Mixing Cases of Corona Light With the Corona Virus Is Bad Leadership

My readers know that I have been fighting hard to make a difference in the communication through foreign language information during this Corona Virus crisis.  Just a couple of days ago, it was revealed the Center for Disease Control of the United States neglected to post important information in Spanish. 

Here is NBC News published on March 17, 2020.  The guidelines published by the White House are only in English and include, among other things, the administration’s recommendation that gatherings be limited to 10 people or less.

Here is ABC News published March 19, 2020.  The move came hours after an ABC News report highlighted that there were no readily available written guidelines in Spanish on those sites.

On March 9, 2020 I published certain suggestions that included sharing Corona Virus information in all languages.  And I knew the week before what kinds of mistakes would be committed by Trump and by people around him.  I knew exactly where to look for the information due to my vast experience as an educator, but it is difficult to educate people in power.  I also know that I did not mention Spanish as a language specifically that would be neglected, but in general my emphasis was on all languages.  All!

I did wake up some people today who work for congressional members and that was satisfying because we have to save lives and cut down on the extent of illness and suffering. 

And there is more to look at.  Florida, Louisiana, and Mexico should be of major concern.  The Spring break in Florida and the religious beliefs of people in Louisiana and Mexico may be of great harm to the progress being made.  I mentioned the church in East Baton Rouge Parish in my previous article and now I must cite the President of Mexico Lopez-Obrador who apparently for reasons of faith has defied the pandemic for now.  There have been 164 confirmed cases (1 death) in Mexico and I hope that Lopez-Obrador is not getting confused with 164 cases of Corona beer.

With 30 percent of Democrats and 92 percent of Republicans approving of Trump’s handling of the Corona Virus, we can see that Republicans have a great need to gather around Trump is this hour of crisis.  A closer look at Trump is needed besides watching him read and ramble his reports to the American people.  My last article about Germans in 1946 and today’s Republican supporters in 2020 is a must read.  Trump, we should remember, did not get a check written by President Lopez-Obrador, to build his wall and his concern is now on the border, of course.  Do I have to repeat that?

You would think that news of the Spring break, the churchgoers gathered to pray in Louisiana, and the comments of the Mexican president and his actions would affect Trump, particularly since American lives are at risk in all three places.  Those Republicans continue to hear the echo of “Let Trump Be Trump” without thinking about these situations.  All three!

We know that the Mexican president is not practicing “social distancing” and I am pretty certain that some of those churchgoers and beachgoers were doing their best under the circumstances to comply as they participated; however, they could not accurately calculate the real situation of not knowing just how many people around them may have been affected by the virus.  One mistake going to or inside church or the beach could wipe out their normal existence.  I can also take into consideration that Lopez-Obrador has consulted with experts and chose his own course of action for the moment, as well.  And experts can disagree on the course of action to take.  What is particularly revealing and disturbing is that we now know (including Trump) that this “flu” is a big killer and the numbers are manifesting themselves right now.

Trump is a fighter, trained in the court of law defending his corporate interests.  Choosing him was a tragic mistake.  His opposition can point to probably dozens of things where he has put Americans and others at risk by his words and actions, but people remain loyal to him.  Even the medical team around him (the experts that we see) certainly do not want to risk offending him because everyone knows the Trump result well (you’re fired).  We have seen that before in his administration and we will see it again.  Trump’s hunch that this was just a flu, even after taking action against China, shows his lack of comprehension or his disturbing tendency to either lie to people or just being incompetent under the weight of being responsible for the entire United States and the world instead of the Trump Corporation.    This is another Trump bankruptcy.

So what could Trump have done about these situations?  First of all we could have read about I talked to the governors of those states and we had a “perfect” conversations, they were “perfect” phone calls and we agree that unity is critical and those people were careless in practicing what our nation needs, particularly those who are at risk including new born babies that have been born with the virus.  He could have called the Mexican president and reminded him that there are lots of Americans and foreigners (including foreign born) who will contact the virus through mistakes made as people let their guard down.  Those foreigners could be our own family members as our nation is diverse. 

Some of my family members are not American as they came from Poland.  So those non-citizens need the same protections that are given to all others from all countries. 

