Stop It Trump Weakly Said in 2016

Trump said he was “sad” and told his supporters who were harassing Black and Latinos to “stop it” in an interview where he appeared weak (in my opinion). This was November 2016 in an interview with Leslie Stahl. And he used the words telling Americans that he would look right in the camera. This was theater and much of what he said was theater. Go back to that interview. Is he sad today as a 17 years old has killed two people and wounded another person. And the shooting was condemned by a cop of 33 years who made the case of poor supervision by the police of Kenosha who allowed a youth to walk around the streets with a AR-15 style rifle and this youth was an outsider from Illinois who has been called a Trump supporter.

Trump has never taken ownership of the situation and made things worse. Hell is breaking loose across America, even in cities with slightly more than 100,000 people.

Later Leslie Stahl in an interview with CBS felt that Trump had changed as she spoke about his body language and other things. What crap! She was optimistic.

I have been concerned about lots of things which appear in my articles in Israel and here (all on the internet). I just wrote about my concerns of a civil war taking place based on what happened in Europe as I read about the history of Treaty of Versailles and World War II. We could go back to 1929 in Palestine when Jews from Europe moved there and there was a “terrorist” attack in Hebron where Talmudic students were killed (several dozen of them). In my screenplay The Sacred Oath: Ali Lakhdar’s Revenge (a work of fiction filled with history and perhaps even a mistake or two), I wrote that Arabs came from Lifta and Romena to kill Jews. I have no objection to people coming from out of state to protest peacefully. That is what should have happened in Hebron. I have often wondered if Linda Sarsour had mentioned that to African Americans as she brought them to the occupied territory to convince Black Lives Matter to support the Palestinian cause and the same applies to people in Minneapolis who support Congresswoman Omar. Black and Jewish History Matter. That attack and other acts of terror committed against Jews occurred almost two decades before the War for Independence. History matters! Truth matters!

Jews were only a small minority back then and it was the same in America which excluded Jews and even made it a crime for Jews (and others) to cross our border. The hate was so great that the KKK fascists, and Christians joined in to oppress Jews as best as they could in a democracy. Hitler was planning on taking over as he entered office four years later. Four years! Four more years for Trump? With all the talk about the American Dream, there have been lots of moments of the American Nightmare for Jews and others as we fight the mistakes of Trump’s COVID-19 (another American Nightmare as the first case of a re-infected American was just announced and it is now predicted that over 300,000 people will be dead by December). I wish that these-common sense statements would be published in conservative media including Praeger U.

The man who told Leslie Stahl that he hoped to unite Americans has never even attempted that as he lied and misinformed America and the world.

The NAACP controversy in Philadelphia concerned me and I have access which I decided not to use, hoping for the best. And progress was made there as the national office took over from Rodney Muhammad who has favored Minister Farrakhan by posting anti-Semitic material. What concerns me about all those African Americans and others outside the USA (in England for example) who made news for making anti-Semitic statements is this. An attack on all Jews because someone knows one or more Jews who are either in power or have wronged someone should not happen to Blacks, Latinos. Muslims, and all other people including police. This kind of behavior was the basis for anti-Semitism decades ago. And even after Nick Cannon and others apologized and undertook good work to change and change others, I feel that this kind of statement has been missing from articles and videos that I have seen.

In fact videos have brought forth this proposition instead that ask when are Black people going to be in a business position to fire people just as Nick Cannon was fired. That message is not entirely accurate because there are lots of Black owned businesses including big ones and people do get fired. The message that needed to be delivered was about eradicating hate and not about firing people. I am not going to be eating breakfast Charlamagne Tha God and others who failed to spread the very best information to defuse the mess made. All people must understand that and it will help to reduce hate substantially. The people at The Breakfast Club never even answered my request to bring Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center on the show. Rabbi Cooper is the man giving assistance to Nick Cannon.

I presented information about Minister Farrakhan’s July 4th speech and I have not seen that in the news yet as well.  Farrakhan asked Allah to spread the COVID-19 in Florida because of Jews. Would someone take this information and make it go viral?

Take a look, if you wish, at a Brother Ben X video with over 37,000 followers. And he showed videos in support of Minister Farrakhan that portray the Minister saying that he stands on what he says. And this my reader is how people stir the pot of hate. I watched the July 4th video and my source was the Nation of Islam website for finding it. And then there was Master P with over 300,000 followers talking about Black ownership and he jumped over it all and said he hated that Nick Cannon apologized.

I decided, before publishing this, to do another search about the Minister’s comments which led me, again, to the website of the Nation of Islam.  I found this. Then I said, “Do not compare me with your wicked killers”, by which I meant murderers in the white race. I have never murdered anyone, advocated murder, or urged any form of physical violence. All human life is sacred to me. I believe all human beings can be redeemed except those who have violated the law of Allah (God) in such a way that it demands the forfeiture of their lives.

