DeSean Jackson: Jews and Farrakhan

“Take a look around at Selma Alabama…”


“Don’t punish me with brutality
C’mon talk to me
So you can see
What’s going on
Yeah, what’s going on
Tell me what’s going on
I’ll tell you what’s going on”


That was 55 and 50 years ago. The destruction and the Eve of Destrution we noticed then we notice now. We all knew it from songs and from life. It did not have to be revealed by any religious leader.

Here are the Black Lives-Jewish Lives Matter paintings in the International Art Exhibit of Mark Cohen.

In the 1930s the FNG or Friends of the New Germany would launch attacks in San Francisco and San Diego sparking violence against Jews and others along the West Coast of California. Expected to join in were Storm troopers coming in on German ships. Soldiers in America would be asked to swear allegiance to Hitler and Germany (something that was not far fetched since this sort of thing led to changes of loyalty in European action during World War II). The Nazis clearly counted on hundreds of thousands of supporters from then on.

Mitch Schwartz, Julian Elliman, and Jeff Lurie all have taken a positive step forward to guide DeSean Jackson to a new place as he faces a huge backlash after anti-Semitic retweets. He seems to be destined to learning more about the Holocaust by attending the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which I have not done myself. There are lessons to learn, critical and powerful lessons. I hope that he also learns about the pre-Holocaust conditions that existed even here in the United States. Eagles owner, Jeff Lurie, who is also a film maker has a film coming out “The Meaning of Hitler.”

We can begin in 1933 as Hitler took office in Germany.  “We will undermine the moral of the people of America…. Once there is confusion and after we have succeeded in undermining the faith of the American people in their own government, a new group will take over; this will be the German-American group, and we will help them assume power.”

Adolf Hitler, 1933

For DeSean Jackson to perhaps learn since history matters is that a new nation was conceived around that time out of Detroit, Michigan. According to information that I obtained, that founder disappeared in 1934 shortly after founding The Nation of Islam with Elijah Muhammad. This was the beginning.

But Hitler had plans as you can see, bold plans. Hitler was well aware of the importance of film (and Hollywood) since there were no Twitter and Instagram at that time. The powerful visuals of Hollywood films attracted Hitler and millions of Germans. This is the story of thirteen years of Hitler’s influence on the world and especially on America. And murder, he wrote. was a powerful tool to take advantage of. There was intense intimidation and fortunately the mass murder of Jews did not take place in Hollywood nor anywhere in America, but there was a plan to hang 20 including Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Charlie Chaplin, and the heads of the studios including Louis B. Mayer and Samuel Goldwyn. And at times Hitler actually controlled the studios through the stock holders who cared immensely about the profits being derived from German movie goers.

Los Angeles was seeded with the worst of organizations that were going to kill both Jews and African Americans. A Hollywood police precinct was called as a leader of the Nazis there wanted to confirm to someone that there were many police who were members of the Ku Klux Klan. The captain who picked up the phone confirmed that he was a member of the Klan. Police would turn a blind eye away from fascists as they hunted for communists.

And the Nazis did not consider Jews to be White people as an important speech revealed. “They are not of the White Race, they are Semites (Half Niggers). Gentiles beware of Jewish Domination.” This was an era when America First was dominating the news and the Democratic president had Jews in his cabinet and called upon Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune to be part of his Black cabinet.

The New Deal became the Jew Deal as the Nazis enlisted supporters. And the Ku Klux Klan believed that America would be better without Jews, Catholics, and Blacks.  Support for the efforts of Nazis was coming from both German and Italian communities just as power was granted to fascists in their native lands. And America’s veterans were targeted for increasing support because of how veterans were treated in their march on Washington, D.C. during the Hoover (Republican) administration when General Douglas MacArthur had that movement put down with violence.

And all of this was taking place in our nation which was poorly equipped to handle the matter since experts were needed to find out about the espionage and spying in America. So the Friends of the New Germany reported that their organization grew as the FNG recruited 300 in San Francisco, 400 in Portland, Oregon, 600 in Seattle, and 450 in Vancouver, Canada. There were 1,500 cells across America.  The local KKK lists of membership in Los Angeles included 1,500 people including “the Los Angeles sheriff and chief of police.”

