Bukele in D.C. and Trump in Chalatenango

Salvadorans know that I have been with Antonio Saca and I was upset (but didn’t make a big thing of it) when his brother and I were talking on a bus taking us to Carnaval in San Miguel, El Salvador.  Why?  He told me to look and see the happy faces of the people of El Salvador.  That level of propaganda still exists under President Nayib Bukele and it existed during the years of FMLM in power.  And I have recent evidence, but propaganda and the poverty of the press exists also in the United States among the press as well.

I have contacted Nuevas Ideas at different times and I have never received a response.  I have contacted the leading newspapers of El Salvador.  Ditto.  I get a lot of my information from posts by Carlos Garcia, former ambassador of El Salvador to the United Nations, and I see the same pattern there.  Recently I posted a comment that was negative about Bukele on the site of La Tribuna Hispana USA and it was removed after not being approved.  We do read that about seventy people have either been killed or raped as they returned to El Salvador from Mexico under the new plan to help the immigration situation and that blood is on Bukele’s hands as much as it is on the hands of Trump and his collaborators.  El Salvador and its people must learn fast that the obstacles put in place by Trump mimic the obstacles that Jews faced as they tried to survive under Nazi domination in Europe.  Study your history.  Bukele’s wife has Jewish roots (Sephardic) but she sems to ignore the Roots of history, thinking, of course, of the oppression of Black people in America for a moment.

Invoking God as Bukele has done endears him to the religious vote in his country as he seeks support.  That religious support did not work during the Holocaust and on that note I must say that I did an outreach to Pastor Nelson Moz who has attended church building program of the same pastor that recently prayed for Donald Trump and pretty much anointed Trump in Miami.  I requested help from Pastor Moz in helping the people of El Salvador and I helped his son.  What has he done?  He did a segment of 60 Minutes about the gangs in his community but did he help the people as I asked?  I don’t think so.  You see I cut off communication with him because it appeared to me that he was going to deny my request.

Salvadorans can take note as Michael Bloomberg enters the presidential race and I consider him the lesser of two evils as he speaks out against Donald Trump.  I have only praise for Bloomberg for doing it.  People can read about Trump and the Bloomberg-Klein mistakes in my book J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide.  Here is something for the people to learn.  Going back to 2013 which as a pretty good year for helping people who never finished school, we see that Alaska helped 4.7 percent of its people and New York helped 1.1 percent.  Under Trump things are getting worse for adults as his Department of Education has failed to address certain issues while promoting charter schools against “government” schools.  Trump is giving out “becas” or scholarships which Bukele has been doing since he was mayor of two cities.  If we have proof that there are places that can help greater percentages of people (more people as well) why shouldn’t we learn from that.  In Alaska, I have been told, everyone in Jail has to study to achieve the goal of earning a diploma.  One year under Michael Bloomberg in New York City, I learned, that nobody in the jail of the City of New York had earned a diploma.  I can rest my case with that alone.

Donald Trump’s great ally President Nayib Bukele has compromised democracy by putting on a show after his call for rallying the people to demonstrate.  Bukele seems to be a big admirer of Donald Trump and we know that Trump has not done the same demonstration as Bukele, but Trump has made it clear that a civil war is possible without him in office and he has referred to elements of that support which sound militaristic to all of US.  Bukele could have announced some other kind of demonstration of the police such as a program to honor the police and military and as a footnote pointed out to the press the need to properly fund those units instead of what he did.  This is a great stain on his presidency along with asking and getting the support of the directors who complied with his request to the police and military.  This matter is under close constitutional review in El Salvador and we hope that nothing like that happens here.  I would suggest that all those people involved resign now.  Although I cannot say that Bukele took a page from Trump’s book, it is clear that the style is similar.

Bukele has also placed himself in the same kind of position that Trump is in but Trump has things totally in his favor, including the electoral college for 2020 and I do not have to remind people that he had almost entirely “Repugnicans” supporting him in the critical senate.  On that point Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah, was the lone Republican.  And Bukele’s calling the members of the national assembly “sinvergüenza” shows his corrupt intent in speaking to them in front of armed military and police.  The use of the military to me, a Jew who keeps blogging about the Holocaust and the betrayal of a Jew in France by the military and much of the French nation, is particularly reprehensible.  I probably could not use such a word (meaning shameless, scoundrel, villain) if I had spoken to the national assembly or even Repugnican.

I will also add that I know of nothing like that which took place under ARENA and FMLM, the latter being well known for their revolutionary traditions and the backing of leftist governments.  Bukele is a well-known businessman and millionaire who surely did a credible job as mayor of two cities in El Salvador but is clearly misguided right now and on other issues that I have written about.  He seems to learn things from what the United States has done including New York City which will limit the progress of his people.

