Trump’s Disinfectant: Learning from History

Disinfecting Republican leadership was badly needed under Truman and is more urgent today. China has to be studied more carefully. Chiang Kai-Shek was our ally and Mao Tse Tung was our enemy.  Here are some essentials about Chiang often called the Generalissimo.

China was falling apart. Chiang was corrupt. He either didn’t fight well against the Communists or didn’t fight. He had around him old friends who had lived in China, Americans of great influence. These were the China First people of history who preferred to prop up China and Asia over Europe. Much of this group consisted even of isolationists, but its head was an internationalist. They united to defeat one common enemy, the Democrats who had been in power since 1932. Those Democrats were being called “traitors” because China was lost to the Communists.

Those Republicans along with a Democrat here or there remind me of Republicans and Repugnicans today. Donald Trump would clearly have a tough time accepting Chiang as an ally. Keep in mind what Trump did to the Ukraine and Puerto Rico over its “corruption” that led to his impeachment and the strong reaction against Trump from our people in Puerto Rico over his handling of the relief effort and the funding that Puerto Rico needed and needs badly.  Chiang did not fight well, which Trump would hate because Chiang, everyone knew, was destined to fail and that meant the loss of China.

More than fifty percent of arms sent to Chiang ended up in Communist hands.

Hundreds of thousands of his fighting men surrendered and quickly joined the Communist army.

Generals were stealing bars of gold intended for military purposes.

Senator Tom Connolly asked when is the generalissimo going to generalize (use his skills as a general of the armed forces)?

The real link with the present-day situation is that Republicans were powerful tying Truman’s hands and Truman knew there would be trouble if China fell. Those Republicans were more than usually from the Midwest, were China First people whose common bond with China was a Christian value generated by missionaries who had lived in China, Henry Luce being the leader along with Senators William Knowland, Pat McCarran, Joe McCarthy, and Representative Walter Judd  Those men inspired a campaign which can be called “Back to the Mainland” (China) as Dwight Eisenhower was soon elected in 1952.

Even though Chiang lost, he won. He won Taiwan with acquiescence of Republican leadership. This powerful force was able to prevent Truman from achieving The Marshall Plan for Europe if he didn’t dance to their beat.

Those others included men in power who were anti-Communist, opposed the New Deal (communist dominated), hated big cities full of Negroes, Jews, Catholics, and unions. The America in power was not their America.

Henry Luce was the publisher of Time Life magazines which we grew up in those days. He lied and distorted things and his readers easily fell for that across America. Internet conspiracy theories were not needed as Luce was able to unite with Colonel Robert McCormick of the Chicago Tribune. Reporters went along with his alterations as they were powerless to destroy the evil that he had perpetrated. This group attacked by destroying the character of America’s greatest war generals as well. Just as Trump recently went along with the firing of Captain Brett Crozier, 100 percent backing of his termination (news today looks good that the captain will be back on the USS Roosevelt). The lessons learned in the past continue to be useful in the present. And Republicans back then needed Trump’s injection of disinfectant that has made news during the Corona Virus pandemic. And Trump should know what he can do with all the millions and millions of pills that he said he has stockpiled to cure US of the Corona Virus. He can send them out to Republicans with his name on each pill to be used successfully to prevent and cure hemorrhoids (when taken externally if you get the drift).

The State Department knew for a decade that Chiang was not a true leader who could confront the Communists and be a strong ally. Our government continued to assist in the illusion of greatness until it was all over. People in the State Department were terminated for no good reason, but for Repugnicanism. The best part of all this and other great material appeared in David Halberstam’s book The Coldest Winter. There was something important that was lacking among the Republicans in Congress throughout those war years. Those people mentioned threw Democrats and others under the bus. There was a fact check made just like the way we fact check each other but particularly The Donald. It was done by Senator Brien McMahon of Connecticut (Democrat of course). He found this

There was no senatorial dissent on the Republican side from 1947-1949

There wasn’t even a mere suggestion of a change of policy

Not a single Republican spoke on the floor of the entire Congress about sending American troops to support Chiang

And they had no answer when asked once by Senator Arthur Vandenberg if they would send their own sons to fight in China

The entirely new strategy was concocted by those Americans and others mentioned along with the Chinese advisor Wellington Koo to create a virus long before the Corona Virus.

In 1950 China was still in a feudal state with warlords controlling it. Mao was able to capitalize on all of that because the peasants of China were exploited and Chiang was an agent of status quo.

For eight years the Republicans had a chance in office to defeat the Communists in China (1953-1961) and they had in office a great commanding general with World War II experience. Nothing happened.  The Republicans did not achieve “Back to the Mainland.”

Richard Nixon about twenty years later opened up China to the United States. I know because I have seen the movie Forrest Gump and believe everything that I saw. This was known as Ping Pong Diplomacy. So instead of taking back China, Republicans have given US much more to think about right now.

We have entered into a new era of American history that has made conditions much worse than they have been in a long time for our nation’s poor. Chiang, Mao, Trump are the key names to consider. Two are dead and one seems politically dead except for one thing. Placing the blame won Trump his time in the Oval Office combined with lots of amazing illusions related to his creation of jobs, handing out criminal reform (in federal prison affecting about 1,000 African Americans whose sentences had been unfair in the first place), unbelievable tax reform which I am still waiting for the majority to believe in, tariffs galore, creating obstacles for immigrants coming here who he held in detention camps and where people lost their lives due to physical and psychological conditions, and making mistakes related to treating the Corona Virus as a flu until it was too late and now I have learned about a statisticians report that says Trump is responsible for 90 percent of the deaths). Our nation (first responders everywhere and all of US) and our nation’s military are more and more at risk each day because of Trumpism. There is now a base in Africa where American troops have to be watched for the virus.