And in Nazi Germany, Black youth who lived there attempted to join the Hitler Youth without success. And years later there would be dozens of Black people held in the concentration camps with Jews and others. Mixing of the races has been forbidden there and there was lots of propaganda against Black people which I wrote about in Jewish Business News in Israel. And here is more from my article on The Occupation of Paris in that online newspaper. “The Occupation of Paris (1940-1944) and the Occupation of the United States of America (2017-2018).

“In 1940 African-Americans in Paris had to sit in the last car in trains (le Métro) and that came about through Mein Kampf and Hitler as the Negro race was declared a degenerate race. In 1942 Jews, too, were forced to sit in the last car. That came about through much harsher regulations to determine who was Jewish (lots of Jews looked Aryan).

The French race was mixed with Neger (German word) and Jewish blood and there were also Slavs, Arabs, and Asians to segregate (or worse). The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Rescued Jews is noted in the bibliography of the book When Paris Went Dark: The City of Light Under German Occupation 1940-1944 by Ronald C. Rosbottom which I read to provide most of the details. We know that Hitler borrowed much from the history of America and its own racism.”

Josephine Baker was in France before and after 1940 (born in St. Louis, Missouri). She was a huge hit in Europe and even in Berlin before Hitler, but things soured fast. Her race and her act considered decadent by Hitler and the Nazis caused that. She had also married a French Jew. Baker left Paris and would not return until after the occupation was over. She worked with the French Resistance and she later fought for civil rights in the United States, working closely with the N.A.A.C.P.

There is a semi-naked photo of Josephine Baker in the article mentioned. Religious leaders everywhere have spoken out much the way that Hitler and his men called so much of the world degenerates. I see it often in videos. I did not write that the Black race was perverting the White race by her nightclub act nor would I say that Hollywood Jews are doing that. We follow the cases of all men and women who commit transgressions against others, children, women, men without calling into question their particular faith. And here is more.

“Just this last week there was a protestor, a white supremacist in Florida holding a sign that Jews Rape Kids and within days Donald Trump was tearing into South Africa for racism and murder of whites and ignoring problems in his base in Florida.

The Commandant of the Wehrmacht of Greater Paris wrote that under protection (occupation) Paris has known four years of peace. Any chaos has been made by the people themselves. He cited “false nationalists” which must include false news. A strong recommendation was made to turn to the humanity of the German nation and Parisians owed “loyalty” to them for to fight against “terrorists” (resistance) so that life could be preserved (and I assume that there would be four more years).

And Trump is expecting violence if the Republicans lose in November. Real violence! It could happen in this country, but he only mentioned Antifa and not both sides.

Who has replaced the Jews in the American Occupation of 2017-2018. Mexico? Other nations that are not White like Norway (Trump mentioned Norway earlier this year)? Now that America is finally great again to Trump, we have to Keep America Great!

France got rid of its greatest military hero in the 20th Century. Marshall Pétain, who was found guilty of treason against France. Trump was draft deferred and is no hero to the vast majority of Americans. His support is diminishing. It would be great to end the United States Occupation this year! Please do not disturb me. I am being occupied! The Maginot Line which the French people believed made France invincible was no such thing and the Imaginary Line which Americans use to protect our nation under Trump cannot accomplish that. He, too, may become a traitor in the not too distant future.”

Yes I wrote that almost two years ago. And now we know about Putin and his ransom to kill American soldiers.

As I have pointed out there are new lessons to learn. Whether it is about the Holocaust or the holocaust against Poles due to American complicity with Stalin during World War II, or the African American holocaust known as slavery, no innocent person should be harmed or killed ever. Nor should people think they are satanic when they are innocent. The labelling of people has hurt mankind in all continents.

The message of Minister Farrakhan preceded the appearance of Brother Ish who talked about the insightful ideas and guidance. And a little inciteful guidance as the Minister later spoke about the role of Israeli training of police resulting in the death of Black Americans.

Stephen Jackson attended a meeting with Minister Farrakhan which Brother Ish called a “wonderful meeting” but we quickly learned that the “Brother” was not even in attendance at that meeting.

