The Spanish Flu and Now Corona Virus

“Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised.”

Deb Riechmann, Associated Press

Did the Spanish flu come from Spain or originate there?  The land of my favorite national dish, paella valenciana?  And the home of my favorite alcoholic drink, sangria?  Just the other day a retired microbiologist that I was talking to said that those viruses are always named after the place where it begins.  Do I have to repeat that as I tell you that it was World War I propaganda that led to the naming of the “Spanish flu.”  There were censors who would not allow reporting of the flu during the war (censorship is always common as the truth is held back).  Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States could have won the distinction at that time, but reporting was not allowed.  The first large coverage of the flu took place in Spain, creating a “false impression.”  And I love patatas bravas.  Have you heard about the Czekolada Pitna Flu yet?

Let’s take a quick look at the play book for fighting the virus and protecting people.  This was the research based on the Spanish Flu.

Higher mortality rate for young people.  Malnutrition. Poor hygiene.  Overcrowded hospitals and medical camps.  Soldiers whose immune systems were compromised by the physical and psychological aspects of war.  New transportation systems could spread the virus as people travelled.  The first recorded victim of the flu was in a military camp in the United States.  The virus mutated making things more deadly.  The president of Brazil died from the flu.  Misdiagnosis with other diseases was common.  The flu hit during summer and autumn (not typical).  There were school closings.  Stores were closed or orders were taken outdoors to be filled by staff inside.  Health care workers fell ill.  A blockade prevented the flu from reaching American Samoa.  Aspirin poisoning contributed to deaths (too much aspirin).  Reduction in educational attainment.   Lower income and socioeconomic status.  Serious global economic effects of some industries (entertainment).  Women advanced in nursing. 

Of course I woke up in the morning and read that the Spanish flu started in Spain and then it spread to our soldiers in Europe who came home to spread it in the United States.  And I always say, “it ain’t over til it’s over.”  Perhaps CNNs journalists are correct and what I read was wrong.  The article shows the Spanish flu starting in 1918 but there was research in the UK that showed a new flu in 1917 which I read about. 

In addition American soldiers being trained for war got sick in Kansas in March 1918 and the CNN article cites only the Spring of 1918 as soldiers came home from the war in Europe.  Since the illness spread fast and furious in the United States as well as most everywhere, Philadelphia was hard hit and largely because of the mass congregation.  There was no mention of Kansas by the journalist.  I am not fighting to defend what I wrote, but I found that the website (The Spanish Flu- How it began and ended) supports the view that I have presented.

The type of research presented here applies to the flu sometimes being called the China Corona Virus and I return to the comments made by the microbiologist that I wrote about.  He has no ax to grind with China for any reason and he should not be held responsible for his comments.  Certain media and others may not be so innocent given the diplomatic situation with China.  Apologies should be presented by people because we know that this kind of history matters and we do not wish to be racially or nationally insensitive and insensible.  Whether people actually apologize is up to them, but I will remind my readers that mental corruption impacts all over the world and we should be aware of it in all places.

The Czekolada Pitna Flu which I mentioned is no flu at all.  It’s a package that we just received from Poland of chocolate that can be drinkable.  By leaving out this very important information today, people probably would be going to the internet to research Czekolada Pitna.  Keep in mind how the “War of the Worlds” announcement affected Americans who listened to Orson Wells on the radio in 1938.  I’d love to watch Donald Trump talk his way through a flu that doesn’t even exist the way he talks about so many things in which he is unprepared.  This has plagued him since the Presidential Debates in 2016 and it his own personal affliction.

And getting back to The War of the Worlds where a Martian invasion was in progress, we can turn to a modern-day version of war.  Weeks ago Trump stated that he did not know a particular alien whose role in arriving in America was unknown at the time.  That alien started to spread the word that he started the Corona Virus.  Secret documents are about to be released, but in a poorly attended press conference about a week ago, Trump was told that this alien had attended a Mar-A-Lago Republican party.  Trump quickly defended himself stating that he does not know “the guy.”  And he revealed again that he has lots of pictures with people that he doesn’t know.  Last night “the Donald” announced after downplaying the virus and a relationship with the “alien” that he had participated in some “perfect” phone calls with that guy, making it known that the last phone call was even more “perfect” because there were no whistleblowers around. 

Trump revealed that he made it known to the alien that he would be attacked with “fire and fury” if he did not make a deal to eliminate the threat (the Corona Virus).    And Trump went beyond that by changing the theme of his reelection campaign from “Keep America Great” to “Do Not Change Horses (Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt was the horse that I am thinking of) in Midstream” as supporters rushed to buy his latest hats and tee-shirts in the Trump-Made in China Promotions Store. 

