Corona Virus Today: Vital Suggestions

Within the last weeks I wrote that I would share information about things that are needed to battle the Corona Virus, the serious illness that is spreading around the world.  And today I have read about Trump’s fabrications and lies as he attempts to defend himself over his handling of the Corona Virus.  I have also read where a Republican has stated that the White House reaction to the Corona Virus has been the best that it could be.  Read on and you decide if that last statement is true.  Here are some improvements of what I currently see based on history and current events.

I held back to give the White House a chance to solidify efforts and we have observed “The Donald” being himself, divisive and appealing to his supporters with his “hoax” comment.  Tied into that hoax comment about Democrats was speaking out to minimize the power of the Corona Virus which fell just a bit short of declaring the virus a hoax.  And the White House’s initial request for $2.5 billion in funds weeks ago has now been increased by the Congress that has helped knock sense into the head of Donald Trump as $8.3 billion has been signed into law.  I waited for that to write, but there is more.

Based on the idea that I had weeks ago, I had a conversation with a NYC fireman today and he downplayed the virus.  Question one is where did he get his information from?  His family is protected by two things, a wife who is a nurse and by his own training as a First Responder.  I didn’t like his response to my question, but I would like to see men and women like him to be trained more, if that training is needed.  And more might be required if the epidemic reaches proportions where neighborhoods are severely affected.  Training, training, training!  It’s my “hunch” that more training will be needed.

We can recall the responses to the shootings such as the Parkland shooting.  There was an immediate call to protect schools by hiring former police and/or veterans to protect our children.  And here we have a much greater population in need due to the virus and retired First Responders may be needed soon.  That’s going to cost “The Donald” even more money and this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment at all.  Big government is needed and Trump’s friends want to keep “big government” away from our doors to save lives.  Police and firemen around the country have to realize that while they are at work, their loved ones may be at risk, particularly if those relatives do not live close by.  A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.  And friends and neighbors will be at risk as well. 

This is not a moment in history where Donald Trump should be in charge.  Killing the Democratic opposition and anyone who is not loyal to him has been his major strength so far.  But now lives are at risk and I compare these days to fighting battles in the Pacific against the Japanese when the commanders made lots of mistakes that cost lives.  There was even quite a bit of death by friendly fire, but diseases were rampant.  In one case that I read about a thousand evacuees had to stay two days and nights in water and conditions where sharks were a threat (1,150 men of whom 116 died).  And that rescue was “miserably prolonged” as leadership (although under intense pressure due to battle) was deficient.  This was off the coast of Samar before the Battle of Leyte Gulf. 

We want the evacuation of people affected by the Corona Virus to go smoothly, but we cannot always leave everything to the experts.  We also do not want the interference of ignorant fools telling US about things that are “perfect” that are not.  I treasure the input of others that will save lives here and around the world.  I will share my ideas with people in the British Parliament, the French National Assembly, Israel, and other countries.

I am no expert, but I have undertaken some research that should be helpful to people in Congress.  In New York State information about the Corona Virus has been generated in various languages including Spanish, Korean, Kreole, Bengali, Russia, and Chinese.  Spanish and Chinese are languages with posts in South Carolina (the English only state for education programs which I have written about).  With the movement of people who speak lots of other languages around our country, more has to be done to protect everyone.  A suggestion is that the South Carolina could immediately borrow shared information with New York State in the languages that I have mentioned that apply and that all states cooperate to generate information in all languages where possible to help people and to save lives.  Money should not be a problem in these translations.

Trump finds ways to put walls between people and his comment about asking for so little and getting a lot is his way of claiming victory.  Bankruptcy is his favorite victory and we have to avoid his “hunches” at all cost.

Even in Israel Chief Rabbi David Lau has asked Jews not to kiss the mezuzah (placed outside the door in homes, places of worship, and institutions) which instantly made me think of Passover as the plague passed over Jewish homes.  This is the Passover Year to pass over Trump, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner whose guidance and silence are leading US into a future that minimizes life at this critical moment.  Ivanka just announced her conversion to a Trump Republican.  Massive prayer is being called for in Israel and Jews around the world are taking similar actions including refraining from physical contact with others.  Political action is needed.

Donald Trump is fighting America even though his campaign is about America First.  His response, we can conclude from his words and ideas, has been “perfect” as he attacks Governor Inslee of Washington, calling him a snake.  Snake oil salesmen should not go around calling people snakes.  Pharaoh Trump is trying to use his snakes and all the “black magic” that he can to attack the side of truth and justice for people.  And in The Ten Commandments not only did Moses say “man should be ruled by law and not by the will of other men” (I realize the context was different, but what truthful words for our time) but also Moses cast a staff that turned into a snake.  Pharaoh commanded his men and two snakes were cast.  Moses’ snake quickly devoured the other two snakes.  And the defiance was intergenerational as Pharaoh’s son kicked Moses’ staff.  And the oppression continued until the Exodus.  The defiance that has afflicted America will stop from here to Pesach (Passover) to November.  God did not send Trump to America to do great things. 

Revangelicans can take note of these comments and the suggestions revealed here.  Trump has shown US nothing presidential again, pestilential yes.  And you are not going to find his ignorance in the Bible to support him.  He can only be destroyed along with the other Pharaoh.  And now Trump’s untruths continue to afflict Americans during this war on the Corona Virus.  Let the Red Sea part or let Trump take a long, long trip to the Dead Sea and let us part with Trumpism in its entirety.  A Trump Dead Sea Hotel is where he belongs.  Permanently!

And I can assure you that the historical documentation of the horrible conflict that took place in the Pacific during World War II was underfunded.  The concentration was on defeating Hitler and Germany and its allies.  Here is an example.  In 1944 there were 15,160 cases of battle fatigue in the Pacific.  The symptoms included uncontrollable weeping, trembling to mute withdrawal, robotic movement, and a “thousand-yard stare” into space. 

Those troops and others needed to be relieved of duty more quickly so that they could convalesce.  That wasn’t so and there were people who had had psychoses whose cases were not disclosed before being recruited and those were sent home.  And even after rest a significant percentage of men did not return to battle.  So you can see how important the truth is and the opening paragraph of this article should demand more of Americans so we can defeat the Corona Virus. 

Propaganda will not defeat that virus.  And a full written report in the hands of people who can think as I have shown here would benefit people around the world from today until victory over the Corona Virus.  American First during the Corona Virus is not going to be victorious.  It will become a virus that is vitriolic and then disastrous.  And I wish to see all states sharing information in languages that they do not have as of this moment.  Having all languages would be “perfect” unless the English only person who is in charge disagrees.

A visit to the Department of Health of Puerto Rico only showed information in Spanish and this should be a warning to Spanish speaking nations to do more as well.  Even the alert on that website is written in small letters and is not sufficiently visible.

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