The Law and Order President (So Called) Fails USA

Biden Says Trump Is ‘Rooting for More Violence’ Amid Kenosha Unrest

New York Times August 27, 2020

Donald Trump has asked for love and unity with mixed messages of patriotism, law and order, and much more. This is clearly Trump’s America that we witness and we are not safe. The suburbs may appear safe for now, for now.

Kamala Harris just presented the theme very well reciting what we all recited which were the words of the Pledge of Allegiance including “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Millions of Republicans or Republicans may recite it but what they really want is four more years of the man who has told police to rough up people like Freddy Gray who lost his life in a paddy wagon going to be booked in Baltimore. This nation has turned much more fake than in decades. The people who claimed “fake news” are fake. They do not need debates because Trump supporters will accept just about any fraudulent act or series of acts to win again. And they accept all that is fake about Trump because they won.

Look what Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) says about Donald Trump and the shooting in Kenosha. “I think that anyone that tries to make what we’re seeing in Minneapolis or now in Kenosha into an issue with President Trump would not do so during the Obama years, when we had the Walter Scott shooting or the Dylan Roof shooting,” he said. And “these are not new issues.” How conveniently he forgets Trump and Freddy Gray and Trump talking to national police about it and getting no rebuke while it happened. Black lawmakers who support Trump have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and not Trump’s truth. Instead of a debate between Trump and Biden, our nation needs a forum where lawmakers can probe more before the election in front of tens of millions of Americans. The killing was done by a youth or young man who supported police and apparently was a Trump (to be confirmed or not by an investigation). He was not a communist or socialist. And Tim Scott said that the suburbs are safe as though those suburbs were near Russia and no protests were taking place along with the uncertainty of an economic future among people who are at risk, Americans. And with no prevention and no cure for the problem of violence in America, Trump has failed or bankrupted US in this national crisis.

This is what Tim Scott said in 2010 in deciding not to join the Congressional Black Caucus. “My campaign has been about themes that unite all Americans — restoring the American dream by reducing the tax burden, decreasing government interference in the private sector and restoring fiscal responsibility, and I don’t think those ideals are advanced by focusing on one group of people. … The black community, like all communities, will benefit when businesses can use their profits to hire more workers instead of paying higher taxes; when companies decide to locate in America instead of overseas; and when our government no longer saddles our children’s futures with ever-increasing debt.”

We know that eight years of Barack Obama did result in a great number of jobs (January 2009 11.6 million unemployed January 2017 7.6 million unemployed) that Trump was able to build on to claim the lowest Black unemployment in history, acting as though he accomplished all of that in a little over a year. Tim Scott should be telling US about the Trump Flu that arrived in America, the flu that would go away fast.

And that information was followed up by Carl Rowe who tried to soften Trump’s slow work which would have been key in slowing the spread of the COVID-19. Fox News allowed Rowe to state a couple of times that Biden had no plan for now because Biden phrased everything in terms of his becoming president (in 2021). I will remind Fox and Rowe that even though Biden said 2021 the thoughts and actions needed were shared in 2020. I was very deeply concerned long before Trump about the spread of the virus and I suspect there were lots of people who thought the same and others that did not care.

That forty percent strong group is diverse and accepts Trump as he is for diverse reasons. It all adds up to the same thing because they won. The great moral stance of the right accepts the immorality of Trump. Trump is their winner, their shiny star. He can be wrong all the time as the news is covered but it doesn’t matter.

Trump has tried to change cities before and failed and he continues to fail. The reason must be that people do not trust him there. He had no plan of action that I know about to be ready for the worst of tens of millions who were not working who could protest and do other things that upset Republicans. They are hoping for the win again in the Electoral College and have gambled with a man who is clearly unfit. Trump has lost ground with people in the military and the police across our nation.

Then there are those who spread lies and fake news. It happened as I spoke to a former police officer who served in New York City. He offered to me that Kamala Harris is a “slut” who slept her way to the top of politics in California. That information was “fake news” and those police and retired police give Trump a big boost nationwide even if he cannot or will not win in New York. What they think wins congressional seats.

These lies are reminiscent of the same kinds of false information spread in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Communism does not have the power to bring down the United States so the old lie about communists among the Democrats is making a comeback (thrown out with MacArthur and McCarthy in the 1950s. Cuba and Venezuela also are no real threat to US so the threat has to be internal to win.