You can decide for yourselves what the Repugnicans have made up today keeping in mind how they covered up their own role in the years leading up to the Korean War and Communist victory in China. During this pandemic, I am not going to open my door to anyone in the traditional way that we do. Trump need never knock on my door. He has messed up this country far more than any Republican will admit as we move more deeply into the 2020 Campaign to Defeat Donald Trump.  May the Force be with you!

I wrote and published this on March 9, 2020 “We can recall the responses to the shootings such as the Parkland shooting.  There was an immediate call to protect schools by hiring former police and/or veterans to protect our children.  And here we have a much greater population in need due to the virus and retired First Responders may be needed soon.  That’s going to cost “The Donald” even more money and this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment at all.  Big government is needed and Trump’s friends want to keep “big government” away from our doors to save lives.  Police and firemen around the country have to realize that while they are at work, their loved ones may be at risk, particularly if those relatives do not live close by.  A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.  And friends and neighbors will be at risk as well.”  Click on it to read the entire article.

Shutting down this White House should be an American priority.

And searching further I found this on February 6, 2020 “There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.”

Those of us who do not have access to the most informative information were put at risk playing Corona Virus Jeopardy but without the well-known host Alex Trebek. Whatever unity we had has been diminished by Trump and we may be heading for much worse than disunity in our nation. Trump has liability for a lot of damage in this country by not acting sooner. Let’s all be adults and promote wellness in our nation instead of false claims.  A man was elected who certainly cannot say that he is the “good hands people.”  He is neither All State nor All American.

Many places around the United States and the world are now addressing Trump’s disinfectant comments, making clear among other things not to swallow any disinfectants. Trump now says it was sarcasm, but he could have indicated that immediately during his press conference. His conduct was not presidential and this has been a persistent problem with him.  Just once we should be able to hear Mike Pence who stands on the sidelines cry foul as Trump speaks. Loyalty runs that deep as it did among Henry Luce and his band of political misfits.

With my cat Joey sitting on my left foot in bed this morning, things were peaceful, but they were not. A storm was brewing in my head knowing that I had to write more.  This is the result.



R-E-D  S-C-A-R-E


J-E-W-  D-E-A-L (New Deal)

A-M-E-R-I-C-A  F-I-R-S-T                

P-A-P-A-L  C-O-N-T-R-O-L  OF A-M-E-R-I-C-A   

W-I-L-L-I-E   H-0-R-T-O-N                  





A-M-E-R-I-C-A   F-I-R-S-T (AGAIN) 

S-O-F-T  O-N-  C-R-I-M-E 


This is from a hundred years of American history and it keeps repeating itself. Right now we notice that the United States has basically collapsed the way that Venezuela has collapsed.  The reasons are not the same, but it really is time to use our reason to full advantage to make the United States and the world a better place.  Trump wants to diminish the role of the World Health Organization at a time when other nations wish to create a world vaccine to help diminish the Corona Virus.

The Force 2020 DDT is with you. Defeat Donald Trump. D-I-S-I-N-F-E-C-T Donald Trump!

The problems existed long before that and long before the Civil War. The problems exist because solutions are not easy to accept by people in government and by the people themselves.  Although there has been some danger throughout our history, the danger has often been magnified by people in government or diminished by the people. Donald Trump and all the walls he has created have to be destroyed.  Just as the Republicans mentioned did not repeal and replace Communism in the 1950s, Trump did not repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act. 

The United States is in a weakened position as are all nations right now and Trump’s late actions have taken important naval ships out of commission and our army bases are being affected as well. He has infected so much of the American population and landscape and he has to be disinfected himself.

And in researching Venezuela just now again, I decided to share this with my readers (source History). “The influx of oil revenues enriches Venezuela’s military regime, especially after it enacts a 1943 law requiring foreign oil companies to turn over half their profits. But the money only offers a band-aid on the nation’s underlying problems.”


In 1973 that ownership increased to sixty percent which was government owned.  The oil embargo of the 1970s enriched Venezuela and that embargo was initiated by OPEC or the oil producing countries.  By 1989 oil prices plummeted and Venezuela started to suffer. Trump tells Americans that Venezuela was once rich and look what happened to it. It fell into huge debt over all those years and could not escape the grip of its creditors. We are being faced right now with incredible bankruptcies.

Even in the 1950s there was great unrest in Venezuela that led to protests against the United States and even Richard Nixon’s vehicle was assaulted then (1958). There were many references then to the role of the Communists in the assault on Nixon’s vehicle without a final determination that it was the Communists.  Those were the days my friends and we thought they would end (or never end). And today’s Venezuela, after immense economic hardship and upheavals, would hardly be recognized by Trump unless, of course, he decided to say that Venezuela is not sending US its best people. In politics people contrive whatever suits their political purposes. And the crashing of oil around the world is another bad symptom of what is going on as the crash of oil prices was in Venezuela.

Venezuela right now has had its oil industry collapse due to world conditions related to the Corona Virus. The Black Market is the place to pay high prices for gasoline since lines are long. We have price gouging here at home for badly needed products. Europe was filled with Black Market activities after 1945 also as The Marshall Plan was badly needed. It was one of the coldest winters on record there and people did not have the fuel to heat their homes and apartments. 

At that moment Winston Churchill said, “What is the plight to which Europe has been reduced? Over wide areas a vast quivering mass of tormented, hungry, careworn and bewildered human beings gape at the ruins of their cities and homes and scan the dark horizon for the approach of some new peril, tyranny or terror.” Thank goodness that Europe was not wiped out. Dean Acheson who was considered an enemy by the Republicans mentioned was instrumental in providing $13 billion over four years to “kick start” Europe’s economies as The Marshall Plan helped save the world economy.

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