The alien called off the Corona Virus this morning and sales of the hats and tee shirts have skyrocketed along with “Keep America Great”  “America First” “In Godlike Trump We Trust” and of course “Make America Great Again” products including bumper stickers. 

The Corona Virus is serious business worldwide and it takes great leadership to navigate through it.  Unfortunately we lack that to counter the political, economic, and social problems that will increase because of the virus.  I’ve written that Trump is the Corona Virus.  Trump has really watched an increase in all sorts of crimes in America rise as he has demonized the MS-13.  We could go back to the Great Potato Famine in Ireland which existed in other countries of Europe and learn from what took place.  Life became much more destabilized than it had been and the Irish who suffered greatly under tremendous discrimination were destroyed by a plague with little help from the outside world.  America can become a minefield if the right actions are not taken and we do have the wrong people in power right now. 

And referring back to “whistleblowers” I must say that I have called for whistleblowers and leakers everywhere to defend the interests of the American people.  In China the doctor who was the whistleblower was censured by the Chinese government.  Not only Trump, but also many members of Congress have repeatedly called for violating the whistleblower in the Trump-Ukraine Crisis. 

In taking a close look at New York City at the time of the Spanish flu, we can see signs that severely impacted on Jews and others who wanted a better life instead of exploitation.  Socialists were successful in winning ten seats in the state legislature.  Those socialists were elected in districts filled with Jews.  Those men were educated men and labor leaders.  They advocated for many things including workers’ rights, the dissemination of birth control methods (making that legal), against landlords raising rents in the first year and 30 days notice for future rent increases, low-income housing for the poor where there was no profit, a “social security” system of government including old age pensions and unemployment insurance, and a free state university system.  Those bills never made it out of committee to be discussed and voted on.

At that time in history with some violence being committed by anarchists and the Russian Revolution taking place, the tide started to turn against those immigrants around our nation.  My late father was only two years old and my mother was not even conceived.  The United States Justice Department soon raided those socialists and labor leaders, along with anarchists.  The fearmongers preyed on the American public and the immigrants faced harsh realities by this politic.  We see a great attempt to achieve the same thing among Trump and his supporters as levelled headed socialists are compared to the Bolsheviks of 1917 by alluding to Venezuela when there are great socialist nations to talk about.  The Corona Virus is showing to people around the world the defects of a health care system that has been painted by conservative talk show hosts as the best system in the world.  And that is far from true.

The torch of the Statue of Liberty pretty much fell on the heads of immigrants from southern Europe as discrimination won the day.  This led to preventing Jews in particular from coming to America and it made it unlawful to cross the Southern border (Mexico where a wall is slowly coming up).  It led to deportations of immigrants.  Hitler learned from all of these things in persecuting people in Germany and throughout Europe.  The Chicago Tribune at that time printed the headline “Immigration, Invasion, Revolution” and invasion led to conquest.  The pollution of American blood also targeted Greeks, Italians, and Syrians.  The quota system was the answer to extremely harsh American action.  And quotas prevented Jews from coming to America at their worst time in modern history.  Even when quotas reduced Italian and Russian (mostly Jewish) immigration by 85 percent or more, Americans felt that there were too many of those immigrants here. 

Asians were completely banned and African nations received quotas of one hundred each.  New York spoke out and in Congress the point was made that the Ku Klux Klan inspired the act of Congress.  Congressman Samuel Dickstein pointed out that the forefathers of our nation would be ashamed of the immigration act.

And East Broadway where I lived with my parents until 1968, around that time seemed like a ghost town as “life was leaving the once vivid neighborhood.”  The Italian-American newspaper Il Progreso Italo-Americano came to the same conclusion. 

This reminder of what our nation was really like in 1918 and soon after that was made possible by the research of Tyler Anbinder whose book CITY of DREAMS should be read by all in New York City as it fights the Corona Virus.  Anbinder was an consultant to film producer Martin Scorsese in Gangs of New York.  America Was Born in the Streets, the trailer for the movie states.  We are those Irish fighting for their rights as they proclaimed that “we are not a gang, we are an army.”  Our people must be taken care of better than Trump and his gang feel. 

Irish, Jews, Greeks, African Americans, Asians, Italians, and others have to learn the entire history and we have to fight together for all of us.  In thinking of that army of immigrants, I must tell you just how a Jew helped change our nation, diminishing the power of our government over its people.  He recently passed away at the age of 103, but he accomplished his mission by starring in and producing the movie Spartacus.  We love Spartacus for ending the hostile and pervading control of Hollywood by extremist government control.  Instead of using a fake name for the screenwriter who was “blacklisted” and prevented from earning a living openly, Kirk Douglas used the real name of the writer and that helped end the oppression of our government.  My mother’s cousin Joshua Shelly was blacklisted and I had the opportunity to speak to him once shortly before his death.

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