I have watched The Breakfast Club team interview Brother Ish of the Nation of Islam where the “brother” spoke out about the “Red Man”at a time when Native Americans are progressing to rename teams and remove the name as Native Americans fight for justice and equality. And in naming people of nations supporting Black Lives Matter who are outside the Black community Paris, England, Russia, Egypt, Spain, Africa, and Mexico but also we notice the failure to mention Israel where there was or were demonstrations that are documented. I have contacted IHeart radio to provide important information including that Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wishes to join the radio broadcast to have a discussion about anti-Semitism in our nation. And there has been no reply at this time.

We have two roads at times in life. One is the road of Farrakhan and the other is the road of Farrah Can Incite you or Take It Off With Noxema. There are Farrakhans among all people and there are Farrah Cans also among all people. Josephine Baker was a Farrah Can of her time, but she was committed to helping Black people in her own way.

I have been with members of The Nation of Islam but very infrequently. The last meeting was at the National Black Violence Convention in Philadelphia. There an important member of Farrakhan’s team said to me “Why would anyone study for the GED (or high school equivalency) when people with high school diplomas cannot get jobs.” The other time happened in Brooklyn at a mosque where it seemed that I was going to bepushed into place to help people in that district. Nothing (nada) happened. This was not a result of my being unqualified according to education and knowledge.

I watched the Donahue Show where Minister Farrakhan appeared for the first time in 1985. He actually said that Black people were given good education but went on to talk about people squandering things. Actually some Black people were given “good education” in this country. And also during the show, he stressed the need for Black people to have their own schools and much more that was their own which was part of Black power which his movement seized on even in the phone number to call to be part of the solution. He failed to express the pain that Jews felt over the Holocaust which still affects  Jews today as he expressed his love for the Jewish people he was trying to define. And his brief comments about the Palestinian issue which I had already started to write about certainly missed the history of Palestine which I have written about often. When Jews were arriving in Palestine there was violence against them and even violence against Arabs who sold land to Jews. And that led to an alliance of Palestinian Muslim leaders with Hitler Even Donahue had not done his homework well enough to bring that up. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem should have been studied before that show.

This author’s first creative project started in 1983. The Arab-Israeli Conflict was on his mind. He saw and felt that things would not get better until people got more educated. Making a deal would not work. The peace that existed in Spain for 750 years has not been restored in the Muslim dominated world. The time has come for that change.

As people concentrated at that time on the rising Palestinians and the issues surrounding them, I cannot fault the Minister for not talking about the Massacre of Hebron in 1929 (the opening scene of my screenplay and book) where almost a hundred religious Jews were killed by Arabs in a wave of terrorism that lasted for six years. Were they “oppressors” as Minister Farrakhan spoke about oppressors and does that not remind US today of the massacre of Black people in Oklahoma where an entire town was wiped out? That massacre in Palestine almost wiped out the leader of the Jewish people (he had left that community just before the attack) who was to designate a successor who founded the Chabad movement, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, that DeSean Jackson is now involved with to learn more.

Here is a fact obtained from my research about the visits of a few states to Israel “They were also briefed by Maj. Gen. Jamal Hakroosh – the first Muslim major general in the Israel Police and met with Arab cadets in the police academy.” In addition Minister Farrakhan does not even cite one instance where the training in Israel of American police resulted in deaths here due to the training. But he went on and on talking about Israel and making it seem that it was Israel’s voice to kill Black youth in America. He cited that the technique, the knee on the neck, is used in Israel and was taught to American police.

DeSean Jackson and his followers can learn a lot quickly from all of this. Our history, common history, matters a lot. In 1985 Minister Farrakhan on that first Donahue appearance said that we have to identify what is a Jew as though the world did not know what a Jew was. He did not say what he felt a Jew was at that time but he tried to redefine the existence of the word anti-Semitism in relation to the Jewish people by pointing out that Arab people are Semitic people, meaning in essence how can he be anti-Semitic if he is the brother of the Arab people.

I wish to give credit to Minister Farrakhan for the social distancing because we are all in great danger as COVID-19 spreads in churches around our nation. In his speech he was not up to date about the latest information about the virus as he said we will not conquer the virus. And he got the stock market reports wrong. There is no need to diminish him for those things.

