Neo-Patriotism: Trump’s Open Nation

Neo-patriot or quasi patriot activity in America is the subject of this article.

Infants, children, young people, middle age people, and the old are dying of the Corona Virus and the neo-patriots want to go back to work before the best recommended time to do it.

Neo patriots abound in America like neo-Nazis and others who have diminished America. Those flag wielding men and women (even if they have served our military in the past well) that we see protesting are so far from the true, essential patriots in DNA. The flag pin on the lapel does not permit the deepest thinking possible as we notice, for example, Sean Hannity, the cheerleader of those patriots finally realize that those protestors are putting the “police” at risk. They are putting everyone at-risk and many will get sick and die but Hannity did not say it.

In reading a lot about the War in the Pacific in 1944-1945 and again about the Korean War that followed only 5 years later, we learn from the fighting men that protecting the lives of the wounded as immense casualties were suffered, was paramount and one of the ten commandments of the military. We saw that in the Captain Brett Crozier Affair recently and we noticed how The Donald backed his administrators 100 percent over a captain who stuck his neck out to protect his men.  Read about the Greatest Man in America around 1950.

You’ll be home by Christmas American soldiers were told, but 40,000 Americans were killed and 100,000 were wounded in that war.  Korea lost about 5 million people mostly civilians.

In reading about Korea we can learn about the Eighth Army which suffered many wounded that had to be carried out and those wounded “were supposed to do, carry out your wounded.” A young lieutenant broke down who said “We can send a helicopter for him (one of the wounded) tomorrow.” Four men who were carriers of the wounded looked at the lieutenant and knew he was lying.  This was an act of cowardice, not patriotism. The four men agreed to carry out the wounded man. And today people like Chris Christy and Trump make it seem that patriotism is shining from sea to shining sea as they tell US that our people have to die to open up our economy. Governor Whitmer is being compared to Hitler when those so-called patriots are terrorizing the people of Michigan with false ideas. We know that the time is fast approaching to open the economy, but you will see how the Hannitys, Christys, and Trumps of America are being unpatriotic because experts predict great casualties by doing too much too soon. The White House has no plan and it should have a plan instead of just making divisive statements.

I did watch an Occupy Democrats video where the speaker pointed out that those very same so-called patriots who marched with guns on the capital of Lansing, Michigan would have been arrested on the grounds of the White House for perpetrating crimes. I can imagine that if Trump gets asked if that would happen that he would deny it, pretending that it would not be necessary to arrest “real” patriots who defend the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. But history reveals the opposite as people have trespassed on White House property.

The loss of lives since February cannot be altered by false patriotism or the neo-Patriotism. China comes into play in the history of loss of lives. There was the Dai Ichi Headquarters in Tokyo and the White House headquarters in 2020. Calling the shots were leaders unqualified to lead and you will see the truths and the parallels. We are at war with the virus which may or may not have originated in China and you will see what resulted from MacArthur’s Dai Ichi headquarters and the reactions of true patriots. These were men in battle who were there to save lives so democracy could continue. The economy was far from their minds, but they were led astray and thought that the war would be over quickly and that they would be home by Christmas 1950.

Dutch Keiser was blamed for the disastrous battle that Americans entered into days after things that you will learn about here. It was November in 1950 and February in 2020. Disaster resulted from people in power that tried to hide the truth. Dutch Keiser was confident that his men would overtake the Chinese. Study these important elements.

Dai Ichi wanted full speed ahead to engage the enemy.

People under MacArthur believed he could do no wrong.

The command had no sense of the reality on the ground, but the men in battle had eyes and those eyes saw differently.

Ned Almond was MacArthur’s right-hand man put in charge and made comments to an expert in amphibious landings on the Mount McKinley. He said that amphibious landings were easy, but he had never participated in one. When he later saw LTV’s coming out of the ship, Almond asked if they could float as others who heard or learned about could not believe what they were hearing.

Almond was resented by the men in battle for always having hot water to use for bathing, a toilet that was a separate heated tent, the best steaks to eat with fine wine, fine linens and China while the men in battle had nothing.

It was Almond vs. Smith, Smith sensing the dangers that were finally realized against a man doing MacArthur’s calling. Smith attempted to protect his men if possible and to slow things down as the Chinese were on his mind. Almond saw no threat.

The First Marine Division was dispersed contrary to the expectations of maintaining the unity of this fighting unit and this saved lives.

And officers had known well the role that MacArthur’s men had put them in even during World War II in the Pacific and that anticipation of problems provoked creativity that saved lives, such as leaving supply dumps that could be used by soldiers in retreat. Real patriots were not going to blindly follow orders that came from the MacArthur command.

