Masked Minister Masked Meshugana

I sometimes like to call people from Michigan Meshuganas (Yiddish for nut job) because it sounds kind of authentic, but this “Meshugana” hails from New York City and Palm Beach. Minister Louis Farrakhan wore a mask throughout his July 4th speech to the Nation of Islam and the world that watched. Now Donald Trump is wearing a mask, too. He now claims that it is “patriotic” to do so. But it seems he chose to wear a simple Black mask instead of one with the American flag and he calls himself the “most patriotic” American. Perhaps he wore the mask recommended by the Nation of Islam. I dunno!

Just days after the speech of Minister Farrakhan it was reported that a baby was born with COVID-19 and it made me think of the health of that newborn and the possibility that babies in Florida may already be affected or may have already not been born. I feel that the prayer from Fiddler on the Roof which is May God Keep the Czar Far Away from Us may or should apply to the “Minister” and to the “Meshugana.”

Those two men are so alike. They now wear masks but they harbor other sentiments. The “Minister” spoke on July 4th about how he prayed to Allah to increase COVID-19 in Florida. The “Meshugana” along with his accomplices in Florida at the state level opened up Florida too soon and that force along with the prayers of the “Minister” have resulted in greater sick and more dead. The patriotism is not exactly about wearing a mask which the Donald is doing as he bankrupts our nation in novel ways. It’s about saving lives during a war which our nation’s military has always done. The men in battle lift out the wounded and carry them even miles to safety. That is what the military is taught.

The Donald is about to bring much more harm on Americans as he puts Americans his way in harm’s way. Schools are soon to open. Even if not wearing a mask is one of the choices (he loves school choice), the die has been cast. The nation is in tremendous opposition. The Trump White House has revealed to people that the  Talmud permits or demands Jews to save lives which many Jews were reminded of after the pandemic hit US and even demands this on the Sabbath. That saved lots of Jewish lives, but Trump went his own way and caused what we hope will be his own destruction, political destruction. At this time, the universal mask wearing will cut deaths 63 percent. Trump allowed Christian ministers to open churches months ago and the results are in. More death, more death, and more death! As of the writing of this article there are 140,000 deaths due to Trump’s Bankruptcy.

I went to the window of the US Post Office to renew an important document and I noticed the beautiful face shield worn by the staff of the Post Office. I recommend to churches through Reverend Tony Evans that these kinds of steps were important to saving the lives of church goers, particularly African Americans in the 34,000 members organization of the reverend. I just did another outreach to his office to determine if he has expanded his effort to protect African Americans in their churches since he and I spoke and since publication of this article.

Trump just tweeted his dislike for the kneeling that just took place in a MLB or Major League Baseball game in San Francisco and he tweeted that the game was over for him. Yes the game may be over for Trump!

Trump’s leadership is just about theatrics, even his use of federal troops right now is about demonstrating that he is tough on law and order. The level of disorder leading to the bankruptcy has been there since the Election Campaign of 2016. Since then the “carnage” that he spoke about has continued and made worse by the pandemic conditions (this was expected long before he changed course with Dr. Fauci). He could have responded to much better conditions to grant the monies needed by major cities to hire more police which I have repeated over and over because people my age know that Bill Clinton funded more police in New York City for Giuliani. Rudy conveniently forgot all of that from 2017-2020. Those troops and Trump KGV Homeland Security personnel are not needed. He should have done more from the beginning. Trump bankruptcies Matter! And the COVID-19 is the greatest one of all.

Trump today says he is getting used to the mask but what he is really getting used to is that he screwed up. On that note and thinking about Stormy Daniels and screwing up, did he wear a mask. We know that lots of people out there have claimed that a mask is not effective in fighting the COVID-19. We also know that the other kind of “mask” (wink) is not totally effective as well. COVID-19 according to “Magic” Johnson is like AIDS but the disease spreads without sex. There was lots of unprotected sex when AIDS was the talk on everyone’s lips, but people are going into bars and churches asking for trouble and I suspect that some were listening closely to Trump. R.I.P. to those that did. They got the virus without the sex. And this virus knocks at everyone’s door.

Conventional wisdom during this political hour with the Republican Convention approaching would dictate something extraordinary. There is a beautiful garden in Michigan which is the place that Farrakhan used for his hateful speech on July 4th and perhaps Trump can join the Minister there as Trump sits out the rest of the campaign and the election. They have both taken measures to Make America Great Again.

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