The Europe of Hitler and Stalin is arriving here, not here just yet, but Jews and African Americans sense it. The murders keep mounting and they will continue. Jewish newspapers constantly report the growing worldwide anti-Semitism and here at home Black Lives Matter is called racist and along with Lebron James. The Conservative press is promoting it and will state that it has to do that because there is no room in the liberal press. This is far from true, especially in the age of social media.

People may appear to make good points about Black Lives Matter and Lebron James. Yes Black Lives Matter, at this time, is not concentrating in the violent killing of Blacks in communities by Blacks. That was not what they organized for in the beginning. Its focus is on police brutality and the system. Lebron James works hard to help people and basketball right now is secondary concern.

In the death of Jacob Blake, a police chief blames a curfew. In the 1930 police blamed communists and favored fascists.  Does that police chief even realize that we saw the same reaction as people were killed during Hurricane Katrina, unnecessarily killed, by police. Two people got killed by a shooter. That police chief should resign.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement

The Brennan Center for Justice August 27, 2020

And how many times have I warned my readers about this kind of betrayal by law enforcement. And it has been written about in history. Trump is making history but he expects the public to vote for him again. Rooting out the problematic men and women in law enforcement was not his cup of tea. He’s as American as America was at its worst, creating his own layers of hate and division against just about all groups except his groups. Now it’s the NBA’s turn as he defines the protesters as losers with ratings that are failing during this pandemic.

This is directly from the Report. In 2017, the FBI reported that white supremacists posed a “persistent threat of lethal violence” that has produced more fatalities than any other category of domestic terrorists since 2000.   Alarmingly, internal FBI policy documents have also warned agents assigned to domestic terrorism cases that the white supremacist and anti-government militia groups they investigate often have “active links” to law enforcement officials.

And here it is again directly from Amazon which describes Hitler in Los Angeles. “U.S. law enforcement agencies were not paying close attention–preferring to monitor Reds rather than Nazis–and only Leon Lewis and his daring ring of spies stood in the way. From 1933 until the end of World War II, attorney Leon Lewis, the man Nazis would come to call “the most dangerous Jew in Los Angeles,” ran a spy operation comprised of military veterans and their wives who infiltrated every Nazi and fascist group in Los Angeles. Often rising to leadership positions, this daring ring of spies uncovered and foiled the Nazi’s disturbing plans for death and destruction.”

Trump has done more for African Americans and Jews, we have been told. And with it has been a dose of a possible civil war that would protect Trump so that he could protect America.

The report includes information provided from trainers that the public should know about. Another told The Forward (a Jewish newspaper), “If [antibias training] is not presented in a very nimble way, officers will assume that what you’re saying is that officers are racist. . . . In my experience, that has tended to close officers up to whatever content you provide.” A third trainer told, “When they walk into the classroom, the officers are somewhere between defensive and downright hostile. They think we’re gonna shake our fingers at them and call them racist.” Some studies suggest that implicit bias training can even be counterproductive by reinforcing racial stereotypes. 

I later found this.

Trump supporter Kyle Rittenhouse would ‘threaten’ classmates who criticized the president: report

Bob Brigham in Raw Story

I have asked for more reports like the one made in Florida about Nikolas Cruz who is in prison for the mass shooting in Parkland. What goes on inside schools is often well known and the lack of resources leads to disaster outside of school. A student commented to a reporter from Vice “He went to middle school with my little sister and she said that everyone always thought of him to be a possible future shooter,” said Joe, “and so did I when I met him in high school.”

Even before the many demonstrations resulting from the death of George Floyd, I had a conversation with one of my readers that went like this. I said that what took place in Europe against Jews and others could happen here. He disagreed with me stating that the times have changed. I stated that the guns and killing of people across America which we are seeing taking place right now could have that impact. The civil war may be hidden in plain sight just like the white supremacy of law enforcement agents that protect their own (as illustrated in the report). And just before publishing this information, there was news that thousands of armed militia were willing to come out to protect Kenosha against “thugs” and a conservative columnist elevated Kyle Rittenhouse to presidential material in her post. Any large escalation of violence among opposing groups there would be catastrophic.

And have you already read my article about Rudy Giuliani?

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  1. you’ve done it again, sir. pointed out the evils of donail trump. we all owe you a debt for reporting the truth. i saw vbiden on sunday pointing out the importance of GED education. i know that came from you.

    1. I am pleased to learn about that and I expect much more from Joe Biden and Democrats across our nation now. What show or news program did you watch?

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