The Trumps Working in a Meat Factory?

Can you imagine the Trumps working for a month in a meat plant which has been infiltrated by the Corona Virus (Ivanka and Jared, Melania, Eric, and Donald Jr.? Churchill was in the streets of London, England which was in constant great danger after the German Luftwaffe or air force began its attacks. There is something missing in the White House. Leadership and preparedness!

Korea or today! War overseas or war at home as we fight the Corona Virus. Politics harmed US then and it harms US now. Back then it was MacArthur and unpreparedness and today it is Trump and unpreparedness. MacArthur was not let go or fired and Republicans and Repugnicans will not let go of Trump. Where we are heading, I can easily predict. Consistent throughout that period was MacArthur telling everyone that he didn’t need more troops.  And today Trump tells governors not to expect help from the federal government, even though there is a war doing on as there was in 1950.

As I read and read knowing how Truman gave the order to drop the A-bomb in 1945, I waited to see what was written about using the bomb. The answer was “moral indignation” that prevented its use against the North Koreans as our soldiers got wiped out. At that moment the soldiers were told that they had to die to prevent a million or more people from being killed and now we have people in power that wish to reverse course over opening the economy.  Then it was war for freedom and now it is not about that freedom that we talk about cherishing.

Here is information from David Halberstam’s book on Korea.

Trump supporters will squirm as they try to get out of this comparison. Our nation is at stake! Here is an exchange that took place as the attack took place on South Korea from the North. Sergeant Loren Chambers and Lieutenant Philip Day.

Chambers spotted 8 T-34 tanks. In my home my wife instantly reacted to the name T-34 tanks because she is from Poland and learned about those Russian tanks which I had to learn about by reading the book. These were very advanced tanks. Chambers made it clear to Day that they were not our tanks and they were “not going to be friendly.”  And there was more discussion under intense pressure as things were exposed that MacArthur headquarters in Tokyo was responsible for. The tanks continued forward.

More terrifying details included a long line of enemy troops and 24 Korean tanks.

The enemy column revealed actually was six miles long.

As this column approached within a mile American fire began, mortar attacks. There were “a few hits.” The tanks kept coming. Now within seven hundred years or less than a half mile, recoilless rifles were fired. There were several hits and the tanks kept coming. Bazookas failed. Chambers got on the phone.

Fire 60mm mortars. He was told that they cannot reach that far.

Fire 81mm mortars. “They didn’t come over with us.”

Fire 4.2 mortars. “They couldn’t fire.”

What about the artillery? They were unavailable by phone.

And the Air Force? It didn’t know where Task Force Smith was.

Next question. How about a camera to take picture? Do you now get the picture of the incompetence that plagued US and now plagues US?

The American Army retreated, discarding weapons to move faster and taking off to move barefoot better in rice paddies.  The loss of life was immense.

What held up firing MacArthur? Republican power back home. Know your history, tell the truth always.

And here are important things that surround the White House that should be absorbed.

Ted Cruz wants the United States to collaborate with Israel and its scientific companies in this matter of formulating tests, treatments, and cures. This is what globalism is about but there is more. Cruz wants to eliminate the dependency on China. I say that Israel is an ally and it has advanced scientific development. I would prefer to see another way of obtaining the help of Israeli scientists. The United States has done that sort of thing before in the creation of the Atomic bomb and the location was Manhattan. Also after World War II the United States brought in German scientists who propelled US into the space age.  Even the New York Yankees built up the most powerful team in baseball by paying money to bring talent to New York (Roger Maris was one example). We never had any rockets flying over our heads because of all that critical development in science, but Israel recently has had some damage due to rocket fire and we should place scientists in the safest environment possible. What about Indiana as the placement of the lab or labs and the scientists?

I dare Donald Trump to call a new virus that originates in Israel the Israeli or Jewish Virus. Jews have suffered enough at the hands of others since the virus started spreading in New York.

Donald Trump’s cure is being touted by the New York Post and lots of other media by calling on anecdotal records. The New York Post has written about doctors worldwide that have prescribed the “cure.”  That drug was suspended in France due to a large number of people who died after the first trials seemed alright.  In addition to that few people know today that doctors who are vulnerable to scientific mistakes used to recommend antacids for treating ulcers and the entire medical world rejected the views of a doctor in New Zealand who finally proved that stomach ulcers were caused by the A-Pylori bacteria which he developed upon swallowing the bacteria.  Bam! He was prescribed anti-biotics, the ulcer went away, and he changed the medical world (in a safe manner with a drug that caused no risk to patients). Quack! Quack! Donald Trump says quack quack just like Donald Duck!

