The Breakfast Club Radio Show and Joe Biden

Joe Biden has apologized for his comments, but Trump has not (never apologized for anything). Biden spoke about this pandemic as he spoke about how late Trump acted.

Sean Combs and Charlamagne Tha God both feel that the Democratic Party takes the Black vote for granted. Obama said that he is not the president of the Black people. He is president of all Americans. Let US not forget that.

I want my readers to know that I had an idea for a show and I wanted to do that show with the father of Sean Bell. Sean Bell’s mother could participate as well, but she has never been with us as we drove to events in New York. William Bell and I have not gotten together during the Corona Virus, but we drove to City Island together in December to join the executive staff of the United Bodegas of America and we had a great time.

I watched the very brief You Tube where Sean Combs just made that statement and I was not surprised by it. I was hoping to find some supporting details from Diddy to back up his statements, things like great solutions from a man with great experience in life. And my research of the last few days included finding information about those “great” Opportunity Zones that we are being informed that the rich are taking great advantage of. Tax breaks related to capital gains are part of that program and even Jared Kushner’s name is up there taking advantage of it. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina set those programs into motion, but it passed the Congress with bipartisan support. Charlamagne da Great must learn that we need great supporting details. Kanye West mentioned those Opportunity Zones in a visit to his great friend The Donald and then we learned that those zones did not happen.

I know that 98 percent of Black women voted for Doug Jones over Roy Moore in the Alabama U.S. Senate election and that was significant. It’s highly possible that most of those women knew why they were voting Democrat over Republicans in a state that was always Red. Charlamagne concluded the show by indicating that he wanted to talk about the things that Black people need but he could have cited at least one for US to hear. And Charlamagne seems like Diddy open to supporting Republicans if they will provide much more to Black people.

My research also took me to the article about Biden’s problematic presentation where he appeared to relax, become less formal, and spoke about all Black people supporting him (otherwise the others are not Black). We Jews noticed the same sort of thing about The Donald as he called US Jews who will vote Democrat disloyal and he called the party anti-Semitic. Yes Blacks and Jews are divided so welcome to Black and Jewish Divided Breakfast Club. Is Sean Combs okay with Stephen Miller directing immigration policy after his long line of racist comments working under Jeff Beauregard Sessions? Did Combs express his humanity anywhere about the Jewish trope brought up by Trump or by any progressives in the Democratic Party? These are things we have to know since the Republican support includes very fascist elements.

There has been change for Black America and much of it has been good change, but more has to be done. The article that I found was by Mother Jones, the well-known website. There was lots of information there and some of it was basically useless. A quick illustration is that crime may have gone down way back because our population was getting older. Yes young people commit much or most of the crime. The sources cited by Mother Jones could have provided a comparison of young people and crime data over a ten-year period to see what the change was. I noticed the importance of the year 1993 and it rang my bell which was something that I had not thought about while watching Charlamagne and Biden. The clock is ticking and not enough help has been given to adults.

What happened in 1993 has had a lot to do with the “Pipeline to Prison” and it’s about other things as well. That was almost thirty years ago. New York State made the G.E.D. test free and the sad truth is that there have been losses and losses and losses totally hundreds of thousands at a time when resumes asked for High School Diploma or High School Equivalency. The average person watches sports and hears the Knicks dominated the boards in the first half or the New England Patriots have dominated the game in the last three quarters and the score is 41-20 with two minutes to go. Black people know about White Supremacy and often confuse it with White Domination which is often related to educational achievement and those degrees or diplomas on the resumé. This information is for the Breakfast Club to digest with its listeners.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that since 2002, there have been great losses nationally as young people dropped out of school and other adults did not take and pass the exam in greater numbers. The hope and progress made for a few years before 2002 did not continue throughout the next 17 years. I played a role in helping Florida and New York between 2001-2007 by intervening at the state level in two totally different matters.

In addition to that I was told that two-thirds of youth going to prison (and that could be federal prison) are “special ed” students. Thinking about that for a while as The Breakfast Club stresses the huge population of Black people that are dying in this pandemic and racial disproportion.

