Trump’s Destruction

Seven million New Yorkers coming out for Trump today in a ticker tape parade? He gave US Mexico is not sending US its best people and Russia Against Hillary and Ukraine against the Bidens and now he has attacked people in Virginia (and all over our nation) with his 2nd Amendment comment about protecting potatoes. One would think he might add that we should either inject the potatoes with disinfectant or his malaria cure to fight the pandemic, but now he has attacked the American people with his comments. He cares more about property rights than human lives. Trump’s comments are a violation of the protections of all that we expect as the Constitution is upheld to protect everyone.

We hear about 50,000 people, some traveling the Trump circuit, to support him. And I am sure that he could get lots of people for the Trump Ticker Tape Parade. He did want a parade previously.

New York is the city where Donald Trump became famous and he needs New York’s support right now to continue on his path to deification.

Of course I would urge a minimum of 6 feet apart so that more people will not end up 6 feet under. Amid these remarks, I know that Andrew Cuomo is under fire for a lot of the deaths attributed to COVID-19, often by politicians who were watching the deaths, particularly in nursing homes, and who did not step forward to find out why sooner. But this article is not about that.

Seven million New Yorkers came out to honor and support Douglas MacArthur before his testimony in Washington, D.C. Republicans gave him the best seat in the house to defend himself, his record, and his ideas in the other house of American government, the United States Senate, The fix was in for MacArthur to destroy Truman and the Democrats. Truman had just fired the general and MacArthur went to Washington, D.C. all the way from his Mar-A-Lago in Tokyo called Dai-Ichi.

What brought on MacArthur’s firing was information obtained about how he revealed to fascist countries in Europe that he felt he could enlarge the war in Korea to include Communist China. The dictators in Spain and Portugal (Franco and Salazar) were admired greatly by MacArthur’s right-hand man Charles Willoughby. Truman referred to this matter as “treachery” which today is called “fake news.” Of course it was fake news back then among Republicans as well. MacArthur went before our nation behind closed doors, voted for by the Democratic majority in the Senate. Republicans wanted the public to watch but that didn’t happen. Even reporters were not allowed in.

What happened behind closed doors was that the myth of MacArthur was destroyed just as the myth of Donald Trump is catching on today. MacArthur was fighting, so it appeared, to destroy the Communists and the Containment policy that was being used by the Truman Administration. He went north to knock out the North Koreans and to take control over the land. Instead he got knocked out but he placed the blame on others including Truman. He praised the Nationalist Chinese Army among other things for its professionalism and its combat readiness.

Americans really had not caught on to what containment was. They were used to victories in Europe and Japan, although they were tired of war and wanted to get away from it and the taxation that came with it. And the deaths were mounting in Korea.

The “fake news” being touted at that time were MacArthur was not very competent, he was not a patriot, and he was no military genius at all. Much of this parallels what we see among probably millions of articles about the Trump Administration today, from the inauguration to the COVID-19 cure.

This article is being interrupted to make an announcement. Trump has been telling US that the people were not to blame for their unemployment and I countered with the fact, based on history, that by not supporting Americans through this crisis it could lead to the destruction of the United States. Trump touched up two things just now, potatoes and guns. The Irish famine comes to mind, disease, death, huge immigration, and the English plantation which kept the Irish down. Now we have a leader commenting that farmers had better keep their guns during this pandemic. To shoot potatoes? This is the American plantation that is refusing to support Americans through the pandemic (history tells us that it was US who sent Europe the infected potato tubers in the first place). Instead of talking about potato farmers calling the police, Trump has suggested that people defend their property themselves, especially with no threat to life included in his statement. I hope that law enforcement everywhere joins US in doing what is right for all our people. And for now Trump will not extend unemployment benefits.

There are guns everywhere in this land. There were guns carried openly in Lansing, Michigan and other places recently and guns could even end up on Pennsylvania Avenue soon. Trump should have stuck to just golf. What a putz! He should lose the trust of all Americans right now. Franco-Trump-Salazar is on my mind. While Pompeo talks about using the COVID-19 Crisis for repression worldwide, Trump is whipping up the base that favors White Supremacy and is stepping up its ani-Semitic attacks as well.

