Puttin’ and Putin

“Dear native land (thinking of Oh Beautiful), thy plains are wide; Thy forests, fields, and streams abound.

I know no other land beside

Where such free room to breathe is found.”

This song was broadcast every day from a Soviet wireless station. Where? There were 20 million slaves who were moved about by cattle cars around the Soviet Union to Make the Soviet Union Great. They were forced to learn a song that reminds me of a song we sing in America.

And right now we learn that Donald Trump has known for a few months about the work of the Russians (a very Putinesque moment in foreign affairs) among the Taliban. The Russians, we are learning, have held secret talks to pay the Taliban to kill Allied forces (including US). This sparked ideas and feelings that gushed to my brain including how the Allies remained silent after learning about how 20,000 Polish officers (including many Jewish officers) were killed by Stalin and there was silence.  Silence! Silence! Silence! In America there was not only silence but glorification of Stalin from Roosevelt and from his opponent in 1940 Wendall Wilkie. From the mountains to the prairies there was silence. It raises the question again about Trump-Russia that started during the 2016 Election Campaign through a series of history making events including the Mueller Investigation and Impeachment and affects our international relations. Is Russia fighting terrorism or fighting US?

Trump’s supporters seem about ready to add the head of an American with orange hair to the southernmost corner of the American flag with its stars and stripes. The level of propaganda appears to be that high for many. Could it be that Americans are about to go out of control in support of a man who has attacked just about everyone in our nation, but who hangs on to power through that Senate majority, the power of his Tweets, and a public that has been caught in the vortex of what could be the collapse of the United States?

He wears no mask, he undermines governors whose states needed to remain closed during the pandemic, he holds rallies and demands a convention where people will physically attend, and his claim to have prevented the loss of millions of lives in this pandemic is pure propaganda. What’s next? A Tweet and a presidential proclamation calling for all Americans, undocumented immigrants, and tourists to be injected with the Novel Corona Virus as we find out through science that pregnant mothers are being impacted? Woe vs. America and its beliefs!

And today we learn also that this mentality has become part of the American landscape as a Republican is propagandizing to an extreme the virtues of Wyoming over Washington, D.C. as that city tries to become the 51st state. Americans are in a state of confusion and emergency. It should be clear that two senators will be added to the 100 senators and the Republicans have no fighting chance to capitalize on it. Trumpism combined with Republican values has just attacked Americans in our nation’s capital.

 And at the same time, the Trump Administration through Ivanka is trying to shake up the process of hiring by turning Plymouth Rock over on the heads of people who spent years getting educated and earning degrees (at a great cost to their families and to themselves). This plan of action has been in the making for many years if you listened and learned from the words of Sean Hannity who has been diminishing the college educated masses by advocating for the working man. Here we go again with another proclamation along with the proclamation to defend our nation’s statues at the expense of peaceful protest demonstrating that change is badly needed and that flags, statues, the names of places including parishes, and leaders have to be replaced. I have been writing about the demolition of statues around the world for years and I hope that there will never be a statue dedicated to Adolph Hitler anywhere. I wouldn’t even wish to see one in a museum.

And for some time now Donald Trump has played down his own incompetence repeatedly. Repeatedly hardly seems an appropriate word to do. His supporters refer to him as a great president. His ineptitude long surpassed Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi troubles as she sought to become president. But Trump supporters continue to support Trump’s own Benghazis at home and abroad and reacting to the truth as though we were saying Ben Gazzara. Trump is damned if he was briefed and damned if he wasn’t briefed. An alarm was supposed to be raised just as an alarm should have been raised when George Floyd had a police officer’s knee and weight on his neck. All the President’s Men are responsible for what happened.

AP sources: White House aware of Russian bounties in 2019

James LaPORTA, Associated Press June 29. 2020

There is evidence that the White House briefing was on the calendar of events for Donald Trump in March 2019. This came from an anonymous source. Trump is again disowning important information.  From Stormy Daniels (with Michael Cohen who brought great Russian connections to Trump from the Trump Tower days) to three marines being killed in Afghanistan including Cpl. Robert Hendricks, 25, of Locust Valley, New York, in April 2019, the truth takes a backseat to protecting Trump by his White House. Hendricks’ father concluded in a statement given to AP “If this was kind of swept under the carpet as to not make it a bigger issue with Russia, and one ounce of blood was spilled when they knew this, I lost all respect for this administration and everything,” Erik Hendriks said. This is a strongly possible “Benghazi” moment among lots of other Benghazi moments concerning The Donald. This has been a bad year for Americans who are still extremely divided. Trump’s repeated lies about winning which ended up in seeking a truce and a stalemate in Afghanistan have to be mentioned. His advocacy for Russia at this time smells of Roosevelt’s short but dangerous relationship with “Uncle Joe” Stalin (terminated by Roosevelt’s death in early 1945). November is coming and the political death of The Donald is imminent. These new revelations can be called Trump’s Russian Virus.

 On February 10, 2020 I called Trump the Corona Virus. And now we have the Russian Virus to contend with. Trump could have sent Rudy Giuliani to Russia last year to determine if Russia, in fact, did pay bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans. Giuliani, you will recall, was so highly trusted that he set out to prove that Biden was involved in the corruption in the Ukraine. My readers know that I have called for Trump’s resignation for years and we are reading that sources are saying that Trump is considering stepping down since he feels that he cannot win. If the latter is true, knowing that the election is just about four months away, it would be even more harmful to the nominating process and could produce a Republican candidate as bad as Trump. With Trump gone, the market may go up for the Republicans as polls are taken of Biden vs. Cruz-Romney-Scott-Sarah Palin-Nikki Haley-Whatever. John McCain Rest in Peace!

And things are becoming much clearer about Trump since he retweeted a supporting video of the Villages in Florida that had also supporting content about “White” power or supremacy. The White House was trying to reach Trump for hours, but he was playing golf in Virginia (at a Trump golf course of course) and he did not pick up the phone. Can you imagine the result if the emergency call from the White House had been about an attack? George W. Bush was reading to children when that happened in his White House years. Perhaps the White House has assigned someone to intervene in the type of crisis that I have just mentioned? I think the White House knows exactly what it is dealing with. M.A.G.A. has been dead a long time and I wrote about it in December 2019. And that was before the Trump handling of COVID-19.

This history goes back to the Mueller testimony that there was not enough evidence (called “no evidence” by Trump’s supporters and a “hoax” that will fill chapters of history books revealing the truth. Trump was unfit. Michael Cohen probably knows much more and I wrote a long time ago that he probably did not flip (completely) in What if Mueller Did Not Flip Michael Cohen. I wrote, “Lieutenant Columbo in all of us should make us wonder more about No Collusion (thinking about the expression on Columbo’s face as he puts his hand into his raincoat).  Michael Cohen in testimony in Congress told the world that he knows of no collusion.  Could his testimony have been scripted a long time before?  After all he has been painted as a liar by the White House.  After all he was very involved with the Russian Mafia for decades.  After all he did give up information that was most likely in the possession of those people who raided his office.  After all he did say that he would take a bullet for Donald Trump…”

It is becoming more and more apparent that Trump has betrayed his duty to protect the American people (again). It’s time for Trump to declare victory and move on.

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