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The Secretary of the Treasury should hand over Trump’s returns.  And Nancy Pelosi should repeat the call for Trump’s taxes now.

The great Trump economy has collapsed and we hope the collapse will be brief.  That economy was real but Trump’s role in creating it was filled with falsehoods, lies, and more.  Even many Trump supporters would agree with me, but they won’t.  Their minds have become fixed and even though Trump is mostly propaganda like other men in history that he has admired, I know that the propaganda is largely a two-way street.  His supporters cherish his propaganda and particularly so because he won in 2016. 

An example we could talk about is coal.  Trump wanted to bring back coal which made America great.  The first orders of coal by China were actually coal that it didn’t even have so it had to buy from US just as we have to buy ventilators from China because we just don’t have them.  Would that fact convince the typical Trump supporter?  No! No! No!  He might even tell me that the reason why was Obama’s fault.

But now that Trump is not mighty with over 10 million people filing for unemployment, we should demand his tax returns.  His appointee, Mnuchin, has kept those returns from us, unless I have not kept up with any other later news that has been reported.  Trump messed up so much in putting down the impact of the Corona Virus.  All his supporters should share collective guilt, but I know that doesn’t work either.  In the mean-time Trump will do what he usually does to compensate for his lies and promises unkept.  He will communicate things even if they make no sense.

The latest poll is 72 percent favor saving lives over saving the economy 20 percent wish to save the economy and 74 percent of Republicans support Trump because they feel that he is doing everything possible to help US.  This information was reported in USA Today and I do not know what happened to the 8 percent (72 plus 20 equals 92). Those numbers have gone up since March 10.

Let’s make sense of the polls by taking another look at polling during World War II again.  People were very passionate as they are today.

June 1945 in one poll, 58 percent responded that they wanted Japan to be brought to the brink of starvation and 28 percent wanted to see Japan invaded as fast as possible.

In regard to Emperor Hirohito, 33 percent wanted him executed, 17 percent wanted to put him on trial, 11 percent wanted to imprison him, and 3 percent wanted to retain him in power so things could be coordinated with him.

As far as fighting or making peace, in one poll 56 percent wanted to fight and 37 percent wanted to make peace. 

A Fortune poll found 85 percent who were willing to fight.  Returning soldiers were also polled (2,075 of them).  Those who polled keep fighting had 1,332, 201 wanted negotiations, and 500 were undecided.  But here is an additional part of the polling of that group and we can learn from.  When those men were asked about continuing their service in the military, 1,248 really wanted to be discharged from service immediately, 381 said that they would serve a while longer.  The former were men who had fought hard and wanted to pass the job to others. 

In regard to a poll about reducing food consumption to Americans, 74 percent were against the black market purchases.  In relation to lowering income taxes, 77 percent said that it should wait until Japan was defeated.

And we can see that we have to be careful about polls.  Today we learned that the governor of Georgia stated that he didn’t know that the Corona Virus could be spread by people who were asymptomatic.  And a man in power can easily influence huge numbers of people around him.  I guess we have to be thankful that he finally educated himself on the issue.  It would be great to see just how much people in the state would shift their opinion after learning about that.  May I add that the governor is a Republican.  Could it be that he just fell in line to support Trump until things turned for the worse in his state?  A lot of people take their cue from Fox Entertainment.

Right now 52 percent of Americans do not approve of Trump’s handling of the Corona Virus and the drum is beaten by Fox Entertainment to return to work soon to save the economy.  The people have to decide about the delay in getting help to the American people.  How many lives were cost?  All of this and much more could possibly have been prevented if Trump would have revealed his taxes just like all the other candidates.  He promised to reveal those taxes and did not keep his promise.  And now we are stuck with him.

Trump says he will not wear a mask during this pandemic but he should be unmasked.

The Crozier Mutiny could be a new work of literature, thinking about Trump’s comment stating that Brett Crozier’s letter which he said was “all over the place” as he supported the Navy decision for “FIRE” the navy captain who may face disciplinary charges.  Trump called the letter “literature.”  Even Fox Entertainment revealed the contradiction of the letter sowing dissent by stating that the letter united the crew.  Based on what you have read earlier about the mindset of the military, I would predict that the crew probably had its divisions as we are divided about everything. 

This “mutiny” which immediately made me think of Herman Wouk’s Caine Mutiny also caused me to think of The Dreyfus Affair and the Comey Affair with Trump.  I keep saying that leakers are essential.  It would do students great to refer to the Caine Mutiny in Wikipedia.  There is a reference to “Section 184” detailing how to treat a commanding officer who has mental illness.  We have the same protection in the Constitution (25th Amendment).

The men on the U.S.S. Roosevelt were not well protected and the protocol may have been a serious problem for them.  I have experienced the same thing where I live in relation to Congress and its protocol that requires Americans to go back to their own congressional district.  My congressional district is represented by Pete King and I have contacted him and there has been no response.  Enough should be said about protocol right there.  I have been in touch with some offices of Congress that have pulled up my articles and I am thankful for that.  Protocol, in other words, should be studied since it can have severely harmful effects on our nation.

The U.S.S. Roosevelt has 5,000 sailors on it.  The 155 men who tested positive for the Corona Virus have been isolated and 1500 have been removed from the carrier, although 2700 were supposed to be ashore by the time I found the information.  Poor performance like this was very typical of matters during the Pacific theater during World War II. 

The letter written by the commanding officer expressed that Crozier’s letter “created panic” as if the Corona Virus does not create panic among people.  The Navy can only win, it seems, by stacking the deck in its favor.  I agree with Crozier’s assessment about protecting America’s greatest asset, its sailors.

Trump on the other hand has issued orders to be followed and that includes “social distancing” and other things.  Clearly it cannot apply to the carrier but…but…but those men need clear protections as well.  Essentially the entire ship has been taken out of commission as happens during wars and it was not Captain Crozier’s fault.  In backing the acting Navy secretary, Trump revealed that he did not have the backs of his sailors in mind.  He approved the decision “100 percent” and at the same time claimed he didn’t know much about the matter.  And the port call that the captain’s ship made in Vietnam was made long before Trump’s recognition that there was a pandemic as Trump criticized the captain for making a stop during a pandemic.  It was only a flu at that time due to The Donald.

 I hope that Nancy Pelosi and others take sides in this matter.  I hope that the entire navy and military start waking up as well.  And may I also state no matter what spin certain people start putting on this important issue, the captain and his men are not “liberals” trying to make Trump look bad and lessen his chances of reelection.  Some may be liberals and some may have opposed the impeachment and I would assume there are those on ship who were undecided about what do to.  I thank Captain Brett Crozier for his great decision.  Maybe we can coax The Donald into saying that Crozier’s decision was “perfect” and move on to Trump’s next bankruptcy?   This whole matter is very “taxing” for me and our nation.  So what’s next?  I have no crystal ball.  What I would like to see is the Republican National Convention Mutiny taking place.

The United States Postal Service employees are asking for hazard pay citing the many various ways their services are important to US and the world during the crisis we are facing.  I have been trying for years to get rid of America’s greatest hazard while Repugnicans consider him its greatest asset.  Hundreds of employees have tested positive at the USPS.

I was just watching a scene from the Ten Commandments in which Moses asks the man in charge of building the pyramid “Are you a master builder or a master butcher” after saving the life of a Jewish woman caught between the stones who would have been crushed (his own mother).  Trump, the real estate builder, should have learned much more in life.  And I did refer to him recently in an article as “Pharoah Trump.”

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