Taliban Truce: Neo-Genesis and Neo-Exodus

Before revealing the basis for the neo-biblical interpretations that are essential for understanding this new article, one must return to America in 1944 and my latest reading of history, history of America in the Pacific.  The Japanese and American fleets were ready to engage each other to determine the outcome of World War II in the Pacific.  In a matter of moments, you will learn what took place.  The “flagship” aircraft carrier (Taiho carrying 75 planes) was sunk by American ships, but symbolically more important in that same battle an aircraft carrier that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 (Shokaku carrying 75 planes) was sunk and day later another carrier that had participated in the famous attack was damaged and soon put out of commission (Zuikaku carrying 75 planes).  I wasn’t even born yet, but I can imagine the reaction to that news in the United States and particularly among our nation’s armed forces. Smaller carriers carried 35 planes.

Mixed into this history is news that Americans and people around the world have absorbed since the Electoral Campaign of 2016, just four years ago.  Since then Trump has been crowned (Corona(do) in Spanish) both King of Israel and God’s Chosen.  This is really terrifying stuff, particularly in democracies where one would expect much better.  The Japanese considered their emperor a God and their soldiers fought f incredibly for the honor of the Emperor and their own family members to win.  Americans in combat were terrified of their prowess.  For the Japanese, they had to either die in battle or commit suicide.  Their officers were trained early in life, beginning instruction at twelve or thirteen.

Then we get to 9-11 and we should have fresh in our minds the debate between “Lying Ted” and “The Donald” where Trump defended New York values to the world.  His reply was about rebuilding the real estate.  My reply is that “necessity is the mother of invention” and it was really necessary to rebuild.  It’s just too bad that Trump could not play a major role in that rebuilding and had to turn to television to launch a new career for himself which catapulted him to fame beyond my own expectations (and others).  Cruz, in my opinion, won the debate, but Trump earned the golden ring to the nomination.  Trump could not properly defend the liberal values of New Yorkers who have rejected conservative views over and over.

And at that time, we listened to a Trump telling us how he was going to undo the role that Obama played in castrating our nation’s military.  He was going to untie the hands of our soldiers so they could win in war.  Win!  Win! Win! Win With Trump!  That is your neo-Genesis which I have just illustrated has become a religious-like obsession, particularly among Evangelicals or Revangelicans and among millions in Israel. 

And now we are faced with the prospects of the truce in Afghanistan which comes after almost two decades of fighting to keep US safe at home and which started with the search for the Weapons of Mass Destruction in that region and continues with the Weapon of Mass Confusion (and Destruction) in the White House.  And that is your neo-Exhodus.  But what codifies that exhodus is the lack of symbolism that existed in World War II which will be declared a defeat by huge portions of the population only to be declared a “hoax” by Trump and his supporters.  The talk just given by Trump included a threat to the Taliban to use force against them if they try to soil this holy truce.  That threatened act of force could have been used to bring the Taliban to its knees already since Trump has built up the military and untied the hands of its leaders?  Isn’t that so?  This is just another tactical diversion of “Declare Victory and Leave” as the Trump Corporation has done over the decades.

 Many of our men in the military in Afghanistan recognize the incongruity of their sacrifices made much more holy over these years through painful casualties, death, and being there to help the people.  America First has won again as Trump has dumped the entire effort like bad stock in the Stock Market.

We can go back to the Vietnam Era politics and see the list of Democrats and Republicans who embraced the anti-war effort, including our beloved Jacob Javitts and others from states as far away as Washington.  Those Republicans were just a handful but where are the Republicans screaming and shouting against war right now?  The times have changed.  I would hope to see announcements from Republicans who find Trump’s behavior unacceptable and the tossing of their hats in the ring to dethrone the king of lies and misinformation.

The articles about the fear of the Taliban in Afghanistan are surfacing already.  Trump who blasted away Syrians in the beginning of his term for gassing children may not be reading the truth and reacting slowly to important issues that he has set in motion with this truce.  The Kurds being attacked after he gave Turkey the green light should be fresh in our minds.

