A Republican, Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, has just brought forth a resolution to require the Democratic Party (also known as the Democrat Party among some groups) to change its name due to its history of activism and racism dating before and after the Civil War. I find the idea intriguing and know about its merits very well, but that legislation should be tied to legislation to remove Trump from office now. I’d vote for that package. The Democrats could be called New or Neo Democrats or anything better to call it. Most of the Republican Party has been called Repugnican by me for a long time now. There will be more later. No resolution is needed. Oh I forgot Trump was impeached and America lost.

T stands for destroying the Truth

R stands for stirring the pot of Racism

U stands for dividing the USA more divided than before

M stands for protecting Monuments instead of people

P stands for Pardons of people that should never have been pardoned under the Sun

Choose your own words for the T.R.U.M.P. acronym.

There is no doubt that other, more thoughtful people could think of others things like T for Taxes or M for attacking the Military and the pay of our men and women over protecting the Confederacy. Trump will go after everyone as was predicted a long time ago. Hitler was finally destroyed as he went after everyone, but the military campaign needed help from Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor to bring the good old USA into it. We need Republicans to attack T.R.U.M.P. now.

This week Trump opened his mouth and made this statement “I happen to believe in it. I would take it. As you know, I took it for a 14-day period. And as you know, I’m here. I happen to think it works in the early stages,” he said. Why would anyone say both “I would take it” and “I took it for a 14-day period?”

 I think he is trying to say that if you injected the COVID-19 virus into him that he would take it. His statement is highly suspicious. I would take it! I would take it again! I would take it if I get COVID-19! I would take it again if I get COVID-19! Not Trump at his very best but that is T.R.U.M.P.

I have told people about the doctor in New England who proved the entire medical world was wrong in treatment stomach ulcers. He gave himself the ulcer by swallowing the bacteria that causes those ulcers and he took an antibiotic to cure himself.

And now just as I watched a video about Hitler in power, it contends only Hitler could restore law and order among other things. We are seeing that kind of feeble attempt right now in our nation’s cities. People across our nation have to read more and learn more right now even if Trump does not have the same reserves of power that Hitler had. There were gangs in the streets beating up people, people were executed, and absolute power replaced limited power. The focus was on various groups and Jews were the target, which was predictable. There were warnings and there would continue to be warnings. Now the Democrats in the major cities are being targeted after three years of Trump talk and little and no action. His excuses are monumental for not providing adequate help.

I wish to detour over to the COVID-19 pandemic and let my readers know that Reverend Tony Evans of the National Black Church Initiatives called me yesterday and I was happy to hear from him. I asked him if he had shared my article with the 33,000 members organization and he replied that he did. I thanked him for his kindness and support and he said that we are going to move forward. Moving forward to protect people is critical and there should no monument to Donald Trump as far too many people are protecting monuments instead of people. In the name of humanity, I thank him.

I will now detour to something important that communities must take into consideration. There was an uptick in family violence that I noticed across our nation before the George Floyd death and the demonstrations that followed. Our cities have had reductions in violence and crime and then things went up again. Under COVID-19 I expected things to get worse and everyone noticed how Trump even handled the crisis of the Parkland Massacre. He washed his hands of the matter as he turned things over to the state and local communities. He never stopped the carnage in our nation’s cities as well. He had three years to make things better and failed US.

Congressman Louie Goumert doesn’t know that Repugnicans in their day gave control back to the Democratic South in 1876?

The Repugnicans kept Jews out of America just before Hitler rose to power.

Repugnicans called the New Deal the “Jew” Deal when there were Jews in Roosevelt’s cabinet.

And just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Republicans in Southern California were plotting things with fascists and others. I guess those were the Southern Republicans in action? Read Hitler in Los Angeles. Or at the least open the book and see. There was a plot to take over America and just how could that have worked out well for African Americans and Jews? The U.S.A. was going to be taken over by Hitler.

He doesn’t know that it was Republicans who chose to isolate the United States when FDR made one of the worst decisions to sell out Eastern Europe to Stalin. Wendel Wilkie (their candidate in 1940) even spent time with Stalin (Uncle Joe) in Moscow enjoying the company and drinking with Stalin.

He doesn’t know that Republicans in the 1950s were supportive of General Douglas MacArthur and brought him into Congress to be an expert after the “General” was fired for trying to start a war between the United States and China. One can only imagine what would or could have happened in relation to China if the revelations about MacArthur’s overtures to fascist nations had not been revealed at that time.

