Big City Law and Order and Rudy Giuliani

On Feb. 4, 1999, four white plainclothes officers from the New York Police Department’s Street Crime Unit were searching for a rapist. Instead, they encountered an unarmed West African immigrant named Amadou Diallo, 22.

A confrontation ended with 41 shots fired in front of Diallo’s Bronx home. He was struck by 19 bullets and killed.

                    CBS News February 25, 2000

Amadou Diallo had reached for his wallet.

There are important things to discuss about the police, crime, violence, and Trump. Trump made the point about crime in cities controlled by Democrats (could be communists, fascists, or anything else taking into account Hitler Stalin Putin and Trump). Yes apparently almost all the cities have elected Democrats (there were a couple of independents). Now if we look at another statistic of the safest cities, we will find among the top ten cities with fewer than 30,000 people and that only.  There are other lists where the population is below 250,000. There was not a single huge city in the group (not Republican or  Democrat controlled). And I would imagine that those people chose not to move away because it that safe. The mayor of Yonkers, for example, who I have met in my work states that crime went down 42 percent due to community policing and other effective outreaches to people.

Fred Lucas is a White House correspondent who has provided the information but he is connected with conservative groups that back Trump. I would assume that his article was read by the White House.

Trump’s favorite among those cities, which I have mentioned before, is Chicago and Chicago is not among the top 20 cities mentioned in the article headline. Many of those cities are in Republican controlled states.

Let’s look at other propaganda that has been taking place for a long, long time. This is “law and order” propaganda which I can hear from friends, former friends, and even family. Enough of that. I just watched the latest of Fox New where a police officer shielding his identity spoke about the low morale in New York and across our nation. It just happens that the Cleveland Police Department is on the internet and it has declared that its union will not support Donald Trump in November. Now we can turn to Fox News and its interview of former NYPD cops to see more propaganda that is being perpetuated. Decide if the problem is morale or morals. The information provided and lots of other things that we have seen about police throughout the peaceful protests reveal that important change is taking place among police across our nation. Perhaps there will soon be changes in police union leadership as well.

NYPD officer says anti-police sentiment is sinking morale nationwide: ‘The job is dead’

The target was de Blasio and others in city government as he said that de Blasio does not care about Black lives.  We know that things are difficult across our nation. Fox News continued to repeat the word the “job is dead.” Then Fox News added to its case calling it a “great job.”

What I saw also were three former police who were interviewed, two Black and one White. One of the Black officers, Dr. Darrin Porcher, told the audience that in the 1990s during the crack epidemic and high crime there was low morale. In case you do not know the history of New York during that period, Rudy Giuliani was the mayor. Neither the police officer nor the hostess brought up that point. Ignorance or being purposely dishonest? Dr. Oscar Odoms made a good point about not making police records publicly available because the records of others are not made publicly available. But the question is what goes on behind closed doors? He brought about how we have forgotten 9-11 which has nothing to do with racial injustice at all.

Joseph Imperatrice, founder of Blue Lives Matter, was interviewed.

And Trump has to prove just what kind of aid he has given to the NYPD. Both Porcher and Imperatrice were on Fox News at the time when cops had water and milk spilled on them and the police were looking for the perpetrators. The officials in New York City were not interfering with that and cannot be blamed for that. Sometimes elected officials are easy targets and other times elected officials deserve what they get. I want the police to prove that they were aided by Trump with additional funds for police for example. This is something that I felt could have helped NYPD but the police union seems to feel that the number of police, sitting behind desks and out patrolling, is sufficient. The words of the union president are highly questionable and if he is wrong it makes the city more dangerous, more dangerous regardless of who the mayor happens to be.

Fox News makes great theater, but it falls far short of professionalism often.

Mayor David Dinkins increased the NYPD by 7,000 officers.

On the Issues reported Pres. Clinton’s Crime Bill in 1994, considered by many to be the most comprehensive anticrime measure in US history, included:

  • 100,000 New Police Officers: To date, more than 1,200 cities & towns have received grants to hire more police.
  • Community Policing. Funding was increased by $1.3 billion for partnerships between the police and the public.

I wrote on February10,2020 “Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions….”

And then

“I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.”

