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It’s just a flu, we were told by Trump and others.  The latest report is that a family of seven has suffered two death and four people in critical condition.  It is my goal to be critical of the White House and America.  Read on if you have the courage or fortitude.  Weak people may withdraw.  Trump’s lucky that Iran and North Korea are not the principal providers of masks, respirators, and things we need in the Crisis of 2020.  This is another Trump Crisis like the Mueller Report and the Impeachment and no one is insane enough to ask for a demonstration of all the people in Washington, D.C. close to the White House.  I wouldn’t be surprised if “the Donald” is hoarding toilet paper like other Americans.

And let me tell my readers just how close the Corona Virus is to me.  Someone that I know was close to one of the two people who died in Suffolk County from the Corona Virus.  There is more that I could report, but I am choosing to stop right here.  That means it is serious and close.  Nobody is listening to me.  No announcement has been made by the Pope or anyone on the Catholic Church that I have contacted.  Is this normal?  Yes it is.  My cat just tapped my leg to ask me to open the window of my office and I’ll be hitting golf balls tomorrow if it is not raining.  Life goes on.  Beautifully?  Not during this crisis.

Germans and Americans have a lot in common if we look carefully at Germany in 1946 and the United States in 2020.  There are people who voted for Hitler and those who voted for Trump.  I have been telling people that Trump is holding the Republican Party together like cement or anything else.  It is a coalition of things and it won the Electoral College vote.  I hope that students achieving voting age remember the lesson on the popular vote vs. the electoral college.

What needs to be put on the table is something recent and that is that 45 percent of Americans feel that Trump’s handling of the Corona Response is okay at the very least.  Just now Trump announced that badly needed equipment “will” be ordered.  This is testimony to Trump’s je ne sais quoi (I don’t know what) which places him among the worst American presidents of all time.  I have posted online again today that Trump should resign.  Do I think that Pence will be better?  Leave me alone.  And as I typed, I overheard that Trump considers himself a wartime president.  Remember that I wrote in my last article about not changing horses in midstream?  It’s has just about arrived.

In Germany after World War II ended, most Germans could not or did not want wish to understand the accusations against them after the war.  It was not until the 1950s and 1960s that they were able to deal with it all.  Attempts to gather Germans together to address the problem and change their feelings or attitudes did not work. 

Germans were resented by the Allies for what they had done and we made to sit down to watch films as Americans and British in power felt that the German people should “realise the consequences of a war which they caused” and that included General Lucius Clay and Field Marshall Montgomery.  Only a minority of Germans “were able to see themselves as others saw them.”  Germans felt victimized, misunderstood.  And those Germans could not get cards to get food unless they entered the theaters.  And it was reported that most Germans turned their faces away from the screen throughout the movie.

And there were countless “forced” lectures as well.

This feeling was supported by anti-Nazis and even German Jews who resented the treatment of people by the Allies.   The Catholic Archbishop of Cologne wrote that the Fuehrer made most decisions on his own or in collaboration with his closest advisors

As the attempt to appeal to any of the 45 percent that was just mentioned or even a greater amount of Trump supporters that have responded in other polls, we have to take history into consideration.  Keep in mind that Hitler told the Germans that he would win and we see the same performance in Trump.  Take into consideration that the United States is now fast approaching exactly what existed in German when the war ended.  German cities were destroyed and millions of people were killed.  The economy was in ruins and the latter is our main concern right now as 20 percent unemployment is being predicted, which was what Americans experienced during The Great Depression.  Trump actually gave his answer on that and probably it was another favorable “hunch” which reminds of his last hunch that this virus is only a flu that will go away.

In a Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish (which has gone Rogue for now), hundreds just attended a church service in violation and contempt for governor’s orders.  I would ask those people who attended would that do what orthodox Jews did during those pre-Holocaust days and run into a synagogue and dance around the Torah, sacrificing themselves to God or would they watch the church burn as the fire department was called?  The pastor was misguided and religious leaders all over the world have taken action to keep their congregations safe so that others can be safe.  The pastor has jeopardized people everywhere by his actions.  And as I write, we find out that the governor of Florida is not doing enough as large groups of people visit the beaches of Miami. 

But Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland cleared the air by telling the people that Trump failed to act properly by downplaying the virus (only about a week ago).  We now are being told that this crisis could last eighteen months.  And in the book 1946 by Victor Sebestyen it says that Germans found it difficult to survive in the eighteen months after the end of World War II.  And he alludes to the Spanish Flu of 1918 which did not impact on Europe in 1946.

This was the first statement made by the Chinese government about the possibility of an American soldier spreading the virus.  As you can see it was never said it was an American soldier.  Lijian Zhao wrote this on Twitter.

2/2 CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!

The “Wuhan Virus” became the “China Virus.”  It’s making “huge” news on Fox Entertainment.  Yahoo News reported that Sean Hannity’s supporting details of the great work done by the Trump Administration were said with a “straight face.”  Months after denouncing China, Trump was still minimizing the virus and saying that things were “under control.”  Propaganda copied from China as Fuehrer Trump has made the decision on his own or with the advice of his closest advisors?  The CDC surely did not have things under control since he thought we only needed about thirty days to deal with this virus and its economic consequences.   He has gone from keeping down the numbers to saving lives.

I told you before that I know why Repugnicans are hoarding a lot of toilet paper.  The answer is that they are full of shit.

I finally decided to go to the CDC website and noticed that the CDC has information in eight languages besides English and Spanish.  This is insufficient, in my opinion, because the goal is to prevent the spread of the virus and death.  Communication in all languages is the key and there should have been sharing of information already.   And I pretty much know from watching Repugnicans carefully for a long time that if they are required to watch a movie of all of Trump’s lies and bad decisions that most of them will turn their heads or take out their cell phones to text or do searches.

My readers know about my outreach to the Pope.  Yesterday I called and shared information with the office of Governor Inslee of Washington, among other things.  This article will go out to important staff of the governor of Louisiana today.  I would hope that all of the governors of the United States would read this article as well as the Pope in the Vatican.

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