Nobody Listens to Me: Reducing Anti-Semitism Now

At this time a “special report” from anti-Semitism Czar Elon Carr should be revealed to us and if no such report exists it should be written fast.  And this request comes amid concerns in the Netherlands (and especially Germany right now about the right-wing) that anti-Semitism is rising and that Jews sometimes or often do not even makes reports because they feel that reporting an incident will lead to nothing.  The police on Long Island know about those policing problems (experienced by undocumented immigrants).  Jews in Amsterdam and Jews in parts of New Amsterdam including Brooklyn (Breukelen), the Bronx (Bronck), and other places including the Bowery (Bouwerie) should not have to wait years to have cases resolved.  Very often more police and better training would be helpful.  We must demand more of the Trump Administration to coordinate things on a national level.

 Los Angeles in the 1930s was a hotbed of anti-Semitism and a member of the ADL there generated a powerful movement to fight anti-Semitism and hate which is in the book Hitler in Los Angeles.  What those men and women back then accomplished were not known in places like Monsey, Pittsburgh, and Jersey City at that time.  And the best information has to be filtered to all of our communities here and abroad.

I would strongly suggest that more sharing of ideas take place.  The Netherlands, Germany, New York City, and the F.B.I. should join together in an on-going discussion to learn more.  Even the Anti-Defamation League could join in if that is possible.  The fight against anti-Semitism is “our” fight which means the fight of the people. 

There has been a recent successful case against dozens of White Supremacists (64 receiving 820 years in sentences) in the news.  One actually had a tattoo of Adolph Hitler on his head as he tried to run over an officer.  And certain of those defendants had as many as 28 prior convictions.  With that said about the case in Texas, Donald Trump, William Barr, and others remain silent across our nation and blame liberals for other things like no bail.  I would suggest that the Justice Department produce a complete report (or as complete as it knows how to start) providing information about those Americans convicted this month that would resemble the report made about the Parkland Massacre shooter in Florida.  We have to know the zip codes and places of this great infestation. In a murder trial that resulted in the conviction of a White Supremacist that just made the news, the kind of information that I just mentioned once there in about one sentence as it was reported that the man had problems with drugs and guns as a fourteen year old (this part of the article about the White Supremacist who killed someone was not part of what I sent to The Algemeiner).

Probably we could all learn from each other to prevent the anti-Semitism plaguing the world.  I knew there was a problem while I was walking the streets of Paris (in a French neighborhood) during the 1980s as a woman told me to be careful of the “Arabs.” About fifteen years later, I detected a problem in the French education system as Africans did not know the various ways of getting into the free university system.  Education matters!

Nobody listens to me is something that a say a lot.  Over a decade ago, the ambassador of El Salvador to the United States called me while I was in Puerto Rico and he personally took care of a problem that gained me acceptance by the president of the New York City Central Labor Council representing 2 million workers in the United States.  That man was soon arrested for embezzling money.

Also during those years, Adolpho Carrión, Jr., former borough president of the Bronx, was appointed the Czar of the newly formed Office of Urban Affairs of President Barack Obama.  He gave me the opportunity to present my views about education in the Rotunda of the Bronx Supreme Court on the Grand Concourse.  He was so busy as the director of Urban Affairs that we never had a chance to communicate.  And he soon resigned anyway.

I lost two big chances to help people.  I was driven by a conversation with a late uncle who asked me why I started to help Latinos, a people whose poll showed then almost 25 percent anti-Semitism.  My answer was to reduce that anti-Semitism by helping people.  Undocumented immigrants have even gotten help from me in my home on Long Island. 

The “tough” positions and “quid pro quos” of Donald Trump are the opposite of what is needed.  Yes there was a quid pro quo given to El Salvador that is playing out in its politics.  And when the former Consul General of El Salvador told a group of Salvadorans inside his office that a “gringo” was helping the consulate with the G.E.D., outside the office a voice spoke and said in Spanish “not only a gringo but also a Jew.” 

Jews are demanding answers all over the world and we need more from the administration in Washington, D.C. and that is not happening because of “trumped up” reasons.  And I must remind my readers the bashing that that office of Urban Affairs took from leading Republicans and conservatives.  That office had the potential to finally Make America Great.  Steve Scalise (R-La) led the attack in this way “Hardworking American families should not be forced to pay millions of dollars to fund these czars, who are implementing radical policies under the cloak of darkness,” Scalise said in a written statement. 

And the rest is history as the education of adults who commit most crimes was neglected and still is being neglected.  Fighting terrorism takes the kind of money that was rejected.  And my radical ideas would have helped tens of millions of people much faster toward educational success.

I added this part of my article just now which was not sent to The Algemeiner as I hoped that it would be published.  Jews have recently seen that the Guardian Angels have started to patrol their community or communities, hoping to prevent great harm to Jews.  I was instrumental in bringing the same Guardian Angels into the Dominican Republic over a decade ago to bolster the plan of President Leonel Fernandez, Barrios Seguros or Safe Neighborhoods. 

