America Is on Trial as Well

Freedom of the press was established before the formation of the United States but much more.  It was the essence of freedom that spurred people forward toward the creation of the United States.  Something simple has been destroyed by Donald Trump.  That important lesson needs to be visited by all people right now. 

It was law at that time that even truth could not be told against the King of England and his government.  Let’s go back to City Hall in New York on August 4, 1735 and make this information the strongest word of today.  Zenger’s lawyer, Andrew Hamilton, admitted that John Peter Zenger had published an article that offended the king, admitting guilt.  The governor of New York was very hated by the people and it makes me think about Donald Trump and his opposition.  The jury decided in favor of Zenger since there was no falsehood in his work and the law was intolerable to them.  Hamilton made it clear that to find Zenger guilty was to continue life as slaves. 

I can see Conservatives and Republicans having a long, quiet moment contemplating the use of the word slaves.  With all the comparisons taking place related to our own politics, such as the use of “concentration camps” and other things, comparing free colonists to slaves surely hit the bullseye.  Trump has turned truth into “fake news” and his supporters are to blame.

All of that started before Trump took office but we all recall the inauguration where the photos clearly showed less support in attendance than Obama received.  And things continued from there with Conway and Spicer and Trump.  Trump became the B.S.A. organizer (not Boy Scouts of America).

The man called a five-year old by people watching his handling of White House issues had already started singing to America one of the most favorite children’s songs.  “Take the keys and lock her up….lock her up…lock her up” started by Trump finally ended with no criminal charges against Hillary which should not be interpreted as hilarious.  He continued to waste our time and money to keep his supporters engaged.

The Republicans in the Senate are playing out the Zenger Case right now and they are clearly the British against Zenger.  Truth is being cast aside for partisan politics.  The trust that we hope for in each and every American is gone.  In God We Trust has been replaced by In Trump We Trust.  A zinger will surely be the result of all those untruths and that zinger will appear in November 2020.  The impeachment process has been necessary and it is not a “hoax” as Trump pretends.  Zinger Zenger!  It’s all the same.

And the big trial of the moment that is the result of a trail of facts including telephone calls that are not in doubt is the impeachment trial.  But let US remember what took place as the United States Supreme Court gave the green light to Obama Care.  What became a fine was designated by Chief Justice Roberts as a “tax.”  How he concluded that I dunno.  It became the law of the land as a result and has not been “repealed and replaced on day one” or even over three years and a day.  At this time we are being bombarded with the thought of what actually is impeachable.

Dershowitz says that there is nothing that is impeachable and should we agree?  We can listen for sure.  Dersh was on the OJ team and I know where I was when I learned about the OJ Verdict (the trial of the century).  It was outside the Farmers’ Market in Jamaica, Queens where I had eaten a great American sub on amazing bread).  The African American who broke the silence of that street by calling out to me those ringing words “Sorry about that White boy” still stands out in my head because of that defining moment where OJ was declared “not guilty.”  OJ went on to much more, including losing a civil case and ending up in prison for a long time.  It’s really appropriate that Dersh is defending Trump right now.

Using the Roberts’ decision in the Affordable Care Act, I can see where the Supreme Court (as biased or unbiased as it may be) might declare Trump’s actions a serious attempt to destroy Joe Biden which means the political death of the Democratic candidate.  If the court can change a fine which we obtain normally as the result of doing something wrong or illegal to a tax which we can normally expect to pay in sales or at tax time, then why can’t the court rule that way against Trump.  It’s more normal than the Repugnicans have realized.  Trump’s thinking about it was bad enough, but his execution (with emphasis on the most common usage of that word) of it leads me to believe that I may be right.  The execution of Joe Biden was no hoax.

William Smith, one of Zenger’s lawyers, soon represented Christians in court in trying to disenfranchise Jews there.  He and others felt that it was insulting to the “honor of Christians” to allow Jews to vote.

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