Bukele is in charge of a nation with a forty percent poverty rate which is similar to what has taken place in Puerto Rico over decades.  Half a million Puerto Ricans left the island in the last decade for various reasons and that should reinforce the idea to everyone concerned that El Salvador needs special attention.  And I would assume that it were not for all the money Puerto Ricans sent home to family all these years, the hardships for Puerto Ricans would have been much greater as those hardships have impacted on Salvadorans as well and the remediation of families was achieved through “remesas” or money transmitted home.  The Salvadoran people work hard in America and it is a pleasure to see them progressing but far too many of them never obtained that badly needed diploma in New York and other states.  And “orientation for GED” was one of the components of helping people in the Consulates of El Salvador as far back as 2000.

Puerto Rico and El Salvador have other similarities to think about.  The Central American nation does not have J Lo, Marc Anthony, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and others.  But the Puerto Rican people have been left behind and are notorious in New York for its high level of poverty.  Other Latinos have passed them by and education has been one of the major factors.  As a leading voice in the area of education for people who have dropped out of school, it has been my goal to produce more diplomas easily doubling or tripling the numbers and permitting more people to get better jobs or enter college with a diploma.  El Salvador could have used the G.E.D. to uplift its people so it is not as much about a “shattered” economy as Bukele says.

It’s the corruption of all its people and the ignorance of people in power or aspiring to be in power.  The next generation of Bukeles can make the same mistakes and we don’t want that to happen.  And consider this.  Doubling the number of diplomas each year across the United States and Puerto Rico would have been a much greater increase in that area than Trump has produced in jobs.  His increase over and above the anticipated numbers based on the numbers that Obama left office with has actually been small.  It’s kind of like going to the bank during the Obama years and obtaining 1.5 percent interest and then the interest rates goes up to 1.54 percent and Trump takes all the credit for it.  And the sad part of it all is that his supporters either pretend that they do not know or believe whatever Trump says.  And it’s the same in other aspects of life, business, politics, and even attendance at church. 

The things troubling El Salvador extend far beyond a “shattered” economy.  Honesty is important and Trump supported Bukele even though both Bukele and Trump know that there is lots of corruption in El Salvador (as he knew about the Ukraine and Puerto Rico…it’s even in New York and other states).  Trump imposed sanctions on the Salvadoran people in relation to their TPS or protective status and he contributed to the deaths of people, people who probably would have been living with relatives now in the United States.  This is not a Holocaust but it deserves a name.

We have to look to the future and the future may just be a slap on the wrist for Bukele.  Trump escaped high crimes and misdemeanors and I knew that was going to happen.  How about this?  We make an exchange for the rest of their terms.  Trump can take over as president of El Salvador, a country that he pretty much labeled a “shithole” country and a country where he can prove to the world that he can create jobs.  Actually if he knew what to do, there would have been more jobs in El Salvador in the last three years.  He can substitute for the American flag, the flag of El Salvador which I have been proud of.  My business cards reflected the choice of colors which were the blue and white of El Salvador’s flag (symbolically thinking of the blue and white of Israel), so Trump has a basis to be proud of that exchange.  He can build a Mar-A-Lago in Chalatenango, El Salvador and stay there.  Bukele can take possession of one of the greatest militaries in the world as he moves to Washington, D.C. where he could change his politics and stop acting like Donald Trump for the rest of Trump’s term.

In an unrelated matter today I read about Governor Cuomo and what appears to be a new requirement of legislators to present their income taxes and told a store owner that while approaching seventy-five years of age with no job and no fear, I would take a job at the IRS and leak out Donald Trump’s income tax information.  His response was predictable and that “Who the f cares about Trump’s taxes” and I quickly replied that lots of people do care about Trump’s taxes.  I do find his opinions intolerable and Nayib Bukele should reveal his taxes before taking the oath of office in the United States.  The same applies to Trump in El Salvador.

I am, in addition, waiting to hear from Terry McAuliffe, former governor of Virginia and I am optimistic that my ideas will be introduced soon to Paul Tewes, one of our nation’s leading political strategists.  I also know that there is a great need to set up an online newspaper now to combat Trump’s Tweets, a place where recent high school graduates, college students, and all other adults can go to where they can learn the truth.  The Force 2020 DT is attempting to accomplish that, but more force is needed and badly needed.  You cannot easily put out a fire unless the water pumps work well.  How about the title 61 Minutes for the online newspaper?

I have known about Chalatenango for almost two decades.  I was told that most of the people there were White.  Or as is known in El Salvador “en Chalate casi toda la gente es chelita.”  Trump will be very comfortable there.  It’s not quite Norway!