I invited Arnaldo Salinas, co-founder of the Guardian Angels to march with our group in San Pedro de Macorís (home of the Dominican baseball players).  My contact with important people in that city at that time was non-existent since I was just a marcher helping the organizers.  But what happened there was a man sat next to me in the gym that we marched to.  That man, Ivan Santana, was a reporter who I had a very brief conversation with and he immediately took action to interview the right hand man of Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels.  Ivan, it turned out, stayed in the home of a friend of mine in Boston, Enero “Tony” Barros, who was the Hispanic advisor to Mayor Menino.  Small world?  I think that relationship to Tony Barros played a role in sensing an important story for his readers.

After I returned to the United States, Arnaldo Salinas told me that Curtis Sliwa had been invited to meet with the president in the Palacio Nacional in Santo Domingo as a result of that article.  And this resulted from amazing teamwork in a small gym in San Pedro de Macorís.  The leader of that march had been a drug dealer and murderer according to a pastor that I knew that knew Sal Sabino well.  Sabino’s sister was the vice-alcaldesa or vice-mayor of San Pedro de Macorís. 

I knew about the plan to reduce danger and crime in the Dominican Republic and also introduced friends of Russell Simmons who formed the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council to President Fernandez at a previous meeting in New York City.

At this time the Jewish world is going to find out more about the work of Pope Pius XII who I had nothing to do with at all.  I do know Gary Krupp of Long Island who has seen some or many of the files that you are about to learn about.  Krupp and I have talked on the phone a few times and I have written about him.  I wrote about Krupp in Uniting Jews to Fight Anti-Semitism and it was Krupp who introduced the author of It Happened in Italy to the Pope.  In Italian Protectors of Jews: Righteous of Nations in Jewish Business News, I wrote about the help that Italians gave to protect Jews from the Nazis.  Krupp has worked on revealing the truth since 2006 and he just did an event at the United Nations with top scholars and the Catholic Church partnered with Krupp by giving its venue at the United Nations on the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.  Here is the 3 hour presentation.

In our conversation Krupp mentioned the role of misinformation in portraying Pope Pius XII as anti-Semitic, mentioning among other things Russia’s influence in this matter.  Sound familiar?  Krupp considers Pius XII “Righteous of Nations” and his relationship with the Vatican was established over a decade ago.  The internet contains information about historians that have had access to new documents about the role of Pius XII and as early as 1999. 

I have presented evidence in my articles about Catholics that were anti-Semitic and others that were very helpful to Jews and in recent articles in The Force 2020 DDT I tell my readers that Catholics were fearful of being next to be exterminated by Hitler which I learned by reading Austria 1938.  And I reached out to the Catholic community of Worthington, Minnesota last year to be supportive against the hate that was manifesting itself there against undocumented immigrants and a Catholic priest.  And the Trump Administration did not intervene after the hate there was publicized showing US that elements of the past still linger even in democratic America.  After all the hate across America was generated by a neo-Hitler who called the desire for immigrants to seek asylum an “invasion.”

 Krupp also sent me a link that Jews and Dominicans should watch as the story of how Jews arrived in Sosúa, Dominican Republic under Trujillo is revealed and it is also revealed that President Roosevelt did not help.  I tried hard to help Sosúa after learning about it before retiring from teaching and I made a few visits there, spoke in the Gregorio Luperón School, was on Detrás del Rumor, a television program, met Mayor Newman whose family arrived from Europe back then, and much more.

I am very critical of the Trump Administration and I wonder why elements of this article could not be used by The Algemeiner in fighting anti-Semitism.  Our nation’s readers have to learn more about what is going on in communities to greatly reduce anti-Semitism.  The history of anti-Semitism reveals that even the police have been supportive of that conduct as I pointed out to the Anti-Defamation League concerning Hitler in Los Angeles which I wrote about.   Even if and when NYPD fails to protect our people at times, we must effectively collaborate to fight together to produce the best results.  And this applies to Trump and his “perfect” ambassador against anti-Semitism as well.  I see things that other people often miss.

All of my comments about Trump in relation to my conversation with Gary Krupp were written this morning and were surely precipitated by a fresh memory and reading about the U.S. missile attack on the Taliban after Republicans criticized his truce and as the Taliban were striking against Afghanistan troops.  The Trump Truce did not work too well and there should be an investigation. 

I had to commit myself to writing about this because in the back of my mind is an internet post that Trump says that he would debate any Democrat.  The American people have to wake up to this fact.  Trump has been a source of misinformation that has been harmful to others for decades and that kind of information was, is, and will be a critical part of any Trump debate.  He cannot debate anyone and stick to the facts.  And whatever facts he cites will become obscured in a debate.  Trump is holding Republicans together and no more than that.  The battleground states that we hear about on Election Night television (2020 DDT) really can easily shift Democratic and I know how that can and will happen.  There is a link between the misinformation of Hitler-Stalin-Roosevelt-Trump and Republicans have closed their eyes to that and it all started in the Trump Administration at the inauguration with people like Sean Spicer and the average Repugnican in the street reading, digesting, absorbing Trump’s lies and misinformation.  That was the genesis and the exodus can and should happen.

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