Michael Atkinson: Another Page of the Dreyfus Affair

Michael Atkinson is the inspector general of the intelligence community and he played a major role in sharing the information provided by the whistleblower with Congress, something required by law.  This is something that is very important and it seems that Atkinson is about to be removed by Trump which again prompts me to remind my readers who have been absorbing this repeat of the Dreyfus Affair by Trump.  I might be the only person who detected what was coming from the beginning which I now call (conveniently) the Corona Virus or Trump’s Manifesto.  I had never read about Michael Atkinson before, but I know who he is now and he deserves the respect of our nation for not participating in the Trump “hoax” resolved by the Senate of the United States.  Trump should have been found guilty and removed from office.  Easily but for partisan politics. 

Another episode of the Dreyfus Affair taking place in the United States is that Donald Trump says that Alexander Vindman may be disciplined by the military even though it is clear that Trump violated the law.  Trump continues to maintain that his call was appropriate and expresses that heads must roll who were not loyal to him.  I will remind my readers that the Dreyfus Affair first ended against Captain Alfred Dreyfus just as the Democrats lost the impeachment trial.  The Dreyfus Affair did not end and neither will the Trump Impeachment.  Trump is not deceiving himself.  This is just the Trump modus operandi that contributed to his bankruptcies.  And Never Forget that Dreyfus was found guilty with no evidence and Trump was acquitted with evidence.  And that Colonel Picquart who did the investigation was sent off to North Africa where he could not stir trouble in Paris.  And with no French Twitter account in the 1890s, the only thing he could do was leak the memos to a friend who finally took action against the Justice Department (of course I meant the French Army).  Those people in the military quickly fell from power, but the Justice Department remains unchanged.  I do hope that those partisans who voted to acquit Trump get what they deserve.

Having studied the Dreyfus Affair a lot in my life, I was able to detect what was going to happen in 2015.  Perhaps I was unique in realizing that and now is the time for all elected officials to become aware and to share what I knew.  I feel that it can only help educate people.  The history of the Dreyfus Affair Matters like Black Lives Matter, Latino Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, etc.  Things are also getting worse at this moment and you will read the news about Trump’s war on “the deep state.”