Dick Tracy

For those Americans who did not know it, Dick Tracy was a syndicated comic strip that the New York Daily News used for many years. It was already over 20 years old when I started to read it in the 1950s.

It was very popular and could have been ranked number 1 in polls at that time.

In 1945 a secret investigation was undertaken by a team of experts both American and British. The truth behind this wall of silence was not completely revealed until the 1990s. The German Luftwaffe had taken photos of the Katyn Forest which I have written about often and even recently where 15,000 Polish officers were killed (about 1,500 Jews among them). Those photos were taken of

graves that were excavated

corpses that were removed

areas bulldozed

Everything was done to hide the truth of what took place. Hitler blamed Stalin and Stalin blamed Hitler. This was before the Nuremberg Trials which exposed the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the codename given to the investigation was Dick Tracy. The Americans and British provoked that coverup of Stalin’s misdeeds and it took over 40 years to bring the truth forward. At that time charges were dismissed. I repeat charges were dismissed. And people were even not allowed to testify.

There was a Congressional investigation in 1951. An important person was transferred into the Pacific to shut him up. Another thing that happened was that an important document disappeared and a Colonel John A. Van Vliet, Jr. was informed that this matter was now a “top secret.”

Clearly at that time, people were afraid of upsetting the Soviets during and after the war if the information leaked out. It could even lead to war.

Just remember that even though Franklin D. Roosevelt was making the decisions, many years later a Congressional investigation did not even help to straighten out the mess made. Finally Mikhail Gorbachev started to process of making information public.

I gave factual information about the Luftwaffe in taking photographs. Another piece of information came to me in my discussion of the book When God Looked The Other Way. By the end of World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen had made their great mark on history in World War II as the Polish (and Czech) airman had as they helped save Great Britain before the arrival of the Americans. I was informed that African Americans would not be allowed to fly missions over German territory where it was well known that if those valiant airmen were shot down that they would immediately be executed by the Nazis.

Honors, finally, for a Tuskegee Airman from Philly, lynched by the Nazis | Mike Newall

Posted: April 20, 2018 – 3:14 PM

Racism had been rampant under Hitler and even Africans who grew up in Germany who wished to join the Hitler youth soon found out that they were second class citizens who would have to ride the back of the bus there and suffer according to the whims of Nazism. Hitler mattered to those Black people who feared for their lives. Some went to concentration camps as well. The article cited appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

This was about Second Lieutenant Walter P. Manning and nobody was sentenced for his murder.  He was hanged in Austria. This was part of a phenomenon known as “fliegerlynchjustiz” or Allied flyers would be killed upon capture. Again as I have reported before, Hitler and the Nazis learned many things about racism in America. He was in a jail near Hitler’s hometown of Linz when a gang of citizens including members of the Luftwaffe broke into the jail, took him, beat him badly, and murdered him.

We can jump from talk about Stalin and Hitler to current events. Trump was informed about the two viewpoints concerning his friend Putin and the bounty allegations on American troops in Afghanistan. Trump has been doing his best to uplift Putin on the world scene. Wouldn’t a knowledge of history by the White House staff encourage those people to do their best to flush out the truth through investigations that matter. Or doesn’t it matter to Trump that accusations had been lodged, serious accusations, about his friend?

And it doesn’t end there because it did not begin there. We have just learned about the death threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci made that have caused the doctor who challenged Trump to hire protection for his family. Peter Navarro spoke briefly about this matter to CNN. Navarro stated that what happened to Fauci is “un-American” but he quickly used a lot of time to blame the Chinese for 150,000 deaths, talked about the Trump “cure” which he is still pushing, and denying factual statements by even Dr. Birx among other things. This is America and Trump gets no blame for the handling of COVID-19 just like Stalin got off the hook by the White House, and nobody was sentenced for the lynching in Austria. Sixty-two million pills have his attention more than anything else. The Trump Administration did nothing about all the killings that have taken place in our nation’s cities and rushed into cities to protect monuments and federal property. And in between when murders were spiking on the hurricane tormented island of Puerto Rico, Trump did nothing and held back funds to be used for a long, long time, slowing the recovery of Puerto Rico.

It took Trump four months or more to learn from “someone” that wearing masks is “patriotic” and we still do not understand how a person often called a “genius” didn’t know that and we should ask for more information on just what evidence was cited to Trump that it is patriotic. My article of May 6, 2020 spelled that out clearly and the White House staff was well on its way to helping our nation better by March 17, 2020 but Trumpism got in the way, including opening up churches and businesses too early. This is a very bad White House that is responsible for most of the deaths. A White House forum to our nation showing the key elements of closing down the economy, wearing masks, and being consistent in which the top ten industrial nations are compared should be presented so the truth can be known to all. Then we could say “goodbye” to Trump for messing up. The silence that took place in our nation detailed here should not be allowed to continue (controlled by Trump and his squad of powerful incompetents).

U.S. population is 5 percent of the world

COVID-19 deaths is between 20-25 percent of world deaths

This makes it the worst in the world and any other statistic is an attempt to minimize that when used politically.

One of my major concerns is the impact of “law and order” supporters who have failed to recognize that more could have been done to help our nation over the years. As we see some police taking a knee or walking with protestors, we should think about that “us against them” attitudes that are part of police activities and that theses attitudes also affect minority officers as well. I just watched a NYPD Community Affairs event on FACEBOOK last night where the top brass spoke and presented ideas. Why? They know much more is needed to substantially reduce the gun violence that we do not wish to see. In my last article about T.R.U.M.P. I mentioned that much more is needed than communities have on their radar. 

In Alabama news was made as the daughter of Sheriff Mark Pettway spoke out about the “racism” of the police as she called for change. I do not know if the family is being torn apart, but that could happen. I wrote an article called Blue Lives Matter Black Lives Matter over a year ago. Saying cops are racist instead of some cops are racist is an unfair and inaccurate portrayal and it harms communities. I also wonder how many cops are fearful of what others will think of them by speaking out boldly against injustices and silence. Gabrielle Pettway, a teacher in Alabama, is right when she says that because she demands accountability. Blue Lives Matter in the hands of the wrong people is the problem.

In my outreach to police, I have spoken to a police officer who was on 60 Minutes and who was mentally abused by other police on the job. Fear drives people across our nation and it is extremely present among the families of police officers and it conditions their reactions and responses. I also attended a presentation of police in Manayunk, Pennsylvania where there was a case in which an unfortunate killing (out of state) had taken place and the review of the facts convinced police that the officer involved really had not committed a felony even though the public thought that was what had taken place. But that doesn’t give any officer the right to forgive Trump for telling police to rough up suspects before they are taken to the precinct for booking (Freddy Gray on my mind).

Iron curtain politics was bad and so is blue wall politics that is misguided. Trump may be the police “cheerleader” but police lives have been lost through violence and suicide with no help from Trump. “Let Trump Be Trump” really has not been of benefit to law enforcement. My call for the federal government to provide the funding for more police, even to Chicago, has not taken place but Trump remains greatly loved. For what? I demand a rebuttal from all police union chiefs.