White House Infected With COVID-19: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Trump shows his hypocrisy again by not taking Hydroxychloroquine as expected by tens of millions of his supporters and billions of others who were waiting to see what he would take just in case he tested positive. And remember that so many studies “proved” that in the early stages of the virus it was very successful.  Although many, many studies showed that it was no better than a placebo. There should be protests against Trump all over our nation by those doctors who touted the medication since Trump has betrayed them.  Trump opted for Remdesivir which costs in excess of $3,000 to be administered but he had the plan to give US something that costs pennies and that could kill more people who were at risk as he continued to urge people to take hydroxyclorquine and was assisted by friends at Fox News in that endeavor.

I have long said that Trump should have been wearing a body camera since I did not trust him (repeatedly published in Jewish Business News). And how many of Trump’s Merry Men (and Women) are taking hydroxychloroquine)?

After all these months Trump turned pro-choice in this matter as he passed over anecdotal evidence in favor of the scientific method. Actually a closer look at this matter could be citing again that people get better only with a placebo that has no medical value and by taking appropriate medication. Even the conservative media that has supported Trump all these months cannot hide these truths and the best that it can do is to report that Trump changed his mind. But where does that leave most of America: dead, living, sick with COVID-19, and fighting years of poor health coming under a man who called it a flu that will go away and certainly under his control. Among the first six people in America that had the virus were five that had come back from China and one that had not had contact with China, according to Woodward. Very interesting! And right now Trump’s patriot horde are ascribing to him the height of patriotism for lack of anything else to say. Propaganda is in vogue.

Trump has been killing the Republican Party for years as he did his best to kill the Democrats. The White House should be finished (its full of all kinds of illnesses including giving aid to White Supremacists) , but we do not have a clean recall provision. Trump has never been clean even when the New York Post headline portrayed him as “Clean” to give him a boost in New York. It’s time to politically use Mr. Clean for the White House and get rid of it now. Trump should resign! The old prayer from Fiddler on the Roof applies to Trump. May God bless and keep the Czar far away from US. Republicans on November 3 can write in their vote for whomever they want. That’s constitutional!

Here is Sean Hannity’s comment which was predictable.

“I know there will be probably those that want to politicize something like this as quickly as possible which is sad….”

Sean Hannity should be demoted at Fox News. But I can imagine his comment to me which would probably be “So I’m a hypocrite!” I would recommend to Fox News to assign Hannity and other worthy people presenting the news the job of sanitizing the newsroom and give them “essential worker” status. Some of them have been paid enough over the years to slowly destroy America in the name of free speech.

I would strongly recommend right now that Trump be given a lie detector test to ascertain the truth about various things including his real position of the Trump cure, Hunter Biden and the phone calls, Russian collusion since Robert Mueller really did not go into that and confused US, and just what was taking place with James Comey who was asked to drop the case against Mike Flynn (as a beginning). I’m sure there are things that have been left out.

I just read about how Bob Woodward was told by Trump by reading Rage that Trump was not concerned about his getting COVID-19 and then the news came out about Trump’s positive test.

Trump has failed many tests of power, including COVID-19. One of today’s headlines also indicates that Trump got nothing for backing the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the murder of Khashoggi and I wrote in my article this week that after all the love letters to Kim of North Korea we have learned that there was no denuclearization taking place as Trump misled US on that. Repugnicans have betrayed US for sure and they will not even admit it right now nor do I expect that confession to take place for many years as they will let time take care of it.

I read in Rage that five people influenced Trump to shut down the flights from China, but Trump took credit for it, telling the world that he was the “only one” who favored that. This is what I had expected of Trump for a long time, but not from the beginning in 2016. You learn and I learned that he has taken some of the worst features of Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, and General MacArthur (in the last article I was thinking of MacArthur’s theatrics as I wrote about Trump). Woodward does not mention anything like that in detailing the interviews with Trump, but I will send this off to Woodward for comment. I’m reasonably sure that Woodward knows that history and will concur. 

You can learn a bit more by searching for the content of this on the internet.

General MacArthur Gained Fame in WWII, Infamy in the Korean War




President Truman’s decision to fire MacArthur during the height of the Korean War shocked the public. Keep in mind all that Trump has said and done that was wrong in reading this and do keep in mind that Trump has been in control in America. This is about a North Korean advance into South Korea in June 1950. “This is probably only a reconnaissance-in-force. If Washington only will not hobble me, I can handle it with one arm tied behind my back” he said. What was really happening was that MacArthur was making up things not even knowing how bad things were and acting very casual about it all.

This just came on the internet as well.

Lindsey Graham photographed with leader of white nationalist group Proud Boys

Gerren Keith Gaynor October 2, 2020 The Grio

The South Carolina senator recently called Proud Boys a ‘racist organization,’ however, photo shows him smiling with a known leader of the white nationalist group.” And this photo was just taken within the last few days. I guess Lindsay Graham was smiling because he was on Candid Camera. This is worth watching since the South Carolina race has been called very close and we must learn what Graham has to say about this matter. He could lose lots of support now which should remind US about just how the Republicans lost the senate race in Alabama as Doug Jones won.

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