is shocking as those family members have to pretty much say “Goodbye Cuz! It’s just too bad that you got the virus and died Cuz! And ignore those important “essentials” of poor leadership in Washington, D.C. Burying their heads in the sand for some rhetorical support by Donald Trump and his band of merry propagandists.

In the White House right now there is concern for one of security staff who has COVID-19 and whose condition is very serious. There will be more news about that soon.


White House Security Official Contracted Covid-19 in September

Jennifer Jacobs  50 mins ago

Jennifer Jacobs      50 minutes ago

“The White House has not publicly disclosed Bailey’s illness”

For new readers this article contains information that contradicts Trump’s patriotism in relation to the pandemic. See Trump’s Genius: Proud Boys Stand By


The NYPD had to deal with a major problem in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York as a large group of ultra-Orthodox gathered to protest the decision by our state and city leaders to limit openings of synagogues and churches (Roman Catholic support was also evident for the demonstration). Suddenly one of the men saw a reporter who works for Jewish Insider and who is Jewish and who was called a “Nazi” and “Hitler” and it was shouted out to “get him” which reminds me of the last Donald Trump campaign. Jewish men seized the man and started to beat him which also happened in 2016 when an African American man was struck in the venue by a Trump supporter. What are the police thinking as they perform their duties in New York contrary to the wishes of Donald Trump who is for mask choice? What are police thinking all over the city? And where is the help that those police need right now from Donald Trump or even Mike Pence?

Jacob Kornbluh was brutally assaulted and the leaders of that protest and the people involved have to come to terms with what they did.  A bystander was also attacked. He was just standing there as Hersy Tischler spotted him the way Donald Trump in big crowds calls out that the “fake media (“enemy of the people”) are over there. And the police were not quick to help Kornbluh as he stated that it took ten minutes for the police to finally free him from the suffering he had experienced. Kornbluh pressed charges against Tischler and that matter is under investigation. Kornbluh spoke about the “rage” of the community as I and Bob Woodward the author of Rage, reveal where the rage comes from. How many police officers across our nation have read the book? Hersy Tischler is a candidate for the City Council of New York. The photos that I saw in BoroPark24 an online newspaper revealed police wearing masks and a very large part of the ultra-Orthodox community with no faces covered. After reading the statement of Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein of Brooklyn, I called his office and recommended that he get out into the streets to calm things down. The whole world is watching!

Kornbluh was called a “Nazi” has to be repeated here. As people know Trump could easily call Kornbluh a “communist” or a “Nazi” and police have to think about that. Trump is so close to being declared Nazi-In-Chief right now since just about everything that defines a fascist has lined up with him. And if Kornbluh personally opposes Trump, the recent propaganda from Trump’s White House is that the United States is going to be taken over by socialists and/or communists. Can Jews in Borough Park be declared Nazis. There were Jews around Hitler before the Holocaust and there were half Jews in the Nazi war machine. There were even Black people in Germany who wanted to join the Hitler youth at that time. One of them later worked at both Ebony and Jet Magazines. And keep in mind that there is a report about how 100 police precincts in 40 states have been infiltrated by White Supremacists. Our leading agencies including the Department of Justice and Homeland Security have warned the nation repeatedly about this critical matter and Trump has remained largely oblivious as the election draws near, needing those votes badly.

And I have repeatedly written that our biggest threat are those very same people and the right wing. Here is today’s example. No it’s not a communist threat to take over America,

Militia group plotted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, feds say

Paul Egan and Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press  29 mins ago

Paul Egan and Tiresa Baldas  Detroit Free Press 29 Minutes Ago

Paul Egan and Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press  31 mins ago

Earlier in the day I had reached out a community newspaper in Miami because of the months of inserts with anti-Semitic tropes included in the Sunday paper there. I was told that when people talk about what happened and they were disgusted, they just don’t know what to do. Trump has not taken action there, but I have contacted people hoping to unite people in Miami. Trump has divided people and he has not given NYPD anything that would help New York to protect all people better before and during this pandemic. And it has to be determined if those Trump flags hoisted by the ultra-Orthodox men at the protest and riot influenced New York’s Finest. Ten minutes to help a man in need! There was a lot of speculation by police and retired police about the disparity of policing in an article in The New York Post, but no mention of Trump and his influence.

Take a look at America’s First Death from COVID-19 on February 29th, 2020 with some information from Bob Woodward and his interviews with Donald Trump.

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