Trump’s ICE Talk Against A Sanctuary City

I was just reading about the Massacre of Ponce on Palm Sunday and other massacres related to Insular police in Puerto Rico several decades ago.  That massacre played out pretty much like much of Trumpism.  The police tried to cover the whole thing up as 19 people were killed and one of their own by friendly fire.  The alternate facts worked well as major newspapers in the United States picked up the story about how the police tried to quell rioting in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately for those masterminds, the real footage had been shot and was released. 

That massacre is just one of many that should stand out in our minds.  The Black Wall Street Massacre is raising more discussions these days,.  The was the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam that many veterans do not want to resurface.  Haitians know too well the Dajabón or Parsley Massacre by Dominicans.  I recently wrote about the massacre of Jews close to Przemysl which was coordinated by Jews against Zionist Jews with the Austro-Hungarian troops.  And there is the Kent State Massacre in the news.  The latter took place 50 years ago and Jane Fonda has been selected to speak there amid some protests.

The grounds at Kent State just had an incident which has been called a “riot” by one of Trump’s Second Amendment supporters, someone who achieved notoriety at her graduation there by parading around with an automatic weapon.  The has set up the conflict between holy ground and 2nd Amendment Rights.  Kaitlin Bennett should learn now that what she did just days ago could have been avoided and fame and fortune can be  achieved in other ways.  We Jews never want to see youth marching into Auschwitz with the swastikas on their arms or German weapons on their shoulders.  And taking into consideration that those who were killed were not killed by terrorists or nationalist trying to overthrow the United States but by the National Guard of Ohio, she might have been more sensitive to the issue.  I have been waiting for Donald Trump to make a statement on this important matter, but you probably know that it would be hard for him to compose even one sentence in support of those who protested against Kaitlin Bennett. 

The result was student strikes on campuses across the United States.  Four million students protested.

To be fair I must write that rioting had previously taken place and there were various rumors of plots that were taking place.  The mayor of Kent asked that the National Guard be called in and the rest was history.  Just like in Ponce which happened decades earlier, people were shot (by M1 rifles) running away and not for provoking violence.  Students were arrested for curfew violations. And just as in Ponce, the rights of Americans were violated.  And just like in Ponce, there was a tape which was amplified and revealed the order to fire on the students.

Some students coming home experienced hostile behavior from people in their communities and some were even divorced by family members.  Divisions ran that deep as they are very deep today under Trumpism. 

Students were put on trial for things that took place before the massacre.  The ROTC building in Kent State had been set on fire and most of the defendants were acquitted. 

Kaitlin Bennett wants the university to be stripped of federal funding for what happened to her.  Trump’s silence is shocking for someone who tweets so much partisan nonsense.  Since there has been no statement made by the White House, this is typical of a White House that often does not know how to navigate justice in our nation.  Kaitlin Bennett’s demonstration was done without notifying the school administration.  Trump’s speech writers may know how to express themselves about Auschwitz but they suddenly had writer’s cramps concerning protected ground in Ohio.  Second Amendment Rights clearly wins over anything else in America.

I had a conversation with a former candidate for governor of Illinois about the use of federal troops in Chicago and he mentioned that he does not want another “Kent State” on the streets of that city.  Chicago is not only known for a lot of violence (which is true), but also for police violence.  Congressional members are looking into Trump’s plan to mobilize 100 members of the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit into San Francisco and they have that right and they should be very thorough in accessing the situation.  The same issues are at stake, our freedom to govern and protecting the lives of innocent people.  Innocent people get killed in massacres.

And recently I have been very concerned about certain things that include the statement made by Sgt. Ed Mullins of the Sergeants Benevolent Association that Mayor de Blasio is to blame for a recent attack on police when there is no evidence provided that the mayor is to blame.  In Geraldine, Alabama the Assistant Police Chief Jeff Buckles called for an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which he felt that she deserves a roadside bombing.  His tweet was deleted and he apologized but he should not be left off the hook so easily, especially if he were not elected to office.  There are consequences for actions such as these and even the people support those men 100 percent, it is still wrong.

Amid concerns in the Netherlands that anti-Semitism is rising and that Jews sometimes or often do not even makes reports because they feel that reporting an incident will lead to nothing, I know that the same thing occurred and still occurs on Long Island among undocumented immigrants (largely Hispanic) and probably the Dutch can learn things from people in our community on Long Island.  The fact that it takes years to hear from the police can be either due to a process where evidence has not taken place or by personnel that are not pursuing leads.  Having more police is helpful anywhere and I get a sense that the police in New York City may be overwhelmed as well.  More police could be a solution, but training is just as important.  I refer to the rich history that I have described about Los Angeles and the treatment of Jews there by police in the Nazi Era of the 1930s.  We certainly do not wish to return to those days and it is imperative for our government and its agencies to Do the Right Thing for everyone.  If Donald Trump actually knows anything that would help the Netherlands right now to reduce anti-Semitism and to protect Jews, it would be nice to know that is helping.

I would strongly suggest that more sharing of ideas take place.  The Netherlands, New York City, and the F.B.I. should join together in an on-going discussion to learn more.  Even the Anti-Defamation League could join in if that is possible.  The fight against anti-Semitism is “our” fight which means the fight of the people. 

There has been a recent successful case against dozens of White Supremacists (64 receiving 820 years in sentences) in the news.  One actually had a tattoo of Adolf Hitler on his head as he tried to run over an officer.  And certain of those defendants had as many as 28 prior convictions.  With that said about the case in Texas, Donald Trump, William Barr, and others remain silent across our nation and blame liberals for other things like no bail.  I would suggest that the Justice Department produce a complete report (or as complete as it knows how to start) about those Americans convicted this month that would resemble the report made about the Parkland Massacre shooter.