Speak of Them Never

“Let is think of them always but speak of them never” was a memo from the Brits about the beginning of a whitewash by the British for the horrific work of Joseph Stalin which led to more and worse things including Stalin’s not sending help to the Polish resistance fighters in Warsaw near the end of World War II.  Roosevelt and the United States did its part to diminish or deny the role of the Poles in the defeat of the Nazis.  This is all part of the documentation of history.  Whether it’s a “Jew Coup” or a Pole Coup, the truth should come out…finally.  Whether it’s the White House in the former or the Vad Yashem in the latter in the latest Holocaust Remembrance, the truth has to be told.

The speech by Prince Charles which I watched on FACEBOOK had lots of positive comments but that speech was just a whitewashing of all the negativity that I am writing about here.  It would be great if the Prince would give another speech detailing just how England turned its back on nationally recognized heroes as it now supported Stalin and replaced those honored men and women with Americans that arrived very late on the scene.  It was a continuation of 75 years of “speak of them never.”  British royalty expressed the highest gratitude for the Polish flyers in the battles that were taking place and then did the Brexit of its time. 

I listened Haaretz Weekly where the speakers spoke out about the “hijacking” of the 75th Holocaust Anniversary by Putin.  Even the Englishman (Ofer Adaret) who became an Israeli who was speaking about those things failed to mention the rich history full of evidence about how Stalin mowed down the Poles where he wanted to and brought about the rupture that I alluded to as Churchill and Stalin acquiesced in his demands to not talk about the Polish flyers.  Stalin was making up lies about Poles collaborating with the Nazis to support his case.

And finally those Poles were not allowed to march in the victory parade because of Stalin’s influence and then they were asked to leave England as people were concerned that jobs would be taken away from Brits.  In paraphrasing an extremely popular song “I would have liked to have known you but nativism kicked in and your candle burned out just as your legend did” makes the point.  Anyone who has played a fast paced computer game probably could appreciate those daredevils in the sky who challenged the Germans well beyond anything the Brits were capable of as they flew within 150 yards of the enemy to take them out.

You would think that Trump would step forward to speak out since he is the one that makes a big thing about heroism, thinking of his attacks of the past on John McCain and other things.  What is lacking is honor that should be an integral part of loyalty or patriotism.  We can easily conclude that there is dishonor that you should start absorbing if you haven’t started already (and the British write the word with a u).

The Holocaust event was to help us in the struggle to overcome hate and ant-Semitism.  So now let’s take a closer look at some bits of hate in America which goes pretty viral.  We should know what others are doing that contribute to hate.

My latest discovery is that the Zionist Organization of America is honoring Jeanine Pirro who spoke this way about Muslims last year “Omar wears a hijab, which, according to the Koran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”  Instead of using her time precisely to contradict Congresswoman Omar’s politics, Pirro spoke about Omar’s religious life which includes the way women dress.  This question is not innocent.  And the dress of Jews and others is protected under the Constitution but there are limits to things just as free speech is limited. 

Pirro lost sponsorship over her comment and was back on the air again and I hope that she learned something from the experience.  Did she apologize to Muslims?  And the Zionist Organization of America has to explain to the world that the White House granted passes to TruNews weeks after I published my article on January 7th.  Is this the way that the White House fights anti-Semitism and hate?  It’s time for great change and that White House has to go as well.  Trump should resign because after all the “tough” decisions that Trump has made to protect Jews we know that he has only been making things worse.

I have been against Trump from the beginning because I knew that he was taking US toward a non-evidence based attack on the opposition during the Campaign that would result in rigging most things including an impeachment trial.  I concluded that what France did to one Jew in 1894 was being played out in America.  There was no evidence against Captain Alfred Dreyfus and there still is no evidence against the Bidens, even after Rudy Giuliani’s hunt for evidence in the Ukraine.  The military in France covered up for one of its own and now the Trump Administration is covering up for him.

And now Jews are being picked off easily (targets) in Monsey and other places (again) for being Jews precisely because of the way they dress.  I would hope that the people who support Pirro in this way would take a harder look at themselves, think about resigning and giving their jobs to people that would better choose men and women who know not to use such tropes to millions of people on television and others who see the material online, and learn from their mistakes the way we hope that Congresswoman Omar will learn from her anti-Semitic tropes.  I would also hope that Ambassador Dani Dayan (on television in Israel, for example) would speak out as well since he attended the ZOA event and spoke there.  In checking that agenda again, the program also included another spinner of hate, Donald Trump.

I respect the work that the legal staff of the Zionist Organization of America does to promote tranquility in the Jewish community but they do not make the decisions of our government.  They have the same right of free speech and the right to their opinion that others do who disagree.  When they do a great job they pretty much represent all Jews.  There are serious issues in this article that have to be confronted unless the climate is “speak of them never.”  I hope that Jewish people and others who support ZOA will recognize what I consider a bad decision on its part that needs the attention of the public.

This last item is from the News Release of ZOA which attacks just about everyone that they consider anti-Semitic, including Black Lives Matter.  I spoke to Rabbi Cooper once about that important matter since it was Linda Sarsour who helped bring that organization to “awareness” through a trip to the region.  I had my concerns and I still do for the same reasons.  Basically ZOA wants power taken away from dozens of people in Congress, many or most of whom are fighting against hate in our country.  And my constant calls to Jewish organizations can best be served by massive participation in the process and not by a small number of Jews controlling all the action.  I would love to do a telephone conference call with a thousand temples and Jewish organizations across our nation.I would strongly recommend that the internet burn up with messages across the United States and England to demand that middle and high school students learn more about the great work of the Poles  (Kosciuszko Squadron) who flew to protect bomber planes and attack far superior Nazi planes to save England and the free world.  And while that takes place, people in both countries should read a lot about the leaders of that time and not just learn that they appeased Hitler before World War II or that Churchill was a great hero.  There is far more to the story just as there is more to learn about the liberation of Auschwitz.  There is still that moral definition of the liberation of Auschwitz that should have been addressed by President Duda of Poland.

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