GED Joe Biden Fair Shot 2021

GED, HI-SET, TASC and the Equivalency of Puerto Rico are all included in this so that people in all states will benefit. When New York City was attacked on 9-11 New York City was well behind our nation in education and things got worse for adults. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast both Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama were states that had deep education gaps for African American adults in particular, and now under COVID-19 conditions have worsened for adults around our nation. The clock has stopped in New York as no TASC testing is being undertaken. There is no more compelling argument by an educator with critical knowledge in our nation to help the people of the United States in 2021. Quick, decisive action as needed to put out the flames of discontent that have erupted.

Joe Biden just did an important presentation with the cooperation of Lin Manuel Miranda in which he appealed to the Latino community. He spoke about how his family arrived here during the Irish potato famine in 1849.  See my reference to those tragic years in one of my recent articles here.  Biden spoke about gaps, dignity gap, wage gap, and in general the gaps of poverty afflicting so many in the Latino community. The idea of the Fair Shot was taken from Biden’s own words and attached to the GED because all people in America need that “Fair Shot” now. What has existed in the past is much great success among Hispanics, but even 300,000 were kept away from DACA’s door for not finishing high school.

I wrote to the Obama Department of Education to assure people that they would have a chance to study and obtain protection and that was provoked by a telephone conversation with a past president of United States Hispanic Bar Association who had deserted high school to work and he obtained his GED at the urging of a customer in a gasoline station where Nelson Castillo was working.

Yes Latinos, African Americans, and others are experiencing much of what the Irish experienced under the British in 1849. And if you go back to click African Americans you will see that Republican states lead in the “plantation” system that is talked about but only in relation to large “liberal” Democratic cities. Black Lives Matter!

Joe Biden has talked about doing great things for Latinos who were mistreated badly by Trump from the moment that he spoke about Mexican rapists. Biden missed a critical part of that statement because The Donald said that Mexico is only sending US “some” good people when the truth is that most of the Mexicans who came here were good people. They even helped build the restaurant business on New York City working hard in kitchens. I can also tell you that Trump consistently made things worse for Puerto Rico after throwing those paper towels and when lots of people were being killed by violence Trump did nothing. The man has been a disaster. Trump has a bad record as our cities could have gotten much badly needed help long before the demonstrations that followed the terrible death of George Floyd. And Trump telling people detaining immigrants to rip children from their parents’ arms reminds me of the reading of those Nazi tactics which are a part of history, depriving parents of their children and children of their parents.

We have to be engaged, as Biden says, in what we believe in and we believe in education because education matters. Adults need much more help and even police in the Bronx are looking for solutions. The crisis is visible. Biden was talking about God Given Talent and looking again at this problem we see GED-GOD. So close so close but yet so far in getting the help needed

The Pearson-Vue plan to double GED diplomas failed but it included our nation’s churches where people could be tested right in their own church.  The safety net to keep communities safe has needed the total cooperation of all and that means promoting positive, great changes.

The Pearson-Vue plan included testing Latinos in the embassies (and consulates) to earn a GED. I was there when it was offered several years ago. Yes that could be done, but the effort could be taken outside our nation to help places like El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Again the compelling argument to turn foreign policy around by Yo Amo America or I Love America (Latin America) instead of the highly prejudicial and insensitive America First that we got in 2017.

The plan calls for federal funding of the high school equivalency tests, removing states’ rights from testing, and funding the testing to the max. The poor have suffered in the past, even the state of South Carolina does not grant high school equivalency diplomas to its Spanish speaking taxpayers who have passed the test in Spanish. It’s the law there that diplomas must go to programs where English is the language used. This is the formula for “essential” progress. And it calls for more than that! Education matters! And a “fair shot” is for all and dropouts should not be left out. Latino Lives Matter!

The highest form of patriotism comes most directly from those American soldiers who fight not only for the country but also for the men and women alongside them. The highest form comes not in battles where the enemy is easily defeated or routed, but in intense combat where wounded have to be treated and evacuated under fire. Those soldiers have suffered through disease during war and the ones who were infected or even suffered mental breakdown were rehabilitated through treatment and rest. I am reasonably certain that if the command was given (whether it appeared to be constitutional or not) to wear masks on the land, on the sea, or in the air that everyone would comply. Because of the fear of a court martial? No! Because those men and women will do their utmost to protect each other so they can all make it home to celebrate life.