Did I say disproportion? New York State, Alabama, Mississippi, and Connecticut rank at the bottom for the delivery of high school equivalency diplomas in the nation to African Americans and the gap is significant across our nation (NY has a 25 percent gap). And now we get the best part for The Breakfast Club. Here is its G.E.D. question which can be answered by a Donald Trump hunch.

What percentage of the American population earns a G.E.D. each year (40 million in need and about 1.5 million in NYC)?

1 percent

2 percent

20 percent

50 percent

75 percent

The hosts of The Breakfast Club should ask that question on the air and answer it. I was going to provide the answer, but I can wait to do that.

There are options to education in a political economic system, things like greatly increased respect and income that help a lot. But given the system that we have and hearing about requests for change from Charlamagne and Diddy, what are the specific requests that they have in mind. And which Black people do they have in mind? The ones who think and act White as some or many African Americans mention. What are their ideas to help the poor as our nation has normally talked mostly about helping the middle class? I just got involved in a major outreach to help the “special ed” students in New York City, the children of the incarcerated (about 100,000 students), and the incarcerated. I am awaiting news from an office of the City Council of New York so that I can proceed. These are things that are part of my Breakfast Club each day.

On Wall Street, Main Street, and even Sesame Street we know that Trump and Republican intelligence were lacking and what was called a flu has cost us around 100,000 deaths (34,200 flu deaths in a year in 2018-2019 and this information came from The Daily Caller Foundation which obtained the information from the CDC…please note The Daily Caller was founded by Tucker Carlson of Fox Entertainment) 45 million unemployed and $2 trillion to date. Memorial Day just passed and we know that veterans are dying in huge numbers, our nation’s soldiers have died, police and firemen, and lots of First Responders including people entrusted with our nation’s meat and food products have died which is what I have called Death By Trump. Trump should have played golf yesterday, but as a private citizen. He was never fit for duty as commander-in-chief or a world leader. And those numbers of COVID-19 was under a huge about of “social distancing” and other forms of prevention that never were applied during 2018 for the flu.

I am sharing with my readers at breakfast time this information, but please leave my corn muffin alone. In No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland’s Forces in World War II by Kenneth K. Koskodan (published in 2009), there is information about Poland before the Final Solution. Hitler’s racism extended to Poles who were considered an inferior race and had to destroyed. Germany needed money and labor badly so they confiscated wealth and made Poles work in slave camps. Auschwitz started that way, but this true story comes from Essen in Germany where men were needed to work in coal mines to provide energy for the Nazi war machine. The Breakfast Club should take note of the word essen which means food. The workers in Essen were given hardly any food and people were dying there (50-100 per day). Antoni Szmenckowicz was only 17 but he told about the conditions that he faced. “I figured that fat people would last longer, but I was wrong; fat people die first.” Our obese population today has been and is dying first. Dr. Anthony Fauci would call that “anecdotal” evidence, but with a great ring of truth as our nation’s obese are at risk.

With that said, I can turn for my request. There is news from Asia (Hong Kong, etc.) that children at school are being protected during lunch by sitting at a station that has protective partitions which I urge at churches as people attend church. Those who attended church against the orders of the state governors and the White House guidelines put their entire family at risk, even as some walked away saying that they had Christ’s protection. Death By Trump was taking place as he defied the gravity of his own declarations, passing science by in the process and his patriotic duty to enforce the concept that soldiers care about the dead and wounded and will do anything including risking their lives for those men and women. I want the houses of worship of our land to open their minds and hearts to protect the people more who are soldiers of the Lord.

As I notice the words keeping distance in pews and that distance may not be safe enough, I am pleased. Individuals have created masks and other equipment that have helped and each person can create an inexpensive protection as an additional layer of protection to place over clothing. This would be the music to my ears that houses of worships can promote to save lives. We must not have Death By Trump in our houses of worship anymore.  It’s about time to go out for some bagels to share with the Mrs as our breakfast club will start shortly.

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  1. Looks like the Breakfast Club is in dire need of some education. Charlamagne? Sounds like a stage name to me.

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