America’s First Death from COVID-19 February 29th, 2020

And the deaths continue under Trump and continue and continue.

Taking a closer look at America First (at that moment) which is part of the title of this article.

It’s February 26, 2020 and Bob Woodward reports in Rage that Trump wanted to fire Nancy Messonnier of the CDC for making him look bad. Messonnier had issued a stark warning on Feb. 25 which Trump did not like. The warning was about closing down schools and workers may have to work at home. A model that happened in fact. Trump took action placing Mike Pence in charge of Coronavirus Task Force while making an important historical and political statement that should have caused Trump to be replaced.

“This is a flu. This is like a flu,” Trump said alluding to 15 cases in the United States. And Messonnier’s was an answer about schools being prepared for the virus. It was apparent at that time that it was not Trump’s job to Keep America Safe. Trump, mighty Trump, was expecting those cases to go down, to zero as his expectations that those people would be safe from death and serious complications.

Case #15, a healthy woman from’ California, began to deteriorate. Her case caused Dr. Anthony Fauci to say “Holy shit!” and “Here we go!” as it was becoming clear that the virus was being spread among people that had not had any contact with China at all. So where was the virus coming from? In New York there was a problem as people were arriving from Italy.

This information comes to you by way of Fox News on July 13, 2020 concerning Nancy Pelosi. She was clearly not well enough informed as she visited Chinatown in San Francisco on February 24, 2020. There will be more about the context of the COVID-19 spread and the effort to contain it here. Her visit was provoked by the slowing of business in this Chinatown. True and she did not wear a mask as she approached and hugged people. But all that changed fast and Trump never learned anything of great value to save more lives.

We had had four bills, all bipartisan, but they have not been implemented by the administration,” she said. “And no, we said testing from March 4. We were writing the bill to find out what the threat was to us while the president was saying delay, denial, calling it a hoax, and causing deaths.”

Then there is the issue of patriotism as almost 80 percent of people polled report moderate or stronger racism at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The survey conducted by the American Federation of Government Employees included responses from about 1,500 VA workers and showed that 76% of employees who responded said they “experienced racially charged actions” while working at the department. AFGE says it represents about 270,000 of VA’s more than 400,000 employees.

Abbie Bennett  October 1, 2020

Racism in the VA? We must find out if there were deaths in hospitals caused by racism during COVID-19.

Americans are growing tired of Trump’s spiel about things that include, for example, that he gets COVID-19 and that “we love the USA. And we love what’s happening.” We do not appreciate the death and spread of disease caused by Trump and his hunches and his supporters.  There must be people right now thinking that Trump is going to resign, especially if his health is at great risk. Trump has been known, you know, to declare victory and move on. This could be his shining moment for that. You have taken a look at Trump’s America in this article and things are not pretty at all. From the attack on Nancy Pelosi in Trump’s media for not doing more about the COVID-19 situation (she was not the president) early on to the current situation with Trump’s intimate circle infecting each other and Trump’s demand to see his followers as though he were Winston Churchill going out to a city that has been bombed by the Luftwaffe continuously (23,002 dead and 32,138 wounded among the civilian population) to be with his countrymen at the worst moment of their lives. Trump’s Americans are not under those conditions, but far too many of them will put US at risk of Trump’s very own Luftwaffe in the air. Trump has clearly put men in our secret service at risk, unnecessarily or is someone going to tell me that it was necessary because Trump wanted to go out and greet people.

And today Trump picked up where he left off as he sows dissension across America. Those comments would have been much better coming from a man in his own Tower who never got elected to prevent Americans from dying in great numbers. He is expected to be discharged tonight. We should discharge him. Period!

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