Fauxi and Fauci.

Faux is a French word that means false such as faux pearls, diamonds, or fake Repugnicans.

There surely is prima Facie evidence to place the name Trump on the Virus because of emails that show that he did not take action early enough. Here on Long Island his supporters will point to his banning of China (40,000 people came in anyway), but people came in the other door from Europe into New York and that has brought US to where we are. Along with the naming of Trump Virus, my recommendation to Long Island is to remove the name of General MacArthur from our lone airport in Suffolk County. The General MacArthur Terminal was completed in 1966.

I had no complaint whatsoever (I live about five minutes away) until I started to read about the War in the Pacific and the Korean War.  The title about Korea is The Coldest Winter and now our thoughts have to be on the opening of the economy and the terrible winter that is being predicted as the virus is expected to accelerate again. Donald Trump’s mistake has ushered in the equivalent of the real estate bubble burst which we recall resulted in empty parking lots and immense unemployment around a decade ago. And that has been made much worse by the health threat which was not present in 2008.

I have repeatedly provided information in The Force 2020 DDT about MacArthur that people can read about and make up their minds about what to do. MacArthur had racists and anti-Semites around him, even after the military was desegregated under Harry Truman. I just got done reading about how a right-hand man of MacArthur blamed desegregation for the loss of important battles when Trump, I mean MacArthur was the problem along with his staff. The mention of Trump was a Freudian slip. MacArthur and his bitter men spoke of the Chinese as laundrymen, unfit to challenge Americans (racially).

Those emails that have been revealed this year did not take place under Obama or even in the Hillary Clinton Campaign (which I did not support). They were about Trump being Trump.

I lived on the F.D.R. Drive in Manhattan for ten years and I have no objection to renaming it based on my reading of history. When Hitler was just short of terminating the lives of millions of Jews and others, the best that the Roosevelt White House could do was an Eleanor Roosevelt fund raising event to send milk to the children overseas as Americans were in America First mode (and now we have the second wave of America First under Fauxi).  Roosevelt got into bed with Joe Stalin and did not care about Poland and other countries at that time, leaving a great mess that led to the Cold War (which was more than a winter war since it lasted all year long and lasted more than forty long years). The Republicans helped by allowing it to last and last and last, finally taking a bow under Reagan for the demolition of a Soviet Union that was well on its way toward destruction (as I took notice in my first visit to Poland before the collapse).

Here is information on the Setauket Patriots that held a protest rally to reopen the economy. The leadership of the group apologized to Long Island reporter Ken Vesey as a small group among them broke away from the others to protest about the “fake news” media. I searched the FACEBOOK of its spokesperson as well and on its own FACEBOOK for information. This was a Trump group as you will see son. Mistakes have been made as the world is learning about this pandemic. In Wisconsin a bar was opened and the sister of the owner, a nurse, went to help out in a situation where the customers did not wear masks. Some members of that small group observed on Long Island did not wear masks as they protested against Long Island News 12 as well. But that nurse in Wisconsin, realizing her actions kind of late, said that she was going into quarantine for 14 days because she understands that she can get the virus and spread it. The Setauket Patriots who are probably either neo-Patriots or quasi-Patriots who support Fauxi or Fake Trump have to do much more to earn the respect of the community. Its apology to reporter Ken Vesey is not enough.

Setauket Patriots taken from its FACEBOOK page.

A Local Conservative Group that Supports Donald J. Trump meets Weekly N/E Corner of Rt. 25A and North Country Rd.

Even back in the 1930s there were Republicans in California who plotted with the K.K.K., Fascists, the National Rifle Association, and others to bring down Jews and other minorities. In the 1960s there were Republicans in Congress who voted the way racist Democrats voted in the South against the Civil Rights Acts.

And the handling of the pandemic has resulted in death, death, death. Yes people have died who should not have died in nursing homes, but police have died and the total picture started with mistakes made in the White House as I indicated earlier and will continue to indicate. I would suggest that the Setauket Patriots rent out a huge space, invite all points of view to make comments where evidence can be heard, and have real community participation instead of partisanship.

Trump’s signature is on the legislation that resulted in trillions of dollars of debt just as Obama’s signature was on the stimulus resulting from the burst bubble. Trump tells US that the people who receive the checks were not to blame for what happened. That decision was about keeping him afloat and preventing the collapse of the United States away from his door. And this crisis is not going away!

And I share with my readers that the incompetence continued among the men in command of our forces in Korea after Matthew Ridgway replaced MacArthur. There were promises made by Ridgway that could not be fulfilled or could not be fulfilled easily resulting in large amounts of deaths. We turn to Lieutenant Colonel Treacy who before going out to battle was seen at night by his men before going off to battle the next day. The officers thought that Treacy was reciting Hail Marys, but that was not it. Treacy recited the names of all his men who had died in battle, men that he felt responsible for. And he asked for God’s forgiveness!

Treacy’s battalion four days earlier had 900 men and were now down to 292 and he was being given suicidal orders. He was also ordered to put his men on top of tanks that amounted to making them “sitting ducks” as the Chinese were expected to be on hills  with mortars and rifles on both sides of the tanks, might be in danger of having their clothes ignited by fires on the tanks (very common attribute of the Patton tanks), and getting knocked off the tanks by the tanks’ guns turning. Trucks could have been employed to move the troops but that was refused.  As a result Treacy and others were going to refuse orders. This was worse than sending teams of men and women into emergency rooms without the equipment they needed during the pandemic. And Treacy was ordered not to ride on a tank with his men. He quickly left his vehicle to join his men on a tank.

Treacy after the battle helped bandage one of his men and carried him for miles. Treacy was captured by the Chinese and died about three months later. His death came about by his giving much of his food to other men so they could survive. He was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, but the man giving all those bad orders “killed it.” That kind of behavior was consistent in the history of the Korean War and we see much of the same kind of behavior in the Trump Administration and its supporters.

It’s okay to blame and protest when everything is fair and accurate. Trump and his team are blaming everyone and every institution that they can right now, but Trump and his supporters are on the wrong side of patriotism. Trump says “We are all warriors together.” His comprehension is limited to fighting his own war and not the war that is needed right now to protect and save the lives of all of our people.

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