Algemeiner-Alzheimer Moments

I am probably going to put together an article called Re-impeach but the topic or topics to be discussed today comes from material obtained in Algemeiner.  I had just completed my article on Fighting Anti-Semitism: No Person Left Behind about knowing the zip codes where there is anti-Semitism and Jackson, New Jersey came up and its zip code is 08527.  This is a Republican dominated town and as I indicated in my article we have to know the answers to questions and statements made in those zip codes to help our nation.  The article in Algemeiner used the words “it seems” to portray that the xenophobia and “usual hatred” that the Orthodox Jews there face and that is proper usage since the people expressing their hate through profiling and statements were not identified as yet.  The man who reported these finding is Dr. Richard Roberts and the article says that he has contacted the mayor of the town and will take his case to leading Republicans to be resolved.

I can tell you from long experience based on personal contacts and knowing history as many of us do that Sihks, Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, and others have been profiled in one way or another in America.  And I state that knowing now that Dr. Roberts was a contributor to Donald Trump’s campaign to the tune of $1 million.  He has influence with the swamp man.  Alzheimer’s should be reduced at this moment by reflecting on the Trump years in office.  If it is true that these horrible things have been taking place under Republicans in 08527, then they have been taking place under Donald Trump and not Obama.  If it is true that Republicans have been doing these things, we have to call out Dr. Roberts for not speaking out about Trump’s Nazi-like ways which include the pardoning of Joe Arpaio of Arizona who was found guilty of profiling Hispanics (and probably others) as that man had a war against “illegal” immigrants. 

And now we learn that 70 people sent back to Central America by Trump have either been killed or raped.  It is not a Holocaust but this data is significant.  The atrocities of Arpaio-Trump have to be discussed more and in greater detail.  Xenophobia and hate have to stop.  Algemeiner should not suffer from Alzheimer at all. 

Dr. Roberts is politicizing the issue in his own way.  Protocol would lead him to contact the authorities in the state of New Jersey but because he has influence due to his prior meeting with the top Republicans in our nation (and even John Bolton which Algemeiner left out) he has decided to make things known to the Republican Squad or Swamp.  “Regarding the representatives to the Republican Party from Jackson making grotesque anti-Semitic comments on Facebook, if the Republican Party does not promptly sever them from our ranks then we will be handing low-lying-fruit to Democrats who will make this an issue,” he warned. “This has the potential to do great damage to our party and our country. Republican leaders in D.C. need to know about this ASAP. I intend to inform them tomorrow.” 

Of course it is a political issue and there is “low-lying fruit” which I call coger el mango bajito (Spanish Matters!).  Dr. Roberts should be uniting with Democrats and even democrats at this time.  Instead he will turn things over to the man who has bankrupted US morally even as he does things for Jewish people.  Dr. Roberts donated much more than my net worth to Trump but the thoughts presented here, I believe, are priceless.  We do not wish to see the number 08527 or any other number forced on the arms of people in the world.  And that will take great leadership to accomplish and not by electing the “lesser of two evils” which was presented to our voters in 2016.

The Algemeiner article indicated that there was “Township emails” that revealed the spying on or profiling of Jews and that suggests to me that there was a person leaking the information that Dr. Robert’s received.   There is clearly evidence to be presented in Jackson but a recent vote in Washington, D.C. contradicted all the evidence and facts.  The name of the “leaker” is not mentioned (clearly to protect that person).    Dr. Roberts has even donated money to Senator Rand Paul who keeps on mentioning the name of the whistleblower wherever he goes.  So there is a lot to discuss with Dr. Roberts.  I appreciate his revelations very much but we must Never Again accept the shortcomings of people who either seem to have personal interests or personal greed or worldly views and who have influence to people in power who bankrupt morality.

I have some other questions to share with the Dr. Richard Roberts of the world.  Where were you when Richard Spence, a supporter of Trump was doing his thing in Whitefish, Montana where he allegedly talked about bringing in a guest speaker from Hamas to intimidate Jews there?  I was eating whitefish with my bagel in New York, but I called Jews in Montana to find out what was going on.  Then there was the recent “Jew Coup” related to Congressman Adam Schiff and the impeachment of Donald Trump that surfaced and the anti-Semitism continues into Iowa by TruNews as that media recognized by the White House now blames Israel for the mess made in the Iowa Caucus.  Where has Dr. Roberts been?  Dr. Roberts seems to be showing many vitamin deficiencies as he promotes the Trump multi-vitamin that really does not exist for Jews and others.  Republicans have been a large part of the problem all along and the controversy in Jackson is just an integral part of it.