Colin Kaepernick to Be Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

“You know what I say? Go back and look at history. There has never been a protest by an oppressed minority in American society — not the Native Americans taking over Alcatraz, not Jewish people protesting neo-Nazis in this country, not African-Americans in any case in any era at any time — when mainstream America has stood up and said, ‘Amen, we agree with that protest’.” 

Dr. Harry Edwards, Sports Sociologist

Dr. Harry Edwards intends to nominate Colin Kaepernick for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. I believe that there will be not only a nomination but also the granting of other prestigious awards to Kaepernick. Edwards has informed me that other American athletes have been passed over for the Nobel and the list includes Major Taylor, Jackie Robinson, Curt Flood, Al Davis, Bill Walsh, and Muhammad Ali. Edwards also indicated that Kaepernick will accept this award on behalf of other great athletes who preceded him.

Wali Jones and I have distributed my last article to lots of people who now know that community support for Kaepernick is greatly needed. Dr. Edwards recognizes the importance of that support as well. Let’s proceed to organize with immense passion for a man who really made great history as the media coverage of his kneeling was as courageous as many other American events in history. It was like the “shot heard ‘round the world” but his kneeling was live on television as our national anthem was being played. And the world learned about this modern “shot” quickly. This was the genius of Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s actions immediately reminded me of Emile Zolá’s taking on France, its military, and the supporters of the military who professed anti-Semitism in France and around the world and Zolá made his views known in a newspaper in Paris.

I know that people immediately said that Kaepernick could have expressed himself in some other venue and he could have.  Zolá could have denounced the men in the military that corruptly put an innocent man on trial on the corner of the Rue St. Michel and the Boulevard St. Germain. Perhaps the idea never even crossed Zolá’s mind. Or he could have read his J’Accuse letter in front of the Eiffel Tower. That tactic would have diminished his task.

Emile Zolá is a great hero who was moved from a cemetery to the highest place of honor in France, the Pantheon in Paris. So recognition for Kaepernick beyond people who have appreciated his effort from the beginning is only short steps away. We should also settle once and for all the notion that Kaepernick was anti-American for what he did. He did not represent a foreign power, he had no corruption of mind such as doing what he did for capital gain, there was no moral corruption, and no prejudice against any ethnic group. He did what he did to call attention to need to end fear, discrimination, and the harm that African Americans suffer in America at the hands of others. And in relation to the police, all police that act with impunity against innocent people require the attention of all or in other words “No justice no peace” shall rule in the hearts and minds of all. Kaepernick’s act was not an unpatriotic act calling attention to others who clearly are not true patriots.

Here is something that I found from December 2017 about Kaepernick.  I am reposting it here.

Jesus Christ-Colin Kaepernick and healing.Colin Kaepernick has made errors that have put Americans against him. The socks with the police are pigs is one example. Another mistake was clearly only taking one knee. Now it could be argued that the right knee is not as forceful as the left knee in protest.
I have demonstrated that Kaepernick with his bronzed skin, his wooly hair, his placing Christian scriptures on his body, and his kneeling in the open air are reminiscent of Jesus himself who brought all Christians the scriptures. I support Kaepernick in his fight for social justice and I oppose, for example, Cardinal Thomas Dolan who asked Kaepernick to build a bridge between people. That bridge should be built by the cardinal himself who told viewers of Fox News that he believes in symbols such as the flag. What about the symbolism that I have just presented? Why is the cardinal blind to that? Could it be the tens of thousands of police in New York City that he has had a relationship with as well in the past? Could he go against them?
For those Christians that oppose Kaepernick for the same or similar reasons, I have this question. But first I must mention the issue of disrespect to our flag and our troops. What if Colin Kaepernick swore on a Christian Bible that he had no intention of disrespecting the American flag or the troops? Would people shift to supporting Kaepernick on the “social protest” issue? Would they bring the police together with Kaepernick all over the United States? Just this week in Rikers’ Correctional Facility in New York City, Kaepernick spoke to inmates and the presidents of two correction officers’ organizations protested his presence, indicating that his talk would or could make things worse for them in the jail. I have been a visitor to Rikers’ twice and on one occasion a youth was upset that I was looking at him. I quickly defused that situation by looking somewhere else. I was there to support a friend who does a Christian ministry and who gives out thousands of Bible study courses each year.
The police started to disrespect Kaepernick from the beginning, even speaking out that they would not volunteer to protect people in the stadium where he plays. Kaepernick’s Christian values have been placed in the background in favor of the flag and troops. Jesus has taken a backseat (especially now to Donald Trump, the commander-in-chief). Trump would love to see everyone protesting fired and see some move to another country. That is just not only just a total disregard for freedom of speech, but also an act of revenge from a man who told Bill O’Reilly on Fox News that his Christian belief is “An Eye For An Eye” and not “Turn the Other Cheek.”
I ask Americans everywhere to consider this. Bring our nation’s churches, communities, and police together with our youth and Colin Kaepernick and bury the differences that keep us apart. I believe that this initiative will keep everyone safer, including police. The refusal of police to join must be considered unacceptable because we pay them and they work for us and not the other way around. I know that the police reach out to communities everywhere and there is a slight improvement, but something much more powerful is needed now. Police were killed before Kaepernick (and long before him) and the killings will continue and that is unfortunate. Restore faith in humanity by working harder toward social justice and keep the flag out of this now. Christmas is coming so pray for peace on earth!

I thank James Jackson who commented on my last article and who wrote that he had done basketball clinics in Richmond, Virginia with Wali Jones in association with the Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Clubs, and more. I have started an outreach to support both Kaepernick and Wali which is becoming well known in Raeford, North Carolina where a memorial service was held for George Floyd and where Sheriff Hubert Peterkin spoke out that “we are all to blame.”

And today Trump’s patriotism is at question as news circulates about the Trump-Russia-Taliban Connection. More will be coming about this important matter since this is a “titanic” moment. Trump recently flip-flopped as he moderated his stance on Kaepernick by finally being supportive in relation to getting back in the N.F.L. but he did this at a time where he retweeted the video of the Villages in Florida where a Trump supporter shouted out in favor of White Supremacy. I read that the man in the video is a retired fireman and I think that there should more reporting about that individual as we learn about the “Civil War” in the Villages. Trump is far from a true patriot as he whips up crowds. Democrats in the Villages report that things got worse there among Democrats and the Republican majority with the Election of Donald Trump, which is something that I predicted for our nation. Take a look at my article on the Neo-Patriots in our nation.

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