A Republican, Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, has just brought forth a resolution to require the Democratic Party (also known as the Democrat Party among some groups) to change its name due to its history of activism and racism dating before and after the Civil War. I find the idea intriguing and know about its […]

Masked Minister Masked Meshugana

I sometimes like to call people from Michigan Meshuganas (Yiddish for nut job) because it sounds kind of authentic, but this “Meshugana” hails from New York City and Palm Beach. Minister Louis Farrakhan wore a mask throughout his July 4th speech to the Nation of Islam and the world that watched. Now Donald Trump is […]

DeSean Jackson: Jews and Farrakhan

“Take a look around at Selma Alabama…” 1965 “Don’t punish me with brutality C’mon talk to me So you can see What’s going on Yeah, what’s going on Tell me what’s going on I’ll tell you what’s going on” 1970 That was 55 and 50 years ago. The destruction and the Eve of Destrution we […]

Destruction of Statues-Monuments

Would a statue of Hitler be appropriate in Times Square or outside Trump Tower with a statue of Trump? Hitler was very popular among some groups in the United States And Nelson’s Pillar was destroyed by the IRA in Dublin, Ireland and things happen. Its memory has been preserved in various ways and the man […]

Puttin’ and Putin

“Dear native land (thinking of Oh Beautiful), thy plains are wide; Thy forests, fields, and streams abound. I know no other land beside Where such free room to breathe is found.” This song was broadcast every day from a Soviet wireless station. Where? There were 20 million slaves who were moved about by cattle cars […]