The Assange Affair Is Picquart-Leblois-Zolá (Dreyfus) Rolled Into One

But it is not exactly Dreyfus (and so what), although it is Dreyfus who is being mentioned in England and read about around the world.  A much better fit for Labour in England would be the John Peter Zenger case as a jury in colonial America voted to go against the law to support the truth.  It would be great if The Algemeiner news and The Guardian in England would inform Jews and others around the world about these important things.  The Truth Matters!  Leakers are important and deserve protections.  Zolá fled France for his life to protect himself and he fled to London.  And in the United States, Lindsay Graham, Rand Paul, and others continue to place the Impeachment whistleblower in harm’s way.  That is another injustice that is largely overlooked.

The Dreyfus Affair played out recently in the United States in our trial of the century as Donald Trump was acquitted by Republicans minus Mitt Romney.  How was I able to detect the beginnings of that in 2015?  Research about the Dreyfus Affair.  See J’Accuse!  J’Accuse!

I contacted Labour in England at two emails, connecting with their leader and with the general information mailbox.  There was no personal reply from either email.  This was sent to Labour on November 26, 2019.  I rest my case and the automated reply is right here.

I also sent the book to various members of the French National Assembly at that time.

Der Fuehrer Trump is a must read for all students around our nation, particularly since the controversy came up as the result of a lesson in Baltimore County, Maryland in the Loch Raven High School.  State Republicans called the lesson “propaganda” but in my best version of Emile Zolá I Accuse those Republicans of untruths as I say “au contraire” that there have been lots of comparisons of Trump and Hitler written about these last several years and much or most are based on facts which I will share more on later.

I hope that the faculty member and students involved in Baltimore County continued on with the lessons and they and others around the world should know that Stephen Miller crafted an immigration policy that probably was taken from Hitler’s team and that has resulted in the suicides of parents whose children were taken from them, mistreatment including sleeping conditions and inadequate access to medical treatment, and seventy people in El Salvador have either been killed or were raped (people returned) under Trump’s policies.

The Central Intelligence Agency recognized the importance of teaching about The Dreyfus Affair and I found that out and published it in Jewish Business News in Israel.  Here is documentation about that.  I also read and wrote about Ed Begley’s book and the implications of The Dreyfus Affair in today’s world that goes well beyond Jewish history and communities.  The message is universal and not restricted to Jews who feel they understand it best.  Read The Year of With Justice For All: Without Trump in 2019 in Jewish Business News.

Mitt Romney was on my mind over a decade ago as he tried to get immigrants to return to their country by a policy of self-imposed return and in 2016 we got a man who has imposed Nazi-like obstacles on immigrants living in the United States and/or desiring to escape persecution in their country.  I got to know Veronica Flores who was an honorary consul general of El Salvador in those days and we collaborated to help Salvadorans in El Salvador and in the United States.  She lived and worked in Salt Lake City, Utah and was a member of the Church of the Latter Days Saints.  Inspired by our time together in El Salvador in 2005, I went to visit the Mormon Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on a visit there.  Members of the church there informed me unofficially that they were upset with Romney’s stance on immigration.  Republicans could have had Romney (I guess in 2016 but they chose the greater of two evils). 

The Force 2020 DDT believes that if you give me 61 Minutes, I’ll change the world.  It really does seem that I had an influence on John McDonnell in the Labour Party which has been written about around the world. 

I would hope also that the article by Ben Cohen of would be sent to a chiropractor for some serious adjustments.  And it wasn’t the “liberal” in me that drove me to seek the truth the way that Emile Zolá and Colonel Picquart did (Picquart was an anti-Semite but he believed in honour (British spelling) and truth and upheld the honor of the French military by exposing the criminals who perpetrated the hoax against Dreyfus).  That honor was clearly was not upheld in the Trump Impeachment Trial, but just like in the Dreyfus Case it was not over.  Jewish Brits should also take note of the important revelations of a Jew Coup by members of the House of the Representatives that made news.