Fighting Anti-Semitism: No Person Left Behind

The Republican Jewish Coalition just reacted to a vote in Congress that funds the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.  There was no praise of The Squad which includes Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib but there was a strong rebuke of four Republicans who will no longer receive funds from that Republican organization since those four and a newly declared independent voted against the measure.  Those five members of Congress probably could use some Holocaust and Jewish history lessons as part of getting their support in the future.  I say that because I know from my work that I am waking people up to how the Holocaust happened, including that the United States did not take the appropriate action to curtail the rise of Adolph Hitler and hid many truths about Hitler and Stalin.  Using states’ rights in education, for example, is an old argument that certainly was part of the problem as most Americans could not see themselves helping the Jews because the felt that the Jews had brought their problems on themselves.

There are the four Republicans Reps. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas), Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Tom Rice (R-SC) and Ralph Norman (R-SC).  Among the reasons cited on the internet were budget considerations mentioning the $23 trillion dollar deficit, states’ rights, accountability, and the role that the Department of Education should be playing in creating content.  Jewish leaders made the appeal that there is rising anti-Semitism in the world and the chasm remains as it is since, for example, Congressman Arrington points to all the support that he has given to fighting anti-Semitism and that point is well documented.  Independent Justin Amash (formerly a Republican) also voted nay.

The Republican Jewish Coalition probably could have done more in explaining its position to the people who voted nay.  We have to be thankful that more Republicans did not choose to vote nay for some of the traditional reasons mentioned such as enlarging the federal bureaucracy which pervades conservative news media everywhere in our nation.  I believe that those Republicans have violated the spirit of Trump’s recent executive order which protects Jews and even the White House has not spoken out about this.  Our nation’s people should not be getting mixed messages on this important issue.

We want Jews to support the very best ethical practices but the White House blocked NPR for telling the truth about the Pompeo interview (as emails show) and that White House gave a pass to TruNews for an international event and it was TruNews that called the impeachment a “Jew Coup” which some Jews tolerate. 

Then there is that senator from Iowa who proclaims that Biden will be impeached if he becomes president because of the Ukraine.  Again there is no evidence since Rudy Giuliani has not produced any known evidence on his last trip to the Ukraine.  This sort of thing, no evidence, was tolerated in France against a Jew in 1894 and now there is the same sort of suggestion made by a Republican senator that goes unanswered by Jewish Republicans.  I know that no evidence is needed to go forward with a case since I was a juror in the case of Professor Randolph Braham who was sued by a rabbi in Hungary because the professor claimed that the professor libeled him in his book about the Holocaust when the rabbi was called a “collaborator.”  The judge threw out the case because the rabbi never was able to present evidence.

The purpose of the new legislation that increases the funds received by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the US Holocaust Memorial Council and those congressmen do not wish to spend $10 million more at this time. The expansion which would reach teachers across our nation could greatly reduce anti-Semitism, but I can see also see how it could fall short of its goals.  It would take people like Congressman Arrington to do even much more. 

Let’s us look back at Adolph Hitler as an example, a prime example.  He grew up in the Catholic Church which was highly anti-Semitic.  His mother was sick with cancer and died from it and Hitler went to see the doctor who cared for his mother who was Jewish when he invaded Austria.  Hitler’s anti-Semitism resulted from learning from others that claimed the Jews were to blame (Hitler was also a veteran).  Taking this into consideration and my exposé of TruNews and seeing things that are going on, the problem that the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Congressman Arrington have is their limited vision of what it takes.

Think of No Child Left Behind and how it failed.  I was quickly promoting No Person Left Behind knowing that our schools had failed dismally and the fight to improve things had to be both in our schools and our communities.  Hitler learned what he learned from adults probably on the streets or in meetings.  Those mentors have to be eliminated everywhere by the reactions of adults willing to walk away from hate.  I hope that the US Holocaust Memorial Museum will learn something from this right now.  The radiation detector of anti-Semitism currently only tells us what percentages of various racial and ethnic groups have anti-Semitic traits based on statements and questions given to them.  If that detector would actually tell us now since there is data which zip codes those people live in, we could crack the code of anti-Semitism faster and more efficiently.  In other words which congressmen actually have big anti-Semitic problems based on surveys in their districts.  It is time for new, effective ideas and new leadership.