Hitler’s Lies and Trump’s Perfect Truths

On September 8, 1939 200 Jews were killed in Bedzin as they were rounded up, moved into a synagogue, and the Germans torched the synagogue.  The next day Hitler perpetrated a lie as he had 30 Poles (non-Jewish rounded up) and blamed them for the fire.  Those people were executed in a public square.  Let us now look at a very possible modern-day explanation made possible by only one man.  The explanation is that it’s a “hoax” concocted by Joe Biden who wants to nullify the Election of 2016.

But even before those terrible two incidents, the attack on Poland was based on a lie.  Hitler blamed the attack on the Poles who attacked a radio station at Gleiwitz which was on the border.  The Germans had obtained 150 Polish Army uniforms to dress up their men in the attack.  That was only a small part of it as there was another lie.  Men taken from the Sachenhausen concentration camp were used to convince the world.  Those men were promised a “reprieve” for participating and what they got instead was their execution.  Those bodies were then used to convict the Poles as the bodies were put on display to foreign journalists.  Lies Matter.  That attack took place on August 31 and the next day Poland was attacked.  Now for another modern-day explanation by you know who.  There were pictures taken but I take a lot of pictures with people that I do not know.  I do not know them.  And if there is a woman among the bodies, I do not know her.

Both Jews and Poles had much to be concerned about at Hitler launched his attacks at both, killing 7,000 Jews early on and then having Poles killed.  These events resonated in America, even in Chicago which had a large Polish population.  Hitler was doing what Hitler knew how to do well including name calling, Roosevelt was called Rosenfeld to constantly remind people of the Jewish menace that he and others talked about. 

Donald Trump told the Polish people in 2016 how great they were and how loyal their people had been to him throughout the years.  He promised true friendship.  He mentioned the flame of freedom during the Cold War and 28,000 troops provided during the War in Afghanistan and then he turned his attention to small business.  And he went on to talk about small business and jobs. 

And he rambled on and on.  He spoke about the horrible “disaster” that has been created by immigrants around the world but he cannot use that word “disaster” here where non-immigrants have killed Jews.  Then he got back to telling how the Polish would be honored but the Polish were not honored right now at the 75th Holocaust Anniversary.  Trump could have intervened on behalf of President Duda to speak at the event.  President Duda was certainly blocked by Russia and that means that Poland was blocked by Russia again.  But Trump kept rambling on. 

And he rambled on and on, diminishing our nation about poor roads and airports.  And he still has not implemented an infrastructure plan.  Trump is still with you.  And then everyone sang Sto Lat for Trump.  I know that the Polish are loyal Americans as well but Trump is Trump and he has helped create the wall that blocks Poles from getting the truth told in relation to the Holocaust Remembrance and the liberation of Auschwitz and has no clue about what to do or say.  Putin’s remarks at the Holocaust event have been labeled “false” and “ridiculous” by historians.  And Trump remains as quiet as Roosevelt and Churchill were as they sold out Poland and Eastern Europe.

The neutral policy that kept the United States from helping Poland and the Jews was largely generated by four members of Congress.  Three Republican senators including Gerald P. Nye, William Borah, and Arthur Vandenberg and Democratic senator Burton K. Wheeler would not change course until the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  And for a long time before that Christians on the right denounced “immigration liberalization” including Baptist minister Gerald Winrod who was defeated in the Republican primary for Senator in Kansas in 1938 and Senator Robert Reynolds of North Carolina, a Democrat who had an anti-Semitic newspaper.  And he was an isolationist who finally was discredited in politics.

This next statement was taken from the Polish American Congress as it pertains to the history of Poland “The PAC promotes civic, educational and cultural programs designed to further not only the knowledge of Polish history, language and culture, but to stimulate Polish American involvement and accomplishments.”

There has been a lot that is negative about Donald Trump regarding his mental capacity to nurture important allies of the United States.  His deal making has him in trouble as it pertains to the Ukraine and a repeat of this kind of situation is not only harmful to a nation’s aspirations but also to world peace.  Powerful countries notice appeasement as Hitler noticed it in France, England, and even the United States and that propelled him into Poland.  The Holocaust was already in the wind by then but do I have to keep repeating that the destruction of Catholicism and Poland were to follow? 

The impeachment in the United States precisely portrays the cover up that both Hitler and Stalin were famous for.  And the words that Trump has repeated about Putin and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ring loud and clear as he spoke that he believes them regarding the interference in our free election and the assassination of a Saudi journalist.   What Trump said is not impeachable but it reflects his credibility as a leader.  And I can assure my readers that historians have repeatedly written that Stalin was very prepared when the world leaders met and Churchill and Roosevelt were not.  They lacked important knowledge. 

Our future together on earth depends on the just handling of important situations and it is certainly not about “loyalty” to a man who has been proven corrupt in countless situations.  Supreme Court Chief Justice just ruled that the name of the “whistleblower” will not be used in the trial of the century contrary to the demands and the numerous actions to the contrary of Donald Trump.  This protects individual liberty and the life of that individual under the Constitution.  No violation of that Constitution has been needed by the Trump Administration.  The politics and diplomacy of a nation must serve the interests of its people well and that often is not easily accomplished but it is a goal that we must strive for.  Decisions about foreign relations should be bipartisan if that is possible, but we know from the history of two wars that people can be divided, even our own.  People can also harbor dual loyalties as has been shown in the past. 

And economic interests have played key roles in the collaborations that take place, even evil collaborations.  Hitler’s men in Los Angeles, for example, were able to dictate changes in movies and Roosevelt as I have pointed out was able to cause a transformation in the persona of the Joseph Stalin who became “Uncle Joe.”  And the Stanislaws of the world took notice under an Iron Curtain and in an America where people were not given the truth.  There is much much more to support this point including how Roosevelt gave a slap on the wrist to the head of Texaco in the 1930s for supporting Hitler’s rise to power.  This was about easily giving oil that helped Hitler’s war machine.

This moment for all of US is about the evidence.  Hitler and his huge supporters in Germany and other places contended that there was no evidence as I have portrayed here.  The cover up is eternal and this moment has its coverups.  The lies are catching up with Donald Trump, either slowly or quickly, depending on the route taken in the impeachment.  Hitler, Stalin, and a cast of many bad leaders are gone.  Trump is a bad leader and he has learned his lessons well from some or many of those bad leaders of the past.   He has modernized those lies and contained them in a world that owes very little to Trump and his boasting.  And there is lots of evidence to support that last thought as we come closer to November 2020.  The Force 2020 DDT will prevail. 

I am reading and learning.  This time the book is The Rabbi Saved By Hitler’s Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg.  Other religions grew up hating the Jews and much of that has stopped since the 1960s.  I did learn that the theologian and pastor that I have quoted often was at one time a member of the Nazi Party and perhaps you know the quote attributed to Martin Niemoller who said “First they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Finally, they came for me and there was no one left to speak out.

Martin Niemoller was sent to Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentrations camps.  He survived.  Right now White Supremacists are being arrested and there are more out there.  There are even links within Russia where more information has to be forthcoming and I hope soon.  Please share this article and other articles brought to your attention with the blue links

Technology and truth matter!

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