Americans have recently been killed in Afghanistan in attacks where the Taliban took credit.  We watched the news and 60 Minutes in the past two years when reliable sources showed Americans that our soldiers were unsafe there and people leaving a base had to be transported out by helicopter. 

Lara Logan interviewed General John Nicholson who said that protecting the soldiers was a priority and he disagreed with the use of the word “surrender.”  And given the fact that Trump had increased the forces there by 3,000 soldiers, the general’s expectation was to win.  Win!  Win! Win! But there ain’t no win!  That was January 18, 2018 just two years ago.  In other words, Americans have been lied to again and this time not by Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat.  Trump has lied again and using the cliché about keeping US safe from Islamic Jihadists when it appears to so many on the ground that things will probably get much worse.  Trump is the Corona Virus. 

And now taking his surrender to the Taliban or if you want his exodus determined by his lifelong attitude of “Declare Victory and Leave” we can remember Senator John McCain whose heroic status becomes enlarged now considering the failure of Trump to win.  And Trump trapped himself into this from the beginning.  Where are the Republicans for Mc Cain right now who are willing to fight Donald Trump?

And precisely at this time of Exodus from Afghanistan we see “The Donald” incapable of governing properly as his demise seems imminent.  His diminishing efforts and words concerning the Corona Virus do remind US of Pharaoh’s diminishing the plagues sent by God to Egypt before the actual Exodus.  Do you think that Revangelicans actually care?

This writer thanks the military for declaring the Confederate flag and other such items of interest to many our soldiers off limits.  Trump favors the wonderful history of the Confederacy and its culture as he has expressed before.  We reject neo-Nazism and neo-Confederatism and I call upon our men in the military to finally recognize the harm that has been done to many or most of their fellow members of the Armed Forces and to the people of the United States.  I write about former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in Trump Finis and I feel that she is as much presidential material as Sarah Palin was.  South Carolina has woken up our nation in its Democratic Primary results, but clearly more has to be done.  Trump and his supporters must fade away quickly because the Corona Virus, the virus of viruses is spreading fast under “The Donald” of the Trump Corporation and we are heading toward bankruptcy. 

There have been trials recently of White Supremacists who have been found guilty of plotting violence, selling drugs, and even murder.  All Americans should be informed that Trump remained silent about these things and this is the man who caught the attention of the world by perpetrating his own “hoax” about most Mexicans being criminals and rapists and only some of them being okay.  Jewish tropes, Mexican tropes, Black tropes, Islamophobic tropes, Puerto Rican tropes, and other pot stirring hate distribution comments must be dealt with by the leader of the free world and Trump has largely failed US.  The Corona Virus is just the tip of the iceberg and he is being exposed for what he is.

And African Americans all over our nation should remember Jeff Sessions who instead of giving the N.A.A.C.P. a meeting with him before his appointment as attorney general did the wrong things, leading to the arrest of the national president, president of the Alabama N.A.A.C.P., and others in his office in Mobile, Alabama.  People demand to know all kinds of things of their public servants and the senator failed that test.  Repugnicans have gone on to do things that are much worse to unite their base and protect Donald Trump at all costs.  And we should join with those African Americans from 2021 on to make our country a much better place for all, bringing justice throughout the land.  I played an important role in getting things set up in Jeff Beauregard Sessions’ office which helped lead to the election of Democratic candidate Doug Jones.  When most people decided to keep an eye on the N.C.A.A., I chose to work closely with the N.A.A.C.P., very closely.  And Donald Trump ignored that important organization time and again.

In conclusion, from beginning (genesis) to end (exodus) Trump has been horrible for the United States and the world.  And just the other day in India, the Trump Virus spread as he proclaimed the great tolerance of India in a speech and today Muslims in New Delhi face rioting and death over the politics of that nation.  The danger to one person (30 killed already) is enough, but India has 180 million Muslims.  Ours is a government that has failed to rise to the challenges of impeachment (you have heard of les droits de seigneur in history and the Founding Fathers gave US les droits de sénat or the rights of the Senate) and world leadership.

And Donald Trump seems trapped for the moment because of Donald Trump and the people around him, including Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Jr., and others. 

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