Trump has thrown just about everyone under the bus in his more than three years in the White House with great silence from the pensive one. Fox Entertainment keeps inviting people to quell the outrage that Americans feel. Recently I noticed a guest from Turning Points USA touting that Trump has done everything right. This is a super masterpiece of propaganda and the guest was a former member of our nation’s military. Our nation knows the turning point could have been much earlier had Trump taken things seriously.

Reinstate Brett Crozier now! Replace, demote, or fire the people responsible for his firing including DJT. I call upon all members of Turning Points USA to work a week in one of the meat packing plants under the conditions that have just been revealed in South Dakota (no “social distancing” and lots of sick people now).

The attack by Trump on the three governors and then his stating that the decision to open states rests with the governor and then telling the people that the power rests with them to demonstrate for opening up the states is unacceptable along with the immense shortage life-saving equipment.  Between not knowing the US Constitution and using his big mouth to divide people, he reveals just how unfit he is to be in the White House. He has turned the job largely into the Trump Corporation.

And finally the protest about opening the economy has been compared with Rosa Parks fighting for civil rights (we have all lost our liberty and there is no discrimination involved).  The Corona Virus combined with the immediate, premature opening of state economies (regardless of which party opens it) can be compared much more with people who have AIDS who wish to rape men and women (and others) around the world, infecting them, and causing them to be sick and to die. I am writing here about something so massive that was known as the Rape of Nanking by the Japanese (at least 20,000 Chinese were raped), the rape of people all over Europe by an American ally named Russia, the rape by Germans seeking world domination (America was clearly on its mind in the 1930s).  And even before the German attack on Poland, Franco Spain gave not only gave a license to kill to Moors from North Africa who enlisted on the side of Franco, but also a license to rape Spanish women. If what is taking place is a Rosa Parks moment, I must be the most evil person in the world doing nothing for mankind (I am connected with the NAACP).

I see the terror on the faces of people as a result of the spread of COVID-19 and I know that even people professing religious beliefs including having the blood of Christ on them as their protection have to take a long hard look at history.  Along with that belief, according to things that I have read, is an unwritten belief that similarly devoted people feel that they are better than the others. And I have seen a video of people entering a church in violation of the “social distancing” order as others in that same church may have obeyed the order, putting lots of people at risk. What happens in history is that people always realize too late the consequences of their actions and their years of denial. Reform takes place years later making things better for everyone. With this virus invading US we don’t have the true leadership that is needed.

I would even like to see an educational event right now between Dr. Anthony Fauci and some other leading scientists as they express the same ideas in their own ways. I am talking about a Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King type of event where we can listen to the very best way of expressing things that would impact on more people.  I know, for example, that my “six feet apart instead of six feet under” comment wakes up people. The way we say things matters.

The Korean War demonstrated the deep lack of preparation caused by Truman and the American people as the military budget was cut around 90 percent. Truman was a fiscal conservative. MacArthur severely complicated things boasting that he had things under control in his time at Supreme Commander Headquarters in Tokyo and he did not have things under control. There were up to 90 percent losses of men in battle, coincidentally. Was that just a coincidence? Experts predicted it and nobody listened to them. Experts sent out information to Trump and he ignored things.

Trump expected to open the economy a week ago and that did not happen. And now he acts pretty much the way Pontius Pilate did thousands of years ago as he tries to consolidate his power by undermining his opposition. It’s an old “divide and conquer” game that we must reject completely. Pilate was removed from office. Remember how Pilate washed his hands? We wash our hands to keep everyone safe everywhere. Everyone means everyone.

Trump has greatly diminished the United States. He is the Bankruptcy King and his delays in taking action are costing US plenty right now. And he has done things that even diminish people’s faith right now. Even on Fox News with Chris Matthews just now we see Nancy Pelosi repeating that Trump delayed so long that he failed and gets an F in leadership. She also reiterated that her presence in San Francisco was to protect the Chinese there who were becoming victimized by people perhaps egged on by Trump calling the virus the “China” Virus. Nancy Pelosi made the correct call in placing blame on Trump and not waiting until a history book comes out to explain what Trump has really done.

And I know that we are in great danger because there are forces that come with a depression. And I am doing my part to help. Trump on the other hand is just being Trump. I have communicated my ideas to people connected with the Pope, the mayor of New York, the chancellor of the Department of Education of NYC, with people in Congress, and more. What has Betsy DeVos done? Send her to work in a meat factory too?