Trump has only decided to shut down the border, not taking into account the bigger picture of protecting those Americans who stay in Mexico.  Protecting the lives and properties of Americans outside our nation has always been important to US.  That protection even included invasions to help our people.  The invasion needed was more action to educate Lopez-Obrador.  And we see that Trump has defied his own orders in public meetings and we now know that a member of Mike Pence’s office has tested positive.  And particularly troubling right now is the report that 14 or more Mexicans who went skiing in Colorado brought the Corona Virus back to Mexico.  And Jalisco is an important center for American and Canadian tourists and residents.

People in office are often bad examples and drunk with power and now mixing the Corona Virus with those cases of Corona light.  This is unfortunate unless you demand “loyalty” to the president, risking the lives of millions of people.  Today’s news reports that American intelligence gave warnings in January and February about the spread of the virus and based on all that matters the American people must be united in relation to the political fallout.  Republicans must remove this stain by asking Trump to clear his name from the list of candidates for 2020.  In addition those people around Trump have to be provided now with a clear message that their services will not be terminated or even demoted for any comments made against “The Donald” that are factual statement.

We have seen it all before with Trump.  And we will see it again.  And Republicans should be asking the press to regurgitate what they have learned about Trump throughout the years so that they can be re-informed.  Brains need to be sanitized right now.

These are dangerous times, even without nuclear war or even the Pacific War that I am slowly learning more about.  There the Japanese were doing things in battle to prolong the war and to keep Japan from being invaded.  The American commanders at that time were doing their best to reduce American casualties (emphasis on death and illness including psychological) because the Pacific theater was not getting enough soldiers, civilian help, and material support.  Sound familiar? 

We have shortages right now in this war against the virus.  In 1944 and 1945 Americans wanted to turn away from producing items for the war toward peacetime production and in 2020 we need wartime powers in place to provide us with the products to contain the virus.  We are months behind due to human error and we have to catch up quickly.  In those years our economy was roaring and right now the roar has ceased as we see empty streets and parking lots.  We see hospitals filled to capacity and long lines to be tested.  All of this is unacceptable, especially considering the wealth of the American people today as compared to those days. 

I cannot say with any certainty just what percentage of Republicans and other supporters of Trump will declare this article a piece of propaganda.  So much of what has been discussed is considered propaganda by them as they fail to face the facts.  They love those old Sean Spicer-Kelly Conway moments made for television where the facts were replaced by other facts a la Trump.  There is very little in this article which could label me a “liberal.”  I am just fighting for the American people and the world.

The town government where I live is Republican.  The golf course where I play has been closed due to the virus.  As I drove by yesterday all the electric golf carts were outside, giving the appearance of being open.  The staff was attending to the sanitizing of the golf carts.  We thank that administration for protecting us, but those carts were being used until now under older guidelines.  We played days ago but we took precautions and rubbed elbows (did not shake hands) as we said “nice playing with you.”  This is not a game we are playing.

I had a long conversation with a golfer who seemed much more intent on talking about the overthrow of our democracy by the left, the F.B.I. being controlled by Democrats, the senility of Robert Mueller, the propaganda being spread by the press, the innocence of Donald Trump or questioning whether he should have been impeached, and how improper it is to overthrow our government because of a “whistleblower” who would not even step forward to testify after accusing Trump.  We have heard all this before and we will hear it again.  Clinton was brought up and I cut him off by reminding him that Clinton is not a candidate in 2020.  And he tells me that he reads information (that he believes).   He kind of asked me and told me that I am a Democrat.

My readers know that I am for whistleblowers and leakers.  Anyone who reads my book J’Accuse will see that I am critical of Democrats as I have been critical of Democrats across the state of New York throughout the years.  I may agree with them on critical things, but as a leading voice for GED in the world I have been critical of them and on other issues including their support of charter schools. 

We are still not united and we will remain divided as long as people in power do not tell US the truth.  The CDC held discussions as early as January 3 about the pandemic that was coming.  The reports also indicate that Trump was not taking things seriously at all.  So reports about his powerful moves against China are surely suspect in relation to the Corona Virus.  What did motivate him? 

The Republican pandemic of 92 percent support for Trump must end now.  And getting rid of Trump (a menace to the world) should be as simple as being told not to show up for work today because of the Corona Virus.  Fire him!  And we all have to practice “social distancing” from him and his family members.

And after all my efforts through people connected with the Pope in the Vatican and after all these weeks, there still has been nothing nada rien niente from the Pope or any of his officials to announce that information should be available in all languages on the websites of the departments of health about the Corona Virus.  That announcement should have been made already to help save lives and keep the illness from spreading.  The Pope can go out for a walk alone to show the people in Rome, but his voice is needed to speak to the world now.

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