27 Feet- Cover Up!

Jesse Owens set the broad jump record in 1936 at the Munich Olympics at 26 feet 8 and 3/4 inches.

That is almost as far as the Corona Virus can be spread in the air.  Should we hold Donald Trump accountable for that?  Of course not as we have been guided by the best of information available telling us to “social distance” at 6-10 feet.  The new news about the 27 feet only points to the fact that we have been much more at-risk than we have thought.  That information could have helped Italy and China from the very beginning.  And as I have repeatedly said the translation of Corona Virus information around the world in all languages could have helped the spread of the illness and prevented deaths.  My attempt to reach the Pope has failed and people have to start asking why.

Then there is the important discussion over the ventilators and particularly New York’s request for 30,000 ventilators.  Governor Cuomo has added more to his original request which has been challenged by The Donald.  The governor says that he needs to stockpile and have more ventilators for the apex of the pandemic.  I just read that in 1945 that the United States was under contract for 17,000 more airplanes (450,000 job losses attached to it) to use in the Second World War.  That was called preparedness.  What kind of preparedness Trump, his family, and his advisors are trying to give US is uncertain still!  Trump apparently knows much more than all of the hospitals in our nation as he open questions their need for other important supplies.  He has the habit of opening up his mouth about things that he ought to investigate and even people who voted for him are sensing his lack of leadership (even if he signed the bill to fund $2.2 trillion into law.

What we all understand is that Trump was about two months later in coming around to helping the United States.  There is no amount of propaganda that can deflect that fact. 

The reason why was clear to those far from the real war in the Pacific.  Peace was coming as optimism about the war after V-E Day took place (Victory in Europe).  Let us accept the fact that war time estimates were overestimated.  But here in the United States the war against the Corona Virus is far from over and the deaths are mounting everywhere except in Wyoming.

Florida has finally ordered a statewide shutdown which Trump could have done more to achieve.  Governor DeSantis has put more people at risk by his procrastination.  Trump and De Santis had been acting as a tag team until the order.  They have been wrestling with all the American people as though we are enemies.

Trump is unfit to hold White House updates on the virus.  He was unfit for the job, but he could probably break Jesse Owen’s record in jumping on a broad.

The ending of World War II in the Pacific was more about chaos than the greatness of our government.

500,000-1,000,000 soldiers could be expected to die in the invasion of Japan.

Troops were not trained.

Eighteen years old soldiers with only a minimum amount of training of six months would not be permitted in combat.

Difficulties in getting men and equipment to the Pacific theater.

Supplies that were compromised in transit.

Lack of support at home by the public.

Internal disputes within the military including who should be allowed to be sent home and ego problems created by General MacArthur.

With all of these difficulties and more, the Atomic bomb became ready to use so that no invasion of Japan would be attempted resulting in the predicted deaths mentioned above.

Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo both agreed that we should wait to see how the $2.2 trillion works out before committing more trillions.  Bartiromo was much weaker in her presentation as she never tackled the comment which she agreed with made by Hannity.  At the end of this discussion of the economic impact of the Corona Virus on Wall Street and Main Street, Hannity called the people in Washington “idiots” as he left the air who might waste the money.

As you can see from certain aspects of World War II, contracts were cancelled as our government felt that certain critical things such as airplanes were no longer needed.  I am not an expert on contracts and legislation, but I reacted to share this information with my readers immediately.  It would be great to know if our government right now has the same protections against any intended or other misuse of American dollars.  Perhaps Hannity and Bartiromo should have consulted experts before going on the air?  We know that they and their Republican supporters have been wrong about the Corona Virus, stirred to thinking pot across America in the wrong direction, and now they are calling people in Washington, D.C. (even Trump is in D.C. with those others right now) idiots which filters to millions of viewers and their friends.  Let’s see what Trump has to say?  Are we in for a “Read my lips no more tax dollars for the Corona Virus” moment?

Donald Trump has no atomic bomb to get him out of the mess we are in.  We are not in a “Deep State.”  We are in Deep S- – -“ and there is a shortage of toilet paper.  And I would take a page out of the World War II playbook where things were cancelled and cancel Sean.

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