The American people had had enough of World War II at the end and did not vigorously support the Korean War effort. That congressional hearing and backing away from MacArthur was a blessing for the Republicans who went on to victory in 1952 with General Eisenhower. The lesson is that silence of major things has to be broken.

Then the same Repugnicans gave US their own Joe, Joe McCarthy and his witch hunt with J Edgar Hoover.

And there were Repugnicans voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as people not even talked about today did not wish to integrate in places such as Iowa which is not even Southern Democrat.

And the congressman doesn’t remember Senator Barry Goldwater and his desire for segregation without great compensation to the African American community.

And then the congressman’s party gave US the most unqualified candidate of all time as Trump bashed Africa and Central America and its people to win and keep his base warm.

The silence talked about earlier includes over three years of silence by most Republicans as they spun the ridiculousness of Donald Trump and his pimping of lies and misrepresentations. You can see the same thing in the streets as his supporters talked about the Stock Market and jobs. Those things are important, but the jobs were coming back to America and the months before Trump took over were a predictor of the way things could be. Stocks went up even though the economy did not come close to the high figures of growth talked about by the Donald. Gambling on stocks kept winning and nothing more. And clearly the United States was in a better place than it ended up due to Trump and his lies and misrepresentations about COVID-19. Those words should not be used though because I have been against Trump from the beginning. Let the record speak for itself.

It took Trump well into July to put on a mask because some people told him that is “patriotic.” The message that Reverend Tony Evans put out to 33,000 Black churches should have been put out in February. Trump supporters let America down for many months.

I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.”

February 10, 2020

Congressman Gohmert just tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Does that Make America Great Again? Does that make him a great patriot when our nation’s soldiers know and are supposed to share the information that taking care of the wounded, sick, and dying are patriotic in war. And we are in a war.

Mike Ditka opposes players in sports who kneel because it betrays, in his opinion the National Anthem. Ditka born Dyczko and his mother’s side had no Polish or Ukranian but those roots are on his father’s side. Polish history matters to me for various reasons including my readings of the Polish people who were going to be annihilated by agreement between Hitler and Stalin which was terrible. Things did not get better as the United States hid information about the murder of 15,000 officers by Stalin. They were murdered one by one, shot in the back of the head. How would anyone feel if those facts alone were placed on the flag for all to see for years? Ignore it! I wouldn’t ignore even if not a single Jew was killed or uprooted. About ten percent of the officers were Jewish and all Poles that travelled for “safety” to great places like Siberia suffered and suffered until they achieved what Stalin called “amnesty.” American silence seems to be over which Ditka does not

The train trip to the Russian Steppes in cattle cars was highly infected with contagious diseases and the start of that long, cold trip that nobody wanted to make into slavery included stops at railway stations where the dead were tossed off the trains just like garbage. Some were also succumbing to starvation.

Mike Ditka is entitled to his “opinion” in this free society, but if he has only thought about the red, white, and blue and the stars and stripes that is unfortunate. The United States has brought much misery into our nation and around the world by its actions and inaction.

Ditka apparently does not realize that suggesting and creating a climate that is full of historically reprehensible ideas is not what America is about. He says people who kneel should leave our country. There are people who salute the flag and who do not salute the flag who support people who kneel. And the National Anthem has racist roots. Ditka claims to be old fashioned as if this is a time to invoke such a thought. Does he mean my country right or wrong? This is no time to be “old fashioned.” And now Senator Tom Cotton (Republican Arkansas) states that slavery was a “necessary evil” = Soviet slavery of Poles and others. And Nazi Germany had lots of slave labor which all Americans should never forget.

In my discussion with Wali Jones who has been featured in my articles about Colin Kaepernick, Wali said that just about everyone in sports is either taking a knee and showing support for eradicating the injustices that Kaepernick took a knee for. Ditka’s stance that he is “old fashioned” Wali says supports the work of “45” and his desire to make everyone believe that it is all unpatriotic. I am reading more and more that Trump’s patriotism, even in connection with the surge in the COVID-19, is all about his base in those states and therefore becomes patriotic after many months of not doing enough to help limit the spread of the virus. In other words those months when Trump did not care enough to do his job right must be patriotic months as well. All year long is patriotic when Trump says so. The patriotic month of August should bring more great things (grandeur is one of the definitions of august). Trumpus Augustus! Trump’s recent dealings with Putin and not confronting him about the allegations of Russia’s paying to have American soldiers killed does take US back to those days when Stalin was needed by the Allies and a silent current wall was created to keep Americans from that truth that took place in the Katyn Forest.

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