The Minister singled out well known Jews and called them Satan. He mentioned that Dershowitz is going to bring on that vaccine (as he mentions a treatment for COVID-19 from Cuba that he wants) which he objects to for the moment. Alan Dershowitz has only pointed (with Larry King) out critical Supreme Court cases involving vaccinations and decisions related to health and his statement pretty much included comments in accordance with parts of Farrakhan’s own statement about safety during this pandemic and certain rights to refuse the vaccine that already exist. There was no good reason to single out Dershowitz in this matter and to make him the centerpiece of the movement to save lives through a vaccine. And it was his moment to denounce Jews when he could have chosen millions of others who have denounced him who are not Jews. Even denouncing a rich mixture of all people who are his critics and who he disagrees with would have been much more acceptable. Distortions matter!

Greenblatt is the executive director of the Anti-Defamation league defending Jews and others against hate. He mentioned Trump as well and Jewish rabbis who came to his home who he felt were trying to cut him off because he criticized Jews but he used the word “nigga” to clarify his own disgust at the rabbi although the rabbi did not use the word. He called out the Talmud for being an enemy of God for those who wrote and established it. Chelsea Handler, he said, recognized his truth. All others are impostors. And he blamed the Jews that escaped Castro’s Cuba for the problems resulting from America’s tough stand against Cuba. It would be good to know who the rabbis were who visited the Minister and ask them what happened. And Minister Farrakhan should have taken Donald Trump to task for Trump is the man in charge of handling the pandemic in this nation.

Since 2012 when Israel started to get involved in meetings including police training, my research shows. that there is no evidence, even from Amnesty International which researches such information, that Israel does not teach the method or tactic mentioned.

Donald Trump will not be allowed in my home, nor will Minister Louis Farrakhan be allowed in. Farrakhan could take the place of Donald Trump in many ways as he stirs the pot of anti-Semitism and more. Trump says that he is not racist and the Minister does not say the say thing about himself in his July 4th address.

There were well over 20,000 Jews who left Castro’s Cuba and some of them were able to make it to Cuba from Europe before the Holocaust started. And some Cuban Jews played prominent roles in the movement led by Castro. Some Jews were sent to forced labor camps, but even those Jews were not targeted the way that Farrakhan has done. In 2007 there were around 1,500 known Cuban Jews living in Florida where the very vindictive Farrakhan asked Allah to create a surge in the pandemic because of those Jews.

Catholics escaping Cuba were given help by Catholic charitable organizations where there were 14,000 unaccompanied minors. About 90 percent of the children were later reunited with their parents. Protestants and others were also refugees from Cuba.

I found this information in the Digital Public Library of America, but refugees came from all classes of Cuba. Pushed out by the consequences of the Revolution, the influx of refugees swelled the Cuban population of the United States from 79,000 in 1960 to 439,000 by 1970. Cubans settled across the country, with the most significant community in Miami, Florida, followed by Union City, New Jersey.”

This important information was in my recent article Jewish-Black Lives Matter “My latest reading illustrates the point about educated people and the faulty logic that they adhere to. This took place in Uzbekistan in the Soviet Union as Poles, Jews, and others made their way from the gulags of the Soviet Union into Central Asia to escape oppression. The talk of politics by Poles with a Muslim who was a dentist is very revealing. The people of Uzbekistan wished for freedom (Muslims). That was natural for people everywhere.  The conversation included this piece that caught my attention. Since the man knew oppression by the Russians well and since the Poles, Jews, and others had just received “amnesty” from the Soviet leadership and they could leave, the Uzbek man thought it would (be) natural for the Poles, Jews, and others to join up with the enemy of Russia at that moment, the Germans who had already started to wipe out the Polish people, Jews, and others. The man was surprised that the Poles were going to create a Polish Army to help Russia. The man was right about one thing which was Russia could not be trusted.”

As you can see Russia (Soviet Union) was holding those Muslims captive and was at that time an important ally of the United States, England, and France. This is the same Russia (Soviet Union) that destroyed Poland as did the Nazis. The Poles had no choice and suffered for more than four decades under the Russians (Soviet Union) and it was Russia (Soviet Union) that befriended Cuba. So Muslims were being oppressed by Cuba’s biggest and best ally, the Soviet Union.

One of Castro’s leading opponents was only a child when she arrived here. She came from a Jewish family but was raised Catholic and converted to Episcopalian. She is no longer in the Congress of the United States. That congresswoman fought for a humanitarian solution to the crisis in Darfur (in the Sudan). Farrakhan did not want to unite us in 1985 and he continues to divide us today.

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