Destruction of Statues-Monuments

Would a statue of Hitler be appropriate in Times Square or outside Trump Tower with a statue of Trump? Hitler was very popular among some groups in the United States


Nelson’s Pillar was destroyed by the IRA in Dublin, Ireland and things happen. Its memory has been preserved in various ways and the man who set the explosives was not charged. The pillar was finally demolished in 1966.

The words you have just read were published in Jewish Business News in Israel on October 14, 2018.

Is Trump blind to the history of African-Americans except of course to Kanye West who would never let racism get in his way?
Robert E. Lee opposed racial equality and giving African-Americans the vote and other rights and this was after the Civil War. America gave Hitler his ideas and now Trump is talking about Robert E. Lee as though he were one of the good people on the alt-right.

That was written the same day.

The Trump-Hitler statues would be best placed in Mar-A-Lago, still part of history, but far away from the public view. And Kanye please take a course in the history of the United States instead of repeating all the things that Trump believes in.

And yes I wrote that on the same day.

As you can see I knew that the statues were going to come down. I included in the article a video of the detonation of Nelson’s Pillar.

I just watched Newt Gingrich talk about how people who destroy the monuments will serve long sentences in jail (not sure just how long he implied). In England, it appears to me, the people just moved on unless I am wrong.

I object to the removal of at least two of the statues, Frederick Douglas and Miguel Cervantes. Unless people know more than I know about those two, I object. I derived my nickname “El Quijote del GED” from Don Miguel Cervantes. Frederick Douglas fought for the equality of man, even in Ireland. Here is what Douglas wrote as he visited Dublin “I employ a cab—I am seated beside white people—I reach the hotel—I enter the same door—I am shown into the same parlour—I dine at the same table—and no one is offended … I find myself regarded and treated at every turn with the kindness and deference paid to white people. When I go to church, I am met by no upturned nose and scornful lip to tell me, ‘We don’t allow n****** in here!”  I just wish that people will learn quickly that innocent people should not be condemned including police.

In Barcelona, Spain the city will be debating taking down the Columbus statue that hundreds of millions of people have seen near the harbor as people walk to the end of the Ramblas de Catalunya. I quietly thought about that statue on a recent trip. Keep in mind that Spain is a nation where Italians do not have the dominance that they have here across the United States. I can see the statue being taken down and replaced. The massive scale of the destruction of statues and monuments also shows how Trump and his men were unprepared for the rewriting of history. It was like a “bullet to the brain” of a large part of the United States and the possibilities are endless (well almost endless).

I can see Barcelona taking down that statue of Columbus atop a tower (it was first exhibited in 1888). The statue is 24 feet tall atop a 131 foot column. I can see Ricky Martin appearing twice daily on the top of that column singing Livin’ La Vida Loca. The Great Compromise in American history that involved slavery should have new more creative and egalitarian compromises.

Puerto Rico should be on the minds of people across America and around the world and its treatment by Trump who detained the use of funds to be used in Puerto Rico’s recovery. Trump has his Puerto Rican supporters as such men have had throughout history. We do not have to look at the Americas alone outside of Puerto Rico since the people of Catalunya know very well the oppression of Spain in their history. It will be interesting to see how the discussion in Barcelona proceeds.

There is no monument that is safe in America. Trump’s declarations are those of a man who has failed the American people repeatedly as he builds himself up through fraud. I have repeatedly stated that he is bankrupt. Better handling of the COVID-19 situation would have been to his advantage for sure. No statue on earth for Trump! His rush to Mount Rushmore brought him closer to the abyss.

I have been reading about the history of Poland a lot. People have to know much more about the holocaust that affected Poland as the cancers of Nazism and Stalinism (Soviet Communism) killed millions and deprived Poland of its freedom. The author of the latest book that I am reading mentioned those classic names of Poles who fought for freedom, Pulaski and Kosciusko. And centuries later it was on the minds of Poles to visit their family members and friends who had left Poland, survived, and adjusted to life in America (just as Polish Jews had as well). There was no mention of slavery in that passage in the book (so far). The Poles were taken to slavery in cattle cars to the Soviet Union. The book is When God Looked The Other Way by Wesley Adamczyk. He speaks of visiting his old home, Poland, as an “inhuman land.” And in America, the humanity of the nation continues to be questioned deeply and there are large percentages of our nation’s people that do not have the reflexes to get a knee jerk from it. Slavery assured America of also being an “inhuman land.”

The United States, for all its good, remains a land controlled by the powerful just as nations were seized by “Uncle Joe” Stalin (an American creation in World War II). The communists benefitted in Eastern Europe and here in America the capitalists benefit most. Spain gave birth to the Americas, but only after all of Spain was reconquered from the Muslims who had conquered it centuries earlier.

Ricky Martin may wish to invite Jwan Yosef (born Ras al-Ayn in Syria) to the top of the monument to be with him. Of course the destruction of the Columbus monument in Barcelona will not be the end of the hate. Fascists everywhere in every color of houses on earth will defend their right to tear down monuments of its choosing. Ask Trump if he would take down the Ricky Martin Monument (with his husband). And if Trump is unavailable just ask Trump’s base.

Trump signed an executive order providing that people who destroy statues will receive ten years in jail at a time when people need protections. This is the man who told police to rough up people before taking them to the precinct to be processed to go to jail. If it’s ten years for breaking a statue how many years does a police officer get for brutally beating a human being or killing him or her? Trump has been good at talking about protecting American culture and poor at protecting lives.

I found out researching Ricky Martin that he loves the table in his house. I fell in love with the table that I purchased over a decade ago and I think my table is more beautiful than his table. I also wonder what would have happened to the people of the Americas if the Arabs had sailed to America instead of Columbus and taken it over. Remember that Christianity dominates here and the Arabs were Muslims. And they had conquered Spain but could not control it.

And here in America, Kanye West is ready to sacrifice his future to reelect Donald Trump. This is politics. Corrupt? Not any more corrupt than Joe Stalin, Hitler, and slavery. He will do it and claim that he is doing it to free Black people from the plantation created by the Democrats. West’s dream of seeing all African Americans gainfully employed disappeared fast in 2020 and he really doesn’t have a clue about what to do. I now understand that Kanye has taken off his red hat, but I don’t believe that he is against Trump.

Kanye has to prove to all the media and to the people that he has made serious attempts to alter the direction of the White House by speaking out to The Donald who he has great influence with, by presenting emails sent to the White House demonstrating the changes that had to be made, and other things related to fighting the COVID-19 crisis that others are thinking about (other than praying which I have seen lots of both here and abroad). I noticed that the successful opportunity zone that West discussed with Trump did not happen. We have seen lots of churches open up early where the virus spread (and lots of deaths among pastors prior to Trump’s opening the churches). America is now COVID-19 country and everyone should hold Kanye West accountable, even before his campaign gets kicked off. Kick him out I say! And no statue for Kanye! I wrote about and wrote to Reverend Tony Evans about doing more to help people in churches (Black churches as well).  That was June 3, 2020 and my efforts to help people probably started before Kanye says he got the Corona Virus in February.  Kanye can get in touch with the reverend about this matter. Truth matters!

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