And MacArthur’s lies caught up with him along with his poor performance in Korea. He told everyone how the military commanders agreed with him and that fell apart as the top brass and the Pentagon were brought forward to testify. They revealed his poor performance in Korea including the most vital things that he got wrong which included his belief that China would not enter the war. The portrayal of the Chinese Nationalist military as being largely incompetent was revealed, men who were losing weapons that the Americans had provided and their changing sides in mid-battle to the Communists. And the general got his view about the professionalism of the Chinese forces in a “brief ceremonial visit to Taiwan in 1950.” A nation that was going to anoint MacArthur learned the truth and probably prevented his second run for President of the United States. He was no longer trusted as he was exposed. Trump has been exposed but has been protected by the Senate of the United States which Republicans control and by nothing more than the agreement of the Justice Department which possibly never considered that a person like Trump could be elected.

MacArthur finally admitted that he was wrong about China entering the Korean War. Isn’t it time to admit that Trump was just plain old wrong? When questioned about Russia, the general said that theater of operation was not his expertise and he was again greatly diminished by this answer. Trump has been diminished by his Tweeting war which has limited his effectiveness and caused his credibility to suffer. His propensity to lie must be taken under consideration as we recognize that MacArthur was finally caught in lies and taking credit for things that he had not accomplished. MacArthur had his own Twitter account long before there was Twitter, orchestrating things for the press and this was massive. The Republicans, seeing their dream for conquering Truman and the Democrats fall apart, wanted to throw in the towel against the Democrats in that hearing.

China won’t enter the war in Korea today is Corona Virus is just a flu. We cannot wait for twenty years or more for the entire truth to come out and Trump’s handing of this situation was not behind closed doors. His layers of protection should be over and they probably will continue. His constant reference to banning China will continue on and on and on by Republicans all over the country and it seems that the Republicans have no alternative as they did when we got “I Like Ike” instead of America First and three years of “Make America Great Again.”

The Republicans are no more than “neo-patriots” who may never understand greatness. I admire the doctor who just spoke out and said that a patriotic flight over his city to honor the first responders cost $450,000 and that money should have been used for the equipment needed badly by all of our first responders. I saw the “Blue Angels” fly over Central Islip and that is the end of my comment and I understand the psychological factors that are needed in this fight.

And Trump’s “cure” is now going through important scientific evaluation to determine what does work if it does work and it is being clinically tested for 90 days (not 10) and there is one additional testing component (chloroquine) besides a placebo. This is important because we want our people to have the benefit of a medication as long as we can eliminate such a high risk of death from Trump’s cure. Surely if the risk of death is eliminated or greatly reduced, the F.D.A. and similar agencies worldwide will approve that medication.  With new evidence provided of 90,000 people treated with it tells us that there were huge risks in taking the cure due to death and arrythmias.

Just before publishing this article I added this quote from The Guardian (May 22, 2020) “The death rate among all groups taking the drugs was higher than among people who were not given them. One in six of those taking one of the drugs died, while one in five died if they were taking chloroquine with an antibiotic, and one in four if they were on hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic. The death rate among patients not taking the drugs was one in 11.”

I also watched the recent White House Press Conference devoted to First Amendment rights and the opening of our houses of prayer. As quickly as the press secretary brushed off attempts to nail the White House down on the details and the press secretary overstepped her bounds by portraying the group as one that did not want to see those houses open, a journalist roared back citing his desire to go to church but under guidelines that are safe. There was no apology from the press secretary because that was not in the script. We know the social distancing guidelines, but we also know that businesses across the country have taken exceptional measures to prevent exposure in the workplace. An example is that employees now have protected workstations or cubicles to prevent the transmission of airborne particles. There was no mention that each person attending a house of prayer will have his or her own pew or area in which to pray to prevent those holy particles from being transmitted in churches, synagogues, and mosques. We have to find out now if there will be New Testament, Old Testament, and Koran deaths attributed to Trump’s guidelines or Death by Trump. Each worshipper surely could use his or her own creativity in creating a shield of protection to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. And I must say that there is no Hora for Death by Torah if we follow incomplete guidelines from the federal government.

When God sent a plague to Egypt, the protections were perfect, but here in America people have been misled by Trumpism and its own form of perfection, which is often failure. I happen to think that if Trump had replaced Moses and the rod cast by Aaron that turned into a snake had been bitten by pharaoh’s snake as the two snakes fought that Trump would have ordered Aaron to disinfect his snake with Clorox. Trump does believe in An Eye For An Eye you know and therefore must be a Hammurabian Christian.

In 1953 Stalin, Truman, and MacArthur were gone for various reasons. Eisenhower, instead of easily taking back China, divided the Republican Party and brought about the lasting truce (containment) that has existed all these years. So it was not just Democrats who wanted containment. Voters today have to know their history and see the truth for what it is. And today we learn from The Donald that China is trying to get Biden elected. And Trump approved arm sales to Taiwan. Here we go again with the Chinese and possible escalation and lies about China.

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