1945 War 2020 War

I was only a couple of months old in 1945 when Franklin D. Roosevelt died and was replaced by Harry Truman.  Things were the same in some ways.

The enemy was Japan as victory in Europe took place.  Almost 13,000 Americans were killed in battle on Okinawa alone.  The Pacific theater needed more men and supplies (including food).  Americans had had enough of the war on both fronts and wanted to return to civilian life.  Business and labor pretty much wanted that.  The military needed our nation to continue war production.  The war in the Pacific was expected to continue well into 1946.  I read these things in The Implacable Foe by Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio.

And today we are implacable foes as 900 police are expected to have the Corona Virus and five thousand will call in sick by Monday.  They are among our First Responders.  On March 9, 2020 I wrote about my conversation with a member of NYPD.

There were meetings of Congress behind closed doors, but there was leak of critical information to the public.  Massive unemployment was expected as soldiers were going to be discharged (2 million were expected to come home).  Troops had to be redeployed to the Pacific and the decision had to be made just who to send to fight the war there.  Americans did not wish to see teens enter the war in battle and if they did go they needed lots of training (minimum 6 months to a year).  Food production was a huge concern since lots of men left farms to fight in World War II.  Our leaders were skeptical of any commitment by the Soviet Union to join the war against Japan.  The goal of our government was the “unconditional surrender” of Japan.  Making peace before that could happen if the war continued and continued. 

The National Service Act which Roosevelt asked for was defeated by Republicans and 12 Democrats tied to labor.  The bill was called out for its “fascist methods” to control American workers and keep them in particular industries (also known as “work or fight” laws). Keep in mind that since Roosevelt fought for the “New Deal” that the criticism of politics had a mixture of ideas including that the White House was “long haired left wingers” and full of “pipsqueaks.”   Also influencing the bill was the general feeling that the Germans were finished and James F. Byrnes who resigned from the Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion was able to change jobs.  There were labor shortages in key industries in 1945 and positions were filled by returning soldiers.

Senator Robert Taft (Republican from Ohio) was strongly in favor of getting back to a civilian economy without price controls and privately told people that he was upset about the administrations appeasement of labor and holding back profits. 

Keep in mind that there were strikes of labor taking place as we notice a strike against Amazon today.  The polling often favored such legislation by a large majority, but another poll asking people if they were willing to leave their jobs showed only 3 out of 10 in support.  This should raise a suspicion even today about the polls being announced since many such polls do seem rather difficult to believe to me.

Business leaders who took key jobs in government for “a dollar a year” helped expand corporate influence, replacing “New Dealers” who had had power.  Now there were “windfall profits.”  And those businessmen had one foot in the door of starting up a more civilian economy that could hurt the war effort.

The talk that we have just noticed to bring back our workers to save our economy is similar, but so far that consists of a small minority of people including The Donald.  Trump neo-peacetime economic dream against the current war against the Corona Virus will not and cannot bring our nation peace.  Areas that he cited that could be opened up are being “opened up” to the Corona Virus and emergency facilities have been compromised quickly and the pace of help has been less than stellar (unless you are being controlled by White House TLC).

The business community was clearly in opposition to those who were running the war effort.  Roosevelt was talking about creating 60 million jobs and propping up the workers who had been making sacrifices for years (the same kind of thought help unseat Winston Churchill from power as Labour there won).  Now we see a possible need for 47 million (32 percent unemployment) jobs in 2020 as conditions worsen across our nation. This is no shock to me since I have known for a decade or more just how easily a depression could be achieved even without a pandemic.  Call the last ten or more years for the United States a lucky run.

Concentrate on those Roosevelt and Trump job estimate numbers.  Trump has 13 million fewer jobs to create than Roosevelt talked about.  This should be a piece of cake for the job creator of all times.  In fact he will soon be able to declare that the jobs are coming back just like he declared that the jobs were coming back from overseas.  I knew that the jobs were coming back from overseas before Trump said it.  Why?  I read it in news online.  They were going to easily come up before Trump took office.

The divisions in America have resulted in increased deaths.  Veterans are now dying from the Corona Virus.  A funeral in Georgia has just resulted in its quick spread there.  A pastor has been arrested in Florida for violating well-known safety procedures.  The divide is being demonstrated almost everywhere meaning the divide between the America First supporters of Trump who probably continue to praise his work in the White House and those who fought harder to save American lives at home as Trump called this illness a “flu” and procrastinated and pointed blame since he took action against “China.”  It is clear that Trump was not really one of the First Responders.  His responses are full of flaws even if he feels that they are “perfect.” 

Trump the perpetual “winner” (just read about all the winning that America was going to have, looks like the biggest “loser” that I have seen in politics in quite some time.  Trump Village is a housing complex built and named for his father in Brooklyn that bears his father’s name and it was built with public bonds and tax exemptions.  Trump Village is where Trump should have stayed, managing the buildings.

April 1945 was very revealing to Harry Truman because he found his “cure” for the epidemic in the Pacific which started with Japan.  The code name was the Manhattan Engineering District and Truman learned that a bomb could be ready by August 1, 1945 and there were other bombs as well that needed more time.  They were the ventilators of their time, permitting Americans to breathe.  Between Japanese kamikaze raids and the “suicidal” attacks against Americans (Germans surrendered), the American public was inclined to end the war short of “unconditional” terms and the Japanese did these things in order to achieve that goal.   The bomb sped up the ending of the war and Japan came to the table to surrender. 

Truman did not even know about the manufacture of the bomb since it was a top secret.  There have been many top secrets revealed about Trump and his America First Administration and there will be more coming out.  Unfortunately propaganda rules the day.

Containment failed in 1945 as political mistakes were made and containment has had several failures here in America.  This “flu” a new report shows can fly 27 feet in the air and not the previously reported 6-10 feet and this means it has been much more dangerous all along.  That number is not Trump’s fault, but there is lots to politicize about Trump and his TLC for governors and their constituents, American and other.  His TLC or his Lying Constitution along with those who were sucked in by America First have to be discussed much more.  Everything Matters. 

Do you see what I see?  Trum(p)man.  Just add the p and take off man and that is what the America First campaign has given US.  He was clearly not the “man” for the job.  Keep in mind that Trump created obstacles for immigrants seeking asylum and entry into American life, to Puerto Ricans over corruption and the Ukraine as well and about Joe Biden, to El Salvador, the Central American triangle and Mexico over immigration issues, and now he has created obstacles for states that are not just places that provide sanctuary to immigrants, but are home and sanctuary to Americans.  There is no sanctuary for Americans in their own homes when they are told that they have to be “nice.”  We are nice Americans always.

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