I can recall (at the age of 75) how children were kept out of school for conjunctivitis because it is contagious and would require a doctor’s note. It did not cause death either directly or indirectly as COVID-19 does. We have all kinds of restrictive health considerations over the years including how we are allowed to dress in a restaurant and that was never a violation of the Constitution. Those things are the violations of the constitution of Americas cheerleader who is taking US down the path to ruin and bankruptcy.

Number 45 finally declared that someone told him that wearing a mask is patriotic and he went for it, leaving a trail behind him of monumental mistakes even as he protected monuments more than people. And he claims that he is the biggest patriot. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The GED was a patriotic thing!

GED 2013

                                    Delivery        African American gap   Hispanic gap

  1. Alaska                 4.7                   11.5                                  6.1
  2. Idaho                  3.5                      7.2                                 7.2
  3. Wyoming           3.4                    11.2                                 9.5
  4. Oregon               3.0                    17.5                               11.4
  5. Utah                   2.8                      3.5                                 9.5
  6. Washington       2.8                   17.1                                   9.9
  7. Colorado            2.8                   16.3                                  11.8
  8. Montana            2.7                   23.5                                     9.8
  9. New Mexico      2.4                    12.5                                  17.5
  10. Arizona               2.2                    12.7                                    8.4
  11. Minnesota          2.1                    17.8                                   8.6
  12. Wisconsin           2.0                    25.8                                 14.1
  13. North Dakota     1.9                    18.4                                   7.8
  14. Indiana                1.9                    17.5                                  12.2
  15. Georgia               1.7                    20.5                                   7.0
  16. New Hampshire 1.7                    19.6                                  7.2
  17. Virginia                1.7                    21.6                                 14.2
  18. Nevada                1.7                    19                                      17               
  19. Missouri              1.6                    22                                        8
  20. Mississippi          1.6                    27.4                                  12.1
  21. Maine                  1.6                    18.7                                   16
  22. Nebraska             1.5                    22.5                                  12.9
  23. Kentucky              1.5                    17.7                                   6.8
  24. Arkansas              1.5                    18.9                                    8.1
  25. Florida                  1.5                   25.8                                  10.3
  26. Oklahoma            1.5                   13.9                                  16.1
  27. Iowa                     1.5                    2.8                                   2.1
  28. West Virginia      1.4                   12.4                                    3.6
  29. Rhode Island       1.4                     9.9                                   12.7
  30. Illinois                  1.4                  22.7                                   12.4
  31. Alabama               1.3                  27.1                                   11.1
  32. Kansas                  1.3                   9.6                                     6.8
  33. Massachusetts     1.3                  20                                      18.7
  34. South Carolina     1.3                  22.1                                   10.6
  35. South Dakota       1.3                  13.1                                     7.3
  36. Michigan               1.2                  28.8                                     8.4
  37. D.C.                      1.2                16.6                                   17.8
  38. Delaware               1.1                 12.2                                     2.2
  39. Louisiana               1.1                  21.9                                    8.8
  40. Ohio                       1.1                  24.4                                    9.8
  41. Vermont                1.1                   23                                     12.1
  42. Pennsylvania        1.1                    19.8                                  14.6
  43. Tennessee            1.1                     20.8                                 12.6
  44. New York              1.1                    30.1                                 23.7
  45. Texas                     1.0                    19.7                                 13.7    
  46. North Carolina     1.0                     17.5                                 9.1
  47. New Jersey           1.0                      22.3                                19.5
  48. Maryland               1.0                     25.2                                16.4
  49. Hawaii                    0.9                    14.6                                4.6
  50. Connecticut           0.9                     31.8                    25.8
  51. California               0.8                    13.5                   11.1

Puerto Rico has not provided its statistics for more than a decade and its numbers fell so low and quite suddenly as well.