The Corona Virus on Wall Street and Main Street

I was one of the first people to travel back to Mexico just hours after the Swine Flu threat was lifted.  I was in Playa del Carmen in an Allegro Hotel.  The all-inclusive buffet was probably prepared for a few dozen people and the place was not hopping, pretty dead.  And I survived since the alert was no longer there.  It’s different with the Corona Virus and it would great if Wall Street could join with Main Street in fighting this virus.  We need people to leak information about what is not being done well in the White House as Mike Pence takes control over all correspondences.  I can’t believe that I had to type that.

After all the lying and promises not kept by the Trump Administration, we are about to continue what Trump calls “fake news” or a “hoax” as his administration has moved three years along doing the same things, but calling them differently to keep his supporters amused and informed or informed or amused with the propaganda of the day.  We could look back to the campaign to detect the first promise not kept.  Did Trump repeal and replace Obama Care on Day 1?  It’s a good thing that he didn’t because those millions of people have that very important health coverage that they didn’t have before Obama Care.  Fighting the Corona Virus is clearly much more important to tens of millions of people on Main Street than it is on Wall Street.  Wall Street is down by thousands of points right now, but the virus may have just been the catalyst for a worldwide economy that shows strong indications of recession and we now know, if you pay attention to the truth, the Trump did not even produce a three percent annual growth (and he claimed the growth could go higher as well).

All of the lies and coverup that took place with the firing of James Comey, all the people arrested and found guilty of lying to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the quid pro quo, the impeachment and the trial with a verdict to acquit a man even though the shoe and glove fit to impeach him, and now the very same government that has demonstrated its loyalty to Donald Trump instead of our nation is still in place. Pence is in charge when he should be on the sidelines watching.

The laughing at me and at others has to be over now.  The Mueller Investigation and the Impeachment of Donald Trump were not about health and dangerous health conditions.  The times have suddenly changed and we see just how poorly informed Trump was as he spoke about this matter as though it was just a flu.  The answer that he gave to Dr. Sanjay Gupta was typical, rambling Trump, rambling about nonsense that he makes up which could have been up by the dumbest student in the dumbest class in the world.  The flu statistic vs. the Corona Virus statistic reveals that the danger is 20 times greater for the latter.  That’s your Trump in a nutshell.  With this new flu Trump flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest looking for safety by his administration.  The man is really incapable of running our nation.  The time has changed because this a health crisis.

I was just reading the other night about World War II in the Pacific and there are often parallels in human behavior to explain.  Trump always minimizes things that are a detriment to Trump and that kind of mentality often affected our soldiers as they tried to get adjusted to fighting in a theater of war that they had no training for.   The scrub typhus that affected our troops on Biak Island often required months of convalescence for our soldiers and others were assigned limited duty during a major war.  Our troops were warned by locals or “indigenous people” living there.  The island was “tabu.”  A thousand were affected as they traversed the jungle where mites hung on to the scrub which got onto the clothes of the troops as they walked.  This weakened our war effort and there were lots of other things to contend with that impacted on the health during that war. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is uncertain about the role that Mike Pence is about to play in helping our nation. She points to his life experience where science-based knowledge is lacking, purposely lacking.  My point in writing this article is that the man is lacking in other ways and I will not rest until everyone in America understands that loyalty to Trump has led to the high level of mistrust of the White House as the worst possible time in the last three years. 

Even as I wrote this article, I fear for the men, women, and children in those border detention or concentration camps as the virus spreads.  We know that medical support has been insufficient in those camps and Trump set it up that way. 

Let Trump Be Trump we were told by his propaganda machine and his battalions of supporters.  Amid all the chaos that can be expected in our nation over the Corona Virus, it is not treasonous for anyone to expose Trump with his faults and Republicans now have to fully understand that it will not be easy for our nation to come together after Trump’s three years of attacks and divisiveness.  All eyes should be on Trump as he tries to do his best.  I, on the other hand, have something on my mind that I will share later with Speaker Pelosi and others.  I just want to learn more about the new White House committee and what the conferences decide to do in the first weeks.  I am about solutions and completely un-Trump like.

Of course we just heard Trump on the evening news talking about how his great team has things under control (of course he says they are great because he appointed them).  Bernie Sanders is also on the campaign trail in South Carolina where he calls upon international action that Trump does not talk about.  Trump’s mind borders on certain borders (Atlantic, Pacific, Mexican, and Canadian).  I listened to Trump’s words and even I know that there are probably a million or more Americans outside our borders, working, in our military, tourists, students, missionaries and other religious people members of the C.I.A. and other critical services for our protection overseas, and others.  Do I have to even write another sentence about the Trump-Pence team?