I can explain some of that quite easily since I have read history including 1938. This is about pre-Holocaust Hitler which we can call the Persecution Period where Jews were pretty much enslaved in Germany-Austria etc. But first for all members of the Nation of Islam and the world “They both (Hitler and Eichmann) wanted the Jews to go, and both were keenest on choosing Palestine for their promised land.” And Hitler who had 100 percent Jewish friends, a caring visit to a Jewish doctor who had taken care of his mother in Linz decades ago, and who did not want people to even think that he supported violence (which he did) as he consolidated his power. His first years were years about expanding Germany rather than persecution of Jews. And I have never read anywhere that Hitler personally killed anyone. So to the Minister and to Trump and their supporters, I say spreading hate does lead to the killing of people. It’s all over the internet as we watch police and others use excessive force. Who stirred those people up to become judge and jury? Think about Hitler here! History matters.

And if the Minister fails to comprehend even that, let’s go back to that period once more. There was a race riot in Harlem in 1935 during the Great Depression. It started with petty larceny of a Black Puerto Rican in a store and before you knew it there were about 10,000 people out there protesting. The people thought the youth had been beaten or worse, but that was not so. There were riots before and riots after. Apparently there was a riot in Harlem in 1936 after Joe Louis lost to Max Schmelling. On August 12, 1938 the Pope spoke out about tolerance for Jews and “colored people.”

And around that very time was this. Jews were suffering the worst kind of Jim Crow conditions that one could imagine. And this occurred not just in a part of Germany, but all over Germany and then Austria. It went international. Hitler learned from the experience of America and its treatment of Black people. This didn’t set the stage for Civil Rights in those and other countries as it led to enslavement, disease, starvation, death, and extermination at the hands of the Nazis. The great leader that Minister Farrakhan spoke about in restoring Germany for the German people was full of misinterpretations of history and lacking any sense of universal suffering. The Minister didn’t murder anyone but he is killing me with his sense of truth, Trump-like before Trump himself.

During Jim Crow, African Americans had to pay a poll tax to vote which effectively kept them without power. In Austria in 1938 Jews had much, most, or all wealth taken away and since almost all countries would not even allow Jews to enter, they were trapped. Paying bribes to people helped, but money or valuables were needed to accomplish even that. The historic portrayal of Hitler by Farrakhan and the history to Make German Great Again is perverted. There must be exceptional people that know that, but the average person lacking knowledge can easily be fooled. How do we undo the stirring of the pot of hate contributed by Minister Farrakhan?

Donald Trump will not be allowed in my home, nor will Minister Louis Farrakhan be allowed in. Farrakhan could take the place of Donald Trump in many ways as he stirs the pot of anti-Semitism and more. Trump says that he is not racist and the Minister does not say the say thing about himself in his July 4th address.

There were well over 20,000 Jews who left Castro’s Cuba and some of them were able to make it to Cuba from Europe before the Holocaust started. And some Cuban Jews played prominent roles in the movement led by Castro. Some Jews were sent to forced labor camps, but even those Jews were not targeted the way that Farrakhan has done. In 2007 there were around 1,500 known Cuban Jews living in Florida where the very vindictive Farrakhan asked Allah to create a surge in the pandemic because of those Jews.

And then there were two zoom presentations with rabbis and African American community leaders. Things were fine until I heard the community leaders ask for “reciprocity” from Jews because of support that has been given to fight anti-Semitism. Wrong!  Ask Spike Lee, the creator of Do the Right Thing. I do things for the right reasons not for reciprocity. I have never asked the NAACP for reciprocity in my calls and outreaches. I am there to serve the people, all people. In other words I have never said to the NAACP I am helping African Americans so what are you doing for Jews? That sounds so much like a Trump quid pro quo to me. It is wrong!

Trump is still weak and all of these demonstrations are taking place under Trump. The police union in New York City condemned the mayor a long time ago and blame him and the politics of that city for handcuffing the police. The truth is that all over our nation police and police unions are calling for tougher policing right now. And guess what. We have the same problems all over our nation with or without de Blasio. Much of what is being said by police union officials, I believe, is the result of fear that workers everywhere experience and then recite over and over. I believe the fear correctly starts with taking the job and the dangers that come with it. And then through a specific culture of camaraderie and fear, men and women go along.

I should share one more thing before I finish. I learned many years ago that the wealthy who have their money offshore can be more charitable because they are not paying taxes on that money and I wrote that those millions or even more of tax benefits could have been used to hire more police. I stand by the truth of that statement, taking into account that Trump has even reduced the taxes of the wealthy much more with his tax reform.

Trump retweeted a message from the far-right OAN network calling anti-racism protests an attempted ‘coup’

The Business Insider August 30, 2020

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