The Chinese had set a trap for the Americans and their UN partners which included Turkey and other countries. And just like the mess caused today by the White House in the Corona Virus, by late October 1950 there were clues revealing that China was involved. Chinese soldiers who were interrogated were cast off as “Chinese laundrymen” from a small division and that was not true.

From November 2 to 4 1950, American troops viewed the reality of the situation in Korea as Custer’s Last Stand.  And there was no slowing down of the losses.

November 7, 1950 started to reveal anecdotal evidence of a massive Chinese buildup that was relayed to Almond with no real change from the command. Chinese were hiding in caves and American intelligence was failing. The Chinese general said “To catch a big fish, you must first let the fish taste your bait.”  American troops could not support each other since they were split up so far apart. And conditions in the cold mountains of Korea even worsened things, but the MacArthur plan continued toward failure.

American troops were wide open to attack and annihilation and that was reported to the Marine commandant (whistleblowing).

As the casualties mounted in spite of the highest expectations to proceed with a small amount of casualties, one commander lost his own son in battle as 4,500 men lost their lives.

The Chinese luring the Americans farther and farther north of the 38th Parallel gave a signal that was realized and ignored. They didn’t blow up the bridge at the Funchilin Pass. Smith sensed that this was like “the dog that hadn’t barked (protecting the home).”

MacArthur was declaring victory over the Koreans as the Tenth Corps and the Eighth Army linked up. American officers who knew what was taking place compared being there to a “nut house with nuts in charge.” You can bet all the tea in China, I say, that a majority of Republicans and supporters will continue to advance the masterful move that Trump made by closing down entry from China to slow the virus when the virus continued to intelligently spread as people arrived on the East coast from Europe.

About a hundred pages later in David Halberstam’s book The Coldest Winter, he summarizes all of this. We had poorly trained troops, underestimates of the Korean enemy, and no expectation that China would enter the war. It tells US that what MacArthur expected was a flu and not a pandemic. And today we have people in command, not in Dai Ichi, but in the American Dai Ichi, the Trump White House. Dai Ichi means number one or número uno or the best. Trump knows that he has always given US the best. We know his monumental mistakes and we do not have to wait decades for the truth to surface as we learn about history. We know his mistakes and we know what his supporters are about. They are not the true patriots, being only neo-patriots just as there are neo-Nazis, etc. The war on Covid-19 is far from over.

I sense that the protestors attacking state governments may include a small mosaic of the American people that could include opponents of Donald Trump. People do want to get back to work. When the golf course in my community shut down, an employee pointed out that the town was going to lose a lot of money and it did. Then other courses opened and were shut down. I was going to write a letter in support of opening the courses until I found out that the golfers were not observing social distancing in the parking lot. That golf course opened on Friday and parking lot has filled up with cars because golfers are home. As of today I have not gone on the golf course that is the only golf course that I play now.

Knowledge is the key to saving lives. I have applied my knowledge of golf and increased that knowledge. Yesterday I hit a high sand wedge on the practice field 130 yards, far surpassing any improvement that I have accomplished (and I am 75 years old).  I say that The Force 2020 DDT hit that golf ball and the shot that must be heard around the world is Defeat Donald Trump.

Trump plays golf and lies about almost everything that is taking place. His lies are bad lies and in golf we get many bad lies and fail. I had a witness to that sand wedge shot and we are witnesses to a disaster that could have been contained more by a man or woman who knew who to listen to sooner. And one more thing. I had a good lie for that shot!

On ABC news, Donald Trump just pointed out that he has no blame a la MacArthur for the three years of not building up the American stockpile to help in this pandemic. He blames real patriots and supports people who favor people dying during this pandemic. He says the virus will pass. Do you believe him?

David Muir said to Trump the people will want to know what you knew. Trump’s expectation was the virus was going to disappear. Muir pursued and asked if it was an intelligence problem. I guess that best of what was presented was that his patriotism was being a “cheerleader.” David asked Trump about testing for the virus and he says that people should have no problem getting tested. Trump, by his own admission, has been tested twice (could be millions of times by now). He talked about Russia! Russia! Ukraine! Ukraine! Impeachment! Impeachment! The death rate could double and Trump says that it’s possible (not probable) that there could be some deaths after the opening of the economy. Trump helped fill Yankee Stadium with death by the numbers in his leadership. So far!

Trump says that the Democrats are “not even blaming him for that (the economic situation)” and his role in it was huge since he did not slow down the problem sooner. I think that Democrats are going to blame him for a large percentage because of the acceleration of his “flu” which was not a flu.  Put him a high school gym and let him be a “cheerleader” for this country. What percentage of the blame will not rest with me since mathematicians whose profession it is to calculate the potential or approximate cost of reacting slowly will be able to conclude by the growth of the virus and the date at that time what role Trump has played. And there is nothing to cheer about! The Trump lapel pin should read right now Trump 70,000 C0VID-19.