And on February 21, 2020 I wrote the following about police unions “And recently I have been very concerned about certain things that include the statement made by Sgt. Ed Mullins of the Sergeants Benevolent Association that Mayor de Blasio is to blame for a recent attack on police when there is no evidence provided that the mayor is to blame.  In Geraldine, Alabama the Assistant Police Chief Jeff Buckles called for an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which he felt that she deserves a roadside bombing.  His tweet was deleted and he apologized but he should not be left off the hook so easily, especially if he were not elected to office.  There are consequences for actions such as these and even the people support those men 100 percent, it is still wrong.”

Pardon me but I do not wish to see undeserving police receive a Trump pardon. If that’s the best he can do for the police.

Any statement or comment about the large cities means that people everywhere have to absorb just how great the impact of large is. I held events in New York City where people came from other places and lots of local residents attended too. In Central Islip when I held events, I was lucky if a handful or more of people showed up. And at one of my events, the senior Hispanic adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton was there with people from Chicago, Hartford, and Washington, D.C. Think about how many people could be in the streets quickly compared to either a small town or a small city. And New York City and other cities have had those kinds of big problems for a century or more. Keep in mind that when Giuliani was mayor Officer Justin Volpe was “sucker punched” and that led to the arrest of Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant who was actually innocent. Volpe later dragged Louima to a bathroom and sodomized him with a wooden object resulting in one of the great scandals in police history. Volpe was found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy jail sentence. Others were found guilty of conspiracy and helping Volpe. Many years later Louima participated in a demonstration against police brutality over the killing of Sean Bell (shot at 54 times).

Giuliani quickly condemned Volpe but the city had a strong perception of Giuliani. “Only 26 percent of New Yorkers polled by the Daily News said they think the mayor deals fairly with people from all different racial and ethnic groups,” it said in an article about those days.

And there is more to story of Rudy Giuliani from Giuliani and from Mark Green, former Public Advocate of New York City. We have to share this information.

In a recent Fox News presentation with Giuliani, he clearly expressed what happened to George Floyd was wrong. He feels that there is no systemic police brutality. When he heard that Joe Biden said that there are cities that have enough police. He reacted strongly and called Biden a “phony.” The police say that they have enough police as well but they want to be able to do the job the way they wish. Giuliani surely was wrong for calling that aspect of Biden’s campaign “phony.” But Giuliani agrees that there have to be changes now in policing or reform.

Then we get to Mark Green who wrote this recently in the New York Daily News about police brutality under Giuliani. We can see from the comment just how Giuliani reacted proving that at the time he did not have the backs of the police. Yet the police union acts as if nothing ever happened.

Decades of deaf ears on abusive cops: Police reform clarion calls have too long been ignored

Green wrote that in 2000 that his report Disciplining Police “analyzed 760 cases of substantiated abuse involving 1.084 officers between 1998 and 2000. We concluded that the process was a “systemic failure.” In only 2% of those cases did the proven complaint lead to any disciplinary action. The data and horrific examples did force Giuliani — without any public acknowledgment — to ramp up the disciplinary process so that not 2% but 15% in 2000 resulted in some punishment.” You can see nothing happened to 85 percent of the cops. I should declare strongly that some of the investigations could have been done poorly since I had been investigated by the old Board of Education. And any improperly conducted investigation should be easy to overturn. Jumping from 2 percent to 15 percent should have been traumatic to the police union.  What Giuliani does is present information that he wants the public to hear and nothing else. He talks about the left-wing conspiracy but it seems more and more like a right-wing conspiracy to me. And Giuliani threw around 100 cops under the bus according to what I learned. And just about all the stops made by police were for nothing. And Michael Bloomberg added twelve more years of that kind of stress for communities and of police who were almost always pulled out of position.

My article about the GED and the Republican Plantation Exposed should be read across our nation. Another key point since I have seen reports detailing the reduction in crime coming from staff at John Jay College is this. Education matters and many young adults join high school graduates in keeping away from trouble with the law. The boost in graduation, I would imagine, has helped since Rudy Giuliani left New York government with a 42 percent graduation rate which has gone up dramatically. This factor never seems to be reported in those reports that I have read. But one thing is for certain and that is the worsened condition of adults who have never obtained a GED in New York. The state of New York is a sad state with a loss of a couple of hundred thousand diplomas since 1993. That means adult education suffered most in the city of New York.

I just wish to state that I learned about a study that linked coffee drinking to cancer. It took a long time for people to notice and correct that study. What happened was the study did not account for people who drank coffee but who also smoked cigarettes. Will the reports about crime start to reflect the impact that education has on crime?