The ABC of Donald Trump

I keep saying that the B stands for Bankruptcy.  Feel free to give your feedback at home about each letter.  I wish people could make this go viral.  Trump should have stayed with Stormy instead of screwing America.

His constant reference to the China Virus needs critical thinking.  Would he call a virus from Israel the Israeli Virus or Jewish Virus which would inflame white supremacists around the United States and across the globe?  And take into account that there are now legal repercussions in place to deal with tropes against Jews and Israel.  Trump has demonstrated the very worst category of politician and diplomat about so many matters that don’t matter to his base and that worries us.  Although Chinese are protected by Civil Rights Acts, Donald Trump is not civil nor right the way that he does things.  So read on and share the message.

Here is a man In office who will claim that he did not stir the pot of hate against the Chinese and upon learning about incidents that violate the equal rights protection of individuals or groups will do nothing.  And if he does speak out he will surely be ineffective and claim that his words were “perfect.”  He is a menace to society.  And he is protected (as the Mueller Report explained) by the fact (or opinion) that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

On about ABC, while watching ABC News with Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel talk about what has to be done about the Corona Virus by our so-called “government” in the White House  Christie was reminding the viewing audience about things that he had done about Hurricane Sandy, a great disaster.  Emanuel was reminding viewers about the accomplishment of Barack Obama in two months to lead the United States away from the great recession resulting from the bubble that burst in housing as money dried up. 

I thought about and remembered things. The disaster mentioned by Christie could have been kept off the air and they could have talked about the attack on the World Trade Center and what happened at Ground Zero.  That was war and not a single battle.  And the impact on the lives of men and women who cleaned up that toxic area that has continued for decades far outranks the small amount of illness that resulted from the hurricane.  I do not wish to minimize either the pain and suffering of people who have suffered after Sandy to obtain closure.  They deserved much more help than they were given.  And that applies to the more recent hurricane victims around our nation.  But fighting the Corona Virus is a war in which the casualties can be millions.

We can recall how Donald Trump brought up those great New York values in response to Texas Ted Cruz where Trump spoke about New York’s values when Cruz was really referring to New York’s liberal values.  We are back at square one again as Repugnicans are trying to bury liberal values right now by funding corporate interests against the democratic interests of millions of people who will lose their jobs and suffer for a long time.  And people can check out the slow pace for a year or more of the Obama Stimulus.

Donald Trump took action first against China in relation to the Corona Virus.  Then he took action against the European Union and could not see that the next day as his “hunch” changed that he would have to take action against the United Kingdom.  He attacks his enemies and withholds attacks for his perceived allies.  Where Israel will be with a new government is hard to say right now, but the continuation of Netanyahu’s politics will keep Trump from attacking that new government. 

Trump did speak out soon after I wrote the beginning paragraphs.  We noticed at home listening to his statement that he did not say “China Virus” and he said that the people were not to blame.  There was no warning to the perpetrators in California about their actions.  Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans know very well that he has made no statement for them.  He didn’t make a statement to protect Catholics who protect immigrants who are resented in their communities.  He talks of false unity in America as he fails to defend people’s “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  That “China Virus” episode was seen on “Fox Entertainment” and Trump did not mention that or attack that network.

And in addition to reminding all Americans about those things, we learn that the “cure” for the Corona Virus that Trump has made popular around the world has severely affected adults so it was not the “perfect” answer to fighting the pandemic and letting our guard down in about fifteen days.  That’s another feather in the hat of Trumpism which is quickly ranking in a democracy as the worst thing since fascism and communism.  I knew last night that children could die from a small dose of that cure so I knew that it is not safe.  Then I learned this morning that a man died from it and his was in bad shape from it.  Trump should not be in charge of handling this pandemic at the government level.  I have my “hunches” too.  We have to stop Trump’s propaganda machine.

Xenophobia which exists because of China and its rise to power mixed with the obvious tariff war that Trump brought on should remind all groups of the hostility that they faced as they sought jobs, businesses, and better economic conditions in an America that has a bad history.

I have reached out more to help Hispanics in Italy from El Salvador, Ecuador, and other places.  I knew that there were at least 50,000 Salvadorans in the Milan area (and there may be 135,000 or more in Italy), the epicenter of the virus in Italy and I have read about Salvadorans dying there.  I reached out to and spoke to a state assemblyman yesterday from the Bronx.  I contacted a newspaper whose publisher in Ecuadorian who told me that there are 100,000 Ecuadorians there.  On FACEBOOK, I contacted one of the legends of international soccer about the virus and its impact on Salvadorans in Italy.  And I did much more to gain attention to the problem that Spanish is not one of the languages on the website of the Ministry of Health in Italy.  I sent that soccer legend a photo of us that was taken during a game in Uniondale over a decade ago.  Are all my efforts going to be in vain?

Trump, in my opinion, is desperate now.  The economy that he credited himself with has been wrecked and his ineptitude which he perpetrated before he changed course is resurfacing again as he talks and rambles on about the pandemic that is about to be made into a flu again.  He changes course with Fox Entertainment as his North Star, his guiding light.  The Republican Party still has time to change course and find someone else before the Convention.  This is unconventional, but badly needed.  It’s time to Dump Trump.  This is not a joke.  And the negative list